4 Amazing Entrepreneurs That Will Inspire You to Blog and Hustle

In my very, very, VERY small circle of friends, I think I only have one that’s a legit business owner. We rarely see each other but every time we do, I’d try to soak in as much advice and stories as possible. I could listen to her talk all day long and not just about setting up a business but also about life, marriage, kids, and whatnot. She seems like this cool, calm, funny, fountain of knowledge, and how ironic it is that I look up to her when she’s only probably 4 feet.

4 amazing entrepreneurs that will inspire you to blog and hustle

I want that constant calm, collected, wise entrepreneurial presence around me all the time so what I do is, I turn to social media and podcasts to quickly feel inspired and to boost my budding entrepreneurial spirit. Here are the people that I follow and I listen to, to constantly learn new things or wherever I just need a pick-me-up.

Gary Vee

Gary Vaynerchuk_pic from Wikipedia
Gary Vaynerchuk_pic from Wikipedia

He might rub someone off the wrong way especially if you’re encountering him for the first time, what with his very loud and aggressive stance on things but whatever he dishes through his multiple social media accounts, is just very raw, very genuine, and very true. And that’s what I love about this guy, he seems to just want to genuinely help people.

I always look forward to his Instagram posts. He’s practically on every major social media website so you won’t miss him but if you need some golden nuggets of wisdom about doing the things you love and earning from it, I recommend following him.

Neil Patel

neil patel
pic from neilpateldotcom

If you’re in the marketing industry and you don’t know this guy, then why the hell are you in marketing?? Kidding aside, this guy is such a marketing powerhouse. He’s the founder of many successful companies such as Crazy EggHello BarQuick SproutKissmetrics and is just an amazing guy all around. He would give away this super long and super informative advice on marketing through his blog, he would go do talks, interviews, and podcasts and giving practical and relatable marketing tips and it’s just so mind-boggling how he managed to accomplish all of this at only 35 years old! 

Nick Loper

nick loper
pic from sidehustlernationdotcom

His podcast is constantly playing on my Spotify and it just energizes me every time I finish an episode. He always has some amazing guest entrepreneurs on his podcast and I just love how he interviews them. He always makes sure that his Side Hustle Nation community benefits from every episode by asking great questions that lead to practical, sensible, and most importantly, doable tips and advice. He occasionally would be by his lonesome self at some episodes but still dishes excellent advice that will help every current and wanna entrepreneur.

Alex Blumberg

pic from qzdotcom

To be honest, I don’t follow him personally but I was a big fan of his StartUp podcast before. And listening to his show I think, planted the seeds and the possibility that I could become an entrepreneur. It was so fascinating to listen to how he started his now $230 million company (that was bought by Spotify), Gimlet, and the journey he went through. From talking and pitching venture capitalists, failing to get some capital, getting a business partner, scaling the company, hiring, employee issues, everything was laid out in his riveting, painfully honest and sometimes TMI, podcast. 

Do you follow or listen to any inspirational figures? What do they do and offer? I’m keen to know, let’s learn from each other! Share them by commenting below.

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