How To Clean Wooden Toys in 3 Simple Ways

Some people are a little unsure of how to clean wooden toys, but they’re actually one of the easiest types of toys to clean and maintain.

You don’t need any harsh chemicals and you don’t even need many steps in cleaning them thoroughly.

Let’s start with the simplest, quickest method of cleaning your children’s wooden toys.

How To Clean Wooden Toys

By Wiping

The easiest, simplest way to clean your wooden toys is by wiping them using a slightly damp cloth, then wiping them with a dry one. 

This is usually what you’ll see from the FAQ section of popular brands selling wooden toys – just wipe with a damp cloth, dry and you’re done.

You can do this regularly, at least once a week, to maintain the quality of your toy.

If however, you’re not satisfied with how clean it is, you can always try the next method.

Using Mild Soap/ Cleaner

Wipe the stains with a microfibre cloth dipped in a gentle toy cleaning solution.

The cleaning solution could be water-diluted with a few drops of mild dish soap or a natural multi-purpose cleaner.

Wipe it again with a dry cloth then air-dry it at room temperature, away from the heater, or under direct sunlight.

Using White or Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar is a popular natural household cleanser and is quite effective in cleaning surfaces.

Dilute it with water (1 part vinegar to 10 parts water), dip your cloth and spot clean or wipe your wooden toys.

You can also place that diluted solution in a spray bottle then spray from a distance or spray on a clean cloth then wipe. Avoid spraying too much liquid though, to protect the toys from warping.

Then wipe it dry with a clean cloth and air-dry it before giving it to your child.

Products for Cleaning Wooden Toys

Here are a few items you’ll need to clean your wooden toys:

Microfibre cloth

Dish soap

Natural multi-purpose cleaner

White or apple cider vinegar

FAQ on How to Clean Wooden Toys

How do you clean and sanitize wooden toys?

You can clean and mildly disinfect or sanitize wooden toys with a diluted mixture of water and vinegar.
Take note not to use alcohol or bleach-based disinfectants directly on wooden toys as this can damage their surface.

How do you clean old wooden toys?

Clean old wooden toys the same way you’d want to thoroughly clean dirty toys – by wiping them with a natural cleaner (like vinegar) or a gentle toy cleaning solution.

Can you wash wooden toys with soap and water?

Yes, you can wash wooden toys with water diluted with soap.

Are wooden toys hygienic?

Yes, wooden toys are hygienic in a sense, as they have antimicrobial properties, preventing bacteria and viruses from accumulating and multiplying, unlike plastic toys.
The wooden toys’ porous surface makes that possible, as it absorbs moisture, which is needed by bacteria and viruses to grow and survive.

Can I disinfect toys with vinegar?

No, it can’t thoroughly disinfect toys. Vinegar can kill some bacteria but it’s not powerful enough to kill those harmful viruses, including COVID-19-related ones.

Tips on Cleaning and Caring for Wooden Toys

  • Don’t expose to direct sunlight

Or to a heater for that matter. Direct and prolonged exposure to heat can lead to its surface cracking or its color fading.

  • Don’t soak or immerse in water

Wood is porous so soaking it in water can change its shape and make it swell.

  • Don’t use bleach or other strong chemicals

Its porous quality will absorb the chemicals, which can ruin its surface and damage its protective coating.

The absorbed chemicals can also harm your children, especially if they’ve been mouthing the toys.

  • Retain its polished look

It’s not required but you can maintain the heirloom quality of a wooden toy by treating it with a natural polish that renews and protects its surface.

Just make sure to apply it properly and that the polish is safe for children’s toys as younger kids tend to mouth anything.

Final Thoughts on How To Clean Wooden Toys

With proper cleaning and care, your wooden toys can last for a very long time, long enough to give to the next generation in your family.

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