How I Increased My Pinterest Impressions as a New Blogger With No Tailwind Account

(As of this writing, I haven’t been focusing on Pinterest for months and I would do pins irregularly. I have noticed a huge dip in my impressions since the holiday started (started on November) and I’m guessing, it must be connected to a lack of meaty holiday and gift-related posts in my blog. I will try to be pin regularly in Pinterest and give an update here next year.)

I started my blog last July this year and only found out then how important Pinterest is to drive traffic to a blog. So I got to work and I started reading articles on how to use a Pinterest Business account. I was so confused and so overwhelmed with all the information online that I haphazardly just started applying the tips and tricks I’d find from other bloggers. Eventually, I kinda learned the gist of things and started compiling, thinking, and implementing my own strategy. And that was how I was able to increase my Pinterest impressions, as a new blogger, with no fancy paid tools!

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What are Pinterest Impressions?

Impressions on Pinterest means the number of times your pins are shown – in someone’s feed, search results, category results, through another user’s board, etc. It doesn’t matter if they didn’t really see your pin with their own eyes, as long as your pin shows up on their screen, that’s already considered an impression.

Are They Important?

For experienced bloggers and marketers who are intermediate to advanced users of Pinterest, no, they are not important. Just read Simple Pin Media’s take on it. For people like Kate, they’re already getting a massive amount of traffic from Pinterest and they’re more focused with link clicks and probably engagements. 

For a new blogger like me, I think Pinterest impressions are important. 

If my Pinterest impressions are increasing, that means Pinterest is showing my pins to the users! 

I can now analyze which pins are getting a lot of close-ups, saves and most importantly, link clicks.

And that’s a big deal because, how will I even get close-ups or clicks if Pinterest is not showing my pins to anyone?

So yes, I think they are important, especially if you’re like me, who’s just starting to learn Pinterest. 

So what did I do to increase my impressions? Let me just show you first what my impressions were before I found out a strategy that works.

My Pinterest Impressions Before

I started with no followers, no board, no nothing – it was a completely new Pinterest Business account. 

I do have a Pinterest personal account before so I wasn’t a complete noob to Pinterest. I remember using it heavily for only 2 times – before I got married and before my daughter’s first birthday. I used Pinterest to look for DIY ideas but I didn’t know then that Pinterest was a major traffic driver for bloggers. But I digress.

So this was my impressions report as a completely new blogger – I started my blog this year of July.

pinterest impressions

During this time, I was starting to learn how to blog, SEO, and of course, how to use Pinterest. I had no idea Pinterest was a major thing for bloggers so I had a lot of learning to do.

Before, I didn’t have any plans. I would just go and look for some easy and quick strategies from one blog to another. If I see a piece of advice to pin on group boards, I’ll do that. If I see a tip saying to pin more on your board, I’ll do that. And so on. There was no method to the madness. 

But I know it’s only a matter of time before I get this right.

My Impressions After a Month of Implementing a New Strategy

This is now my impressions after I googled and implemented a newfound strategy.

pinterest impressions_2

As you can see, everything just went straight up – my Pinterest impressions, the number of users who engaged with my pins, etc. I even have 29 followers as of this writing!

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My Pinterest Strategy 

I decided not to use Tailwind or any other paid Pinterest-related tools to boost my Pinterest traffic as one, I’m a new blogger. I’m not earning anything yet so I can’t justify to my miser, penny pincher conscience, why I need to purchase Tailwind to fast track and greatly increase my traffic.

Tailwind does offer a free trial though, you can schedule 100 pins and even schedule 30 posts on Instagram and best of all, there’s no time limit on the free trial. Which sounds soooo awesome. I’m so tempted to use it but I know I’m going to get derailed from my plan, so not for now.

Another reason why I’m not using Tailwind or any other alternatives is because I want to bootstrap this first. I believe I can learn more that way. I’m in this for the long run and I want to enjoy the process of blogging and becoming a blogger as much as possible. I don’t want to overwhelm myself with so many things to learn and do. 

So I have no Tailwind, I didn’t sign up for any course, workshop or masterclass. I did buy 2 ebooks on blogging from popular bloggers (they were less than $20!) which I kinda find disappointing, as I could have easily googled everything they wrote, for free. I know, I know, it’s only $20, what was I expecting.

So now, I’m basically googling everything, taking notes, applying and testing what I’ve learned.

So here’s what I did to grow my Pinterest impressions.

  1. I learned (and still continuously learning) SEO and applied that to every pin.
  2. I made a calendar to manually track my pinning – one calendar to track my pins to my boards and another calendar to track my pins to group boards.
  3. I scheduled pins consistently. I scheduled 3 pins every day at the same time every day – at 9am, 11am and 2pm.
  4. I scheduled 3x a day for the whole month of August.
  5. I scheduled once a day for September.
  6. I would pin to group boards now and then but very irregularly. Maybe once or twice a week, I’d pin only one pin on 3-4 boards.

I am compiling some free resources that hopefully, will also help you as a new mom, as new blogger or both. I’ll update you via email so do subscribe below to my e-newsletter, you can unsubscribe anytime you want. 🙂

I decided to schedule one pin a day for September as I didn’t have a lot of content yet. I didn’t want to keep pinning the same thing over and over again on my board. I noticed I lost a few followers and I attributed that to pinning the same thing.

I know that’s the opposite of what I should be doing and I don’t know if having followers on Pinterest will really help but for now, I’m only creating 3 pins per article.

I don’t pin multiple times on group boards as I had a little bit of a situation last week of August. My Pinterest account was suspended. This was only after pinning one of my pins in ONLY 2 of my boards and 3 group boards.

They did reactivate my account two days after, saying that “Sometimes, good accounts get caught in the mix and get suspended by mistake. We’re sorry that happened.” I don’t know though if it’s the topic of my article then that triggered the suspension but I never did multiple pinnings in one day after that. I know I should because successful bloggers are fine doing it, especially when using Tailwind but I didn’t want to take any chances.

As of this time, I haven’t deep dived into learning about Pinterest yet nor am I focused on it as I’m trying to habituate the act of churning out SEO-optimized content plus I’m trying to learn and improve my copywriting. I learned that in the first month of blogging – to do things one at a time.

My focus for now, is learning SEO and improving my copywriting, that’s why I’m just doing the bare minimum for Pinterest.


What I’ve learned so far in my 2.5 months of using Pinterest is that, to get impressions, you just need to pin consistently, daily.

Also, pinning on a lot of group boards will give you more traffic, which I have yet to do. Hence many bloggers turn to Tailwind for that.

I also learned that while I may have a lot of impressions, I don’t get a lot of clicks. So that’s telling me something. Maybe I need to improve my copy or my image or both. Clicks are so much more valuable than impressions. But you still do need impressions to be able to get clicks, so I think getting a lot of impressions on Pinterest, as a new blogger, is pretty awesome.

What Pinterest strategies have you done for your account? Did you see any improvements in your pins? I’d love to hear your strategies below, please do share! 

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2 thoughts on “How I Increased My Pinterest Impressions as a New Blogger With No Tailwind Account

  1. Good info here! Thanks for posting. I’ve only had my blog up a month or so, and I’ve been adding my own new pins to Pinterest and pinning others. I’m still quite confused about it all. AND I’m trying not to use Tailwind right now either. My impressions right now look a lot like yours at first. So I think I’ll try implementing some of your tips and see how they go!

    1. Thanks! And yeah, I think Tailwind will be really helpful if you have the budget for it and you want to fast track and increase your blog traffic but I also think, manual scheduling is not that bad, you just need to be organised about it.

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