Honest Diapers Review (With Test Absorbency Video!)

In this Honest diapers review, you’ll get to learn:

  • how absorbent it is through a test video
  • how its liner really looks like
  • general feedback from parents
  • pros and cons
  • diaper alternatives

and more.

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⭐️ Verdict: Best For Eco-Concious Parents

Honest has so many mixed reviews with regards to its absorbency and softness. Some parents love that it’s super absorbent and has soft, gentle liner, while others find it rough, caused diaper rashes and leaks through the night.

Based on my test video which you’ll see later, it’s an average diaper at best that’s popular for its plant-based and eco-friendly material.

I highly recommend to just try a small pack though before completely dismissing Honest diapers, every baby is different and this might work for yours.


Non-toxic material

Has various available sizes


Mixed reviews on absorbency

Mixed reviews on softness


honest diapers
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Overall Score

Average 😑


Mixed Reviews 😑


Mixed Reviews 😑


Somewhat Expensive 😑


Suits Skinny Babies 😑

Wetness Indicator

Available 🤩

Honest Diapers Review


Honest has a wide range of diaper sizes.

  • Newborn: <10 lbs
  • Size 1: 8-14 lbs
  • Size 2: 12-18 lbs
  • Size 3: 16-28 lbs
  • Size 4: 22-37 lbs
  • Size 5: 27+ lbs
  • Size 6: 35+ lbs
  • Size 7: 41 lbs


Honest looks like a sanitary napkin and feels rough to the touch.

Look at the liner, doesn’t it look like a sanitary napkin??

I don’t find it cottony or even adequately soft. I can’t imagine using it on super delicate skin, like a baby’s.

But that’s just me.

I’ve read mixed reviews, with some parents saying that Honest feels soft and gentle, while some are saying it has caused a diaper rash on their baby’s skin.


Based on my test video below, Honest has poor absorbency quality.

It can’t absorb liquid quickly, unlike Huggies Little Snugglers and Pampers Swaddlers.

But it can hold a lot of liquid, as much as 350ml in a few minutes, without it leaking.

Just don’t make it absorb 650ml of liquid.

Anyway, there are also a lot of mixed reviews about Honest’s absorbency. With some parents saying it never gave them diaper leaks, while others are saying it has caused a lot of diaper blowouts.

Security and Fit

Based again on my test video, Honest seems to be stretchy enough.

I’ve noticed though that it tends to be a little bit small compared to other popular brands, like Pampers.

And I’ve also read some feedback from other parents saying that it tends to fit skinny babies.

I’ve also noticed that it’s tab is sticky enough to keep the diaper on.


Which is great, especially when your baby is sleeping and they’re moving too much at night


Honest is considered as one of the best non-toxic diapers because of its baby-safe ingredients and decent absorbency.

The diapers are cruelty-free, free from latex, fragrance, and parabens. 

It’s made with a sustainably harvested fluff pulp from the sustainably managed forest in Europe, using TCF or totally chlorine-free processing, with a 100% plant-based backsheet.

However, I still see some comments from other parents saying that the diaper gives out a chemical smell when it’s wet.

Which I didn’t really smell but then again, I just tested mine with blue water, not real pee.


I like how you can choose various diaper prints and designs from Honest. 

The diaper itself is already a fashion statement and could help with diaper changing, especially when you need your baby to hold something to distract them from touching their dirty diapers!

I just don’t like that it doesn’t have the “front” and “back” label- would have made diaper changing more efficient.

I can barely see the wetness indicator from the print


Honest is considered a premium diaper so it’s quite expensive. But not as pricey as Coterie diapers but still, expensive.

So I wouldn’t recommend Honest diapers for those with a tight budget.

honest diapers

Honest Diapers

Pros of Honest Diapers

  • Colorful prints
  • Non-toxic material
  • Sticky tab

Cons of Honest Diapers

  • Expensive
  • Mixed reviews on absorbency
  • Feels rough

Diapering Tips and Hacks

Honest Diaper Alternatives

Check out other diaper options below, that arguably, might be better than Honest diapers:

FAQ Honest Diapers

What’s so special about Honest diapers?

The special thing about Honest diapers is that they’re made of plant-based materials that’s non-toxic.

Is Honest better than Pampers?

No, Honest is not better than Pampers Swaddlers. But Honest is better than Pampers Pure when it comes to absorbency, as you can see in this video.

What is the highest rated diaper brand.

The highest rated diaper brands are Huggies Little Snugglers and Pampers Swaddlers. Probably because they’ve been marketed in hospitals and they do have effective absorption, making them a reliable diaper.

Are Honest diapers free of toxins?

Yes, Honest diapers are made of plant-based materials and according to them, “Our NO List™ contains over 3,500 chemicals and materials we choose not to use, including parabens, sulfates, phthalates, formaldehyde donors and synthetic fragrances. 

Honest Diapers Review: Takeaway

Honest diapers isn’t on the top of my list for diaper recommendations.

However, I’ve seen a lot of comments from other parents about

  • how it was the only diaper that never gave their kids diaper rashes
  • how absorbent it was especially at night

..that it makes me think it may not be that bad and it might be worth trying a small pack first, before completely dissing Honest diapers.

Your baby might be comfortable wearing it and it might prevent diaper blowouts, so you’ll never really know until you’ve tried the diaper.

I hope this Honest Diapers review has been helpful.

honest diapers

Honest Diapers

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