Jumperoo vs Exersaucer vs Walker (Uses, Differences, Pros and Cons)

As a new parent, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed about everything about your baby. Caring for them, feeding them and even the small things, such as grocery shopping with or bathing a newborn can be quite overwhelming.

I can’t even figure out before how to get things done or remember if I took a bath or what day it was sometimes when I had my newborn! But I digress.

So if you’re now in the same baffled phase that I was in, particularly about baby jumper vs walker vs exersaucer, then this article is for you. I’ve done my research about these items so you don’t have to.

Let’s start with a simple table comparing the jumperoo vs exersaucer vs walker and what your baby can actually do in each device.

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Jumperoo vs Exersaucer vs Walker: Feature Comparison Table

This is best viewed on a desktop. Here’s a general overview and feature comparison of a jumperoo vs exersaucer vs walker.

When can baby use?When baby can sit down on their own, with no supportWhen baby can sit down on their own, with no supportWhen baby can sit down on their own, with no support
Toys?Not available for some modelsAvailableNot available for selected models
Can Baby Jump?YesYes for some modelsNo
Can Baby Roam Around A Room?NoNoYes
Can Baby Move In Place?Yes, can jump in placeYes, can turn around in placeYes
How Long Can You Use? A few monthsFrom newborn to toddlerhood (for some models)A few months to toddlerhood (for some models)

Now let’s check the pros, cons, and other details of exersaucer vs jumperoo vs walker to see which one would suit your family.

What is Baby Exersaucer vs Jumperoo vs Walker?

What is an Exersaucer?

An exersaucer is a stationary activity center that contains your baby in one place. 

Your baby can turn around in their seat inside the exersaucer, which usually comes with a lot of toys, making it entertaining for your little one.

Some have a feature where your child can jump up and down in the same spot, like a jumperoo. Example is below:

Some exersaucer models have multiple uses. 

Meaning, they can become a baby activity gym for younger babies, then it can be assembled into an exersaucer for more mobile babies. And finally can be turned into a stationary play table for toddlers. Below is an example of a convertible exersaucer:

They are also considered to be much safer than a baby walker. Fewer injuries can happen to them when inside an exersaucer, as compared to roaming and walking in their baby walkers.


  • Gives parents a break from holding their active babies
  • A safer alternative to baby walkers
  • Helps entertain your babies
  • Some models can turn into a baby gym or play table


  • Can only be used for a short time
  • Prolonged use can cause developmental delays
  • Takes up space
  • Might be hard to clean nooks and crannies

What is a Jumperoo?

A jumperoo is a device that entertains your baby by allowing them to jump up and down in the same place. It also comes with a lot of toys to keep little ones occupied.

There are different types of jumperoos or baby jumpers to choose from, such as a doorway jumper, activity jumper, and standalone jumper.

Doorway jumpers are hooked into the frames of doors, see example below:

Activity jumpers are those that come with a moveable base. See example below:

Standalone jumpers are suspended from a frame, example below:


  • Gives parents a break from holding their active babies
  • Helps entertain mobile babies


  • Can only be used for a short period
  • Can lead to injuries or accidents
  • Prolonged use can cause developmental delays
  • Takes up space

What is a Walker?

A walker is an equipment with wheels that allows mobile babies to roam around, even if they can’t walk or stand up yet independently.

Babies are supported in the padded, suspended seat inside the walker, letting them move around using their legs.

If used properly, it can help your baby roam and explore their environment safely, without parents constantly holding them. You can check out some highly recommended baby walkers for carpets here.


  • Gives parents a break from holding their active babies
  • Allows baby to be more mobile
  • Helps your baby explore their environment in a safer manner


  • Can only be used by a baby for a short time
  • Takes up space if not foldable
  • Might be hard to clean the nook and crannies
  • Wheels can trap hair and pet fur

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What To Look For In a Baby Walker vs. Exersaucer vs. Jumper

Size and Space

You will need to consider if your house or your baby’s room has more than enough space for a jumperoo or exersaucer or walker. 

Most exersaucers and some baby walkers and baby jumpers are not foldable at all so think of the dimension of the item and how it will fit in your home.


Consider the material’s item and the reviews of parents online. 

Is it sturdy and durable enough to hold and contain your active baby? Are there any mentions of parts breaking or worse, pinching, collapsing, and hurting your baby?

Are the toys safe enough to play with, that your baby can’t detach them nor swallow them?


Honestly, the main purpose of getting these items is to entertain your child for a while, to give you a little breather. 

These are not meant to help your kids develop their gross motor skills, to strengthen their core, or help babies reach their developmental milestones.

So with that in mind, you have to think of the entertainment factor that comes with an exersaucer or jumperoo or a baby walker.

Will it hold your baby’s attention enough for you to do some chores? Will it keep them busy to let you rest for at least 20 minutes? 

Are the toys entertaining enough that you can see them using them for at least a few weeks or months?


A comfy, padded seat for the exersaucer and walker and a safe and snug one for the jumperoo is a must-have, to ensure your baby’s comfortable staying in it.

Adjustable height

An adjustable height setting is useful for the jumperoo or exersaucer or walker, especially if you have a baby that’s on a higher percentile.

FAQ: Walker vs Exersaucer vs Jumperoo

What’s the difference between a jumperoo and an exersaucer?

Jumperoo only lets your baby jump in place. 

Some models have a lot of toys, so your kids can have something to do aside from jumping. 

An exersaucer lets your baby turn around in one spot.

It comes with a lot of toys to play with and some models come with a baby jumper feature, allowing your baby to jump up and down in the same spot.

What is the difference between a baby jumper and a walker?

A baby jumper allows your baby to jump up and down in one place.

A baby walker lets your kid “walk” and roam around the house or even outdoors, depending on how big and dependable the walker’s wheels are.

Why you shouldn’t use a Jumperoo?

Jumperoos can cause injuries when an enthusiastic child jumps his/ her way to the door frame, gets accidentally pushed by older kids or bigger pets, pinches their fingers, etc.

Prolonged use can also cause hip development problems.

Why is an exersaucers bad for babies?

Prolonged use of an exersaucer can cause developmental delays

It doesn’t allow your baby to practice standing up independently nor does it allow for much movement, other than turning around in the exersaucer. 

Jumperoo vs Exersaucer vs Walker – Which One Should You Get?

These items are not a must-have for your baby but they can surely help you free up your hands, especially when you need to cook, work, do chores, etc.

I personally got a baby walker. My kid wasn’t a jumper nor would she want to stay contained in an exersaucer. 

She was in that phase where she hated staying in her pack n play and crib. She also didn’t like being contained in her playpen. She wanted to walk and walk until my back and my arms hurt from holding her.

The best option for me then was to get her a walker. I placed her there for less than 30 minutes per day. Experts are saying it’s best to use it for no more than 20 minutes per day.

We also had enough room for her to move around the house in her baby walker so it was no issue for us. We only used it for a few months but it was enough to save my sanity.

So if you have a child who’s an explorer (like mine), I would suggest getting a baby walker.

If you think your baby would be safer and would be happy in an exersaucer, then go ahead with an exersaucer. Get a collapsible, foldable exersaucer if you have limited space, like the one below:

And finally, if you don’t like the idea of putting your baby in a walker and they are clearly a “jumper” who you think would hate being contained in an exersaucer, then maybe a jumperoo would be best for them. 

Some jumperoos are also space savers as some can just be hung by the door!

So think of your baby’s personality, how much space you have, and how safe it would be for them to stay in a jumperoo vs exersaucer vs walker.