How Do Mom Bloggers Make Money

Are you a mom who’s thinking of blogging but wondering how exactly do mom bloggers make money? Contrary to popular belief, most mom bloggers are not “influencers” where they just earn their money from sponsored posts or reviews. The monetization plans are actually more varied, more interesting, and at times, can be challenging. 

As a mom blogger, I’m sharing with you the numerous ways to earn from blogging. I’ve also listed down mom bloggers who are using these ways and who’s definitely got their A-game with their monetization plans.

How Do Mom Bloggers Make Money

Sponsored posts/ reviews

This and display ads were what I thought, the only ways to monetize one’s blog. 

I thought to become a successful blogger, you have to become a legit “influencer” and you have to share personal details of your life with everyone.

And that’s so not true, especially when I started to learn more about the fun yet challenging blogger life. There’s actually some anonymous mom bloggers who are earning big bucks from their blogs but are not revealing their faces, sharing family pictures, and whatnot. 

Like the momsgotitmade blog.

how do mom bloggers make money_13

Nevertheless, I find other mom bloggers who are also “influencers” inspiring. 

Like Molly from Almost Makes Perfect. I just love how uniform, uncluttered, and gorgeous her blog/ Instagram feeds are!

She has tons of sponsored posts but it looks like she’s doing it not just for the money but because she really likes the brand or product.

Display Ads from Ad Networks

You might find these ads distracting and even annoying but this is one of the most convenient ways for mom bloggers to make money. 

It’s easy because once you get approved by your chosen ad network, all you need to do is put in some code in your blog, wait for it to be processed, and voila, you’ve got your display ad on your website!

Most bloggers start with display ads to monetize their websites. Their earnings depend on how much traffic their blogs are getting. 

It also depends on the ad network they’re using and how long and how much is the payout.

But this is definitely one passive-income generating way for bloggers. As long as you have those display ads, you can earn from your blog even when you’re sleeping!

Sierrah of Another Mommy Blogger does that for her blog. Her ad network is Mediavine, which requires 50,000 sessions a month.

Through ads alone, she has earned $2,743 on her blog, as based on her September 2020 report. 

Sell ads directly

One other way is to approach companies and sell ad spaces to them directly.

Bloggers have more control over the pricing, regardless of how much traffic they’re getting, as you can negotiate the price with the advertisers.

You can also choose which ads to display on your blog, as opposed to getting random ads from ad networks.

This way might be a little bit difficult as you need to email advertisers directly and convince them to advertise on your blog.

If you want to see a sample, check out Holly Reisem’s The Work at Home Woman. 

how do mom bloggers make money

Look at the right side of her blog and you’ll see a few display ads. They are all related to her advocacy of helping women get work from home gigs.

(Those could actually also be an affiliate marketing ad but anyway, that’s basically how ads would look like when you place them on your blog)

Affiliate Marketing 

This is probably one of the most popular ways for beginner bloggers (like me!) to make money blogging.

Affiliate marketing is a process where an affiliate (eg. the blogger) earns a commission for promoting other people’s or company’s products or services.

Here’s a real process of how affiliate marketing works:

I use Siteground as my web hosting and I know they have an affiliate program so I apply for it.

My application gets approved and from then on, I become a Siteground affiliate.

I can now start promoting Siteground in several ways – blog articles, social media, e-newsletter, youtube, podcast, etc. 

I can use the affiliate links they provided which can be text links or banner ads. They have various web banners by the way, such as the one below.

Once someone clicks on my banner ad above and purchases Siteground web hosting via that ad, Siteground records the details of those transactions. I can also view them on my affiliate dashboard.

Once the purchase is confirmed as a valid sale, I get a commission! Rinse and repeat.

And that’s how bloggers earn through affiliate marketing.

By the way, I’m also an affiliate of A2 hosting, which you can get for only $2.99/month. I just heard about them 3 months after being a Siteground user. They sound awesome, wished I learned about the way earlier on. 

Oops sorry, Siteground, still love you, you’ve got the best customer service ever, peace!

I’m also a Bluehost affiliate. You can get web hosting starting at only $3.95/month by clicking here.

Amazon is probably the most popular and most convenient affiliate marketing program there ever is. You can practically promote all sorts of products and earn a commission from there. 

There’s also tons of affiliate programs other than Amazon, like Share-a-Sale. I use them for my Namecheap domain affiliate. You can find a lot of other products in Share-a-Sale to promote and earn from as well.

You can also directly apply to companies that might offer affiliate programs for their products. 

Which I did for Canva, a design tool where you can practically design anything without having to use Adobe software programs. 

Sell Ebooks

Another way that mom bloggers make money is by selling ebooks.

You can either sell them right on your blog, like what Suzi Whitford from Start a Mom Blog does for her Blog By Number ebook. 

how do mom bloggers make money

Or you can also use Amazon to reach more audiences. Like what Christin Slade has done for her ebooks. 

how do mom bloggers make money_2

Create and Sell Online Courses 

One of the best ways to monetize and have full control of your earnings as a blogger is by having an online course.

That way, you get to choose the pricing, the distribution, you can easily change or update your course easily, you get no cuts from your earnings, you can even earn while sleeping!

Of course, there’s the challenge of creating one that you readers will buy, marketing and promoting it, some can plagiariz it, etc.

Suzi Whitford from is a popular mom blogger that has successfully made money selling ebooks and online courses. FYI, she earned $6,000 after only 6 months of blogging!

Elna Cain from also offers online writing courses for aspiring freelance writers.

how do mom bloggers make money_3

Abbey Ashley is a mom of two who offers a course on how to become a virtual assistant, so you can work from the comforts of your home. 

how do mom bloggers make money_4

You can practically create an online course for almost anything. 

Just make sure that you know there’s a demand for it and you can make a decent income for it.

Coaching/ Consulting Business

Mom bloggers can also make money by leveraging their strengths and using that to teach others how to do things and earn from it.

A sample of that is one of my favorite podcasters, Stefanie Grass, who offers coaching and consulting sessions to aspiring mompreneurs.

how do mom bloggers make money_5

I just absolutely love her podcast episodes where she’ll be having a live consulting session!

(That reminds me, I need to update my article on amazing entrepreneurs who will inspire you to blog and hustle.)

She always gives out really practical advice and actionable tips for mompreneurs who are starting their own businesses, whether it’s a blog, their very own podcast, a youtube channel, or what.

Sell physical products 

You don’t actually have to have a blog to sell physical products but some mom bloggers do create one and use their blogs to sell their very own creations.

A sample of this is a popular mom blogger that I follow, Beth from Days With Grey. 

how do mom bloggers make money_6

She sells activity cards and her signature Breakfast Invitation cards that are very well known and very well-loved, especially for moms who are struggling to start their day on the right foot with their little ones.

Sell digital products

If you like the idea of selling a product but you don’t like the idea of having physical inventory at home, you can try selling digital products.

Sarah Titus has been interviewed numerous times about her success in selling printables on her blog. Visit her shop now and you’ll even see immediately how much has she earned, which is a whopping $13,908,855 in sales in 3 years!

how do mom bloggers make money_7
Quite amazing right!!!

You can even sell the simplest of things. Like what Caroline from Swaddles n’ Bottles is doing in her blog, where she mostly sells gift tags.

how do mom bloggers make money_8

Paid membership plan

For me, I think this is the smartest way to earn from blogging, especially if you’re offering a course or coaching/ consulting services.

I think both the subscriber (or member) and the membership creator, are getting tremendous benefits from this membership plan.

For the members, you can pick and get whatever resources or tools or advice you really need and just opt-in or out, anytime you want. The cost is way lower compared to buying a prime online course.

For membership creators, people pay them monthly, instead of just paying one-time and leaving for good. 

Membership creators also get to deep dive into their member’s issues, know them personally, connect with them genuinely, etc. Plus, they’ll have more content to get inspiration from!

A sample of that is Allison Lindstorm’s Blogging Business Club, a paid community membership plan that provides tons of videos, tutorials, and advice for new bloggers.

how do mom bloggers make money_9

There’s also Monica Froese’s Empowered Business Box where she teaches how to create profitable digital products.

how do mom bloggers make money_11

You can get a lot from being a member and you can also choose a payment plan.

Selling services

Some mom bloggers offer services right on their blog. 

This can be the fastest way to earn a living as a mom blogger since you can just start looking for clients from day one, and not wait until you’re getting a decent amount of blog traffic. 

You can also just provide your blog as a portfolio or proof of your digital skills.

Like Michelle Sutter from Powered-By-Mom. She offers virtual assistant services and she has a list of her skill sets that makes her a great virtual assistant.

how do mom bloggers make money_12

Elna Cain also offers writing services in her blog.

how do mom bloggers make money_13


These mom bloggers don’t actually rely on a single monetization strategy for their blog. They diversify their income by having a mix of digital products, display ads, ebooks, online courses, etc. that provides them more ways to earn money through their blogs.

And that’s how most successful mom bloggers earn some serious dough. They don’t just stick to one monetization plan, they try out several things on their blog.

I do wonder though how some moms do it, like Elna Cain for example. She has multiple blogs, online courses, display ads, ebooks, does affiliate marketing, and offers writing and coaching services! And she has twins!

Just thinking and writing about what she does makes me tired already, lol.

But I digress. I also want to do that on my blog. Maybe not on Elna Cain’s level but at least start with one successful monetization plan then add more.

So what are your plans for your blog to start earning? Do share them below.

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