I Tested Hello Bello vs Pampers And The Results Were As Expected

Want to switch diapers but can’t decide between Hello Bello vs Pampers diapers?

Then you’re in the right place.

In this article, you’ll get to watch a comparison test video and find out:

  • Which diaper absorbs better and faster
  • Which is softer and gentler
  • Which one is bigger
  • Which one’s tab is stickier
  • and more!

Let’s start with a quick comparison feature of Pampers vs Hello Bello diapers.

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Pampers Swaddlers

Hello Bello for its soft and gentle diaper material.

Hello Bello vs Pampers: Feature Comparison Table

This is best viewed on a desktop. Here’s a quick comparison guide on the features of the Hello Bello vs Pampers Swaddlers.

FeaturesHello BelloPampers Swaddlers
Wetness IndicatorAvailable but only from Newborn up to Size 2Available in all diaper sizes
AbsorbencyMixed reviewEfficient
SizesNewborn, Size 0 (less than 10 lbs) up to Size 6 (35+ lbs)Newborn up to size 6 (35+ lbs)
PriceA little pricier than PampersFairly priced

Below is a more detailed info on the differences between the Pampers vs Hello Bello diapers.

Hello Bello Diapers vs Pampers: Differences

Let’s dive in a little deeper about the differences between Hello Bello Diapers vs Pampers Swaddlers:


Hello Bello is a fairly new brand compared to Pampers, but is already a success story.

Update: Hello Bello filed for bankruptcy

Having 2 celebrity founders (Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard) might have probably contributed to its popularity. 

Meanwhile, Pampers doesn’t need any introduction. I bet even those who don’t have babies know what the brand stands for! 

It’s been around since 1961 and is considered one of the most reliable diapers around the world.

It’s even used in hospitals and is tested and recommended even by healthcare professionals.


When it comes to being soft and breathable, both are comfortable enough for babies, but Hello Bello is just way softer and way more gentle than Pampers.

Big time.

I’m basing this on the comparison video that I’ve done PLUS the fact that I see a number of negative reviews about Pampers causing skin rashes or irritating baby’s skin. Or that it has a horrible smell apparently.

Hello Bello has barely any negative reviews about the comfort of its diaper.

Which is legit, since it’s super soft – softer than Huggies and even Honest diapers!

I even looked at various parenting websites and parenting groups.

And compared to Pampers, there’s less negative feedback about Hello Bello’s softness and comfort.

Don’t get me wrong, Pampers Swaddlers still feels soft. For most parents, Pampers has been very gentle and comfy for their little ones.

But Hello Bello is just way softer than Pampers.


There’s a reason why Pampers Swaddlers is the topmost selling diaper in various popular online stores – its absorbency.

Check out in the video below how absorbent it is, compared to Hello Bello:

Aside from it being recommended by pediatricians worldwide, they also have these “absorbency” features such as:

  • 12-hour wetness protection
  • BreatheFree liner that keeps wetness away from your baby’s skin
  • Extra-absorbent channels that evenly distribute wetness, preventing buildups that can cause leaks and diaper rash.
  • Dual Leak-Guard Barriers that help prevent leaks along the leg cuff

It’s not a perfect diaper, as there are still some complaints about it leaking, causing diaper blowouts, and it doesn’t really work overnight. 

Or that it sags, especially for active babies.

But when you compare it to Hello Bello, Pampers just has a better absorbency quality, based on my test video and on the feedbacks I’ve heard and seen online.

Hello Bello has too many mixed reviews about its absorbency.

Some parents say it works for them and can hold in mess for at least 5 hours.

While others are saying they’ve had consistent diaper explosions with Hello Bello.

Security and Fit 

Pampers Swaddlers Active Baby is longer and wider than Hello Bello.

BUT their absorbent core is the same width size.

Hello Bello has a stickier tab though than Pampers Swaddlers. It’s also more stretchable than Pampers Swaddlers.

But Pampers Swaddlers is bigger, larger and wider so technically, even though it’s not as stretchy as Hello Bello, it can still accommodate chubby babies with thick thighs.

While Hello Bello diapers seem to be smaller and thinner, according to some parents.


Pampers Swaddlers have sizes starting at Newborn – Size 0 (less than 10 lbs) and up to Size 8 (46+ lbs).

While Hello Bello has Newborn size and up to Size 6 (35+ lbs).

Wetness indicator

Both diapers have a wetness indicator. But for Hello Bello, it’s only available for sizes Newborn up to Size 2.

Which seems weird cause I’d want a wetness indicator in ALL diaper sizes. 

I want to find out easily if my kid needs a diaper change without sniffing or smelling my kid’s butt. Even if they’re like 2 or 3 years old!

But that’s just me.


Hello Bello has seriously the cutest diaper prints and designs. 

More adorable than Pampers to be honest.

You can just make your baby wear Hello Bello diapers and they’ll still look dressed and fashionable!

It’s also helpful to have cute prints on diapers, to distract your baby with it. You can let them play with one diaper, while you change them.


Both are considered premium diapers, so they’re not that cheap. But fairly priced.

Although Hello Bello tends to be pricier than Pampers, at least at the time of this publishing.

You can save on both diapers though with Amazon’s Subscribe and Save.

Pampers Swaddlers

Similarities of Hello Bello vs Pampers Swaddlers

Now let’s take a more detailed look at the similar features of the Hello Bello vs Pampers Swaddlers


Pampers and Hello Bello diapers are hypoallergenic, ensuring it’s safe even for a newborns.

Hello Bello is known for using organic materials in its diapers. They use a plant-derived core liner (sustainably harvested fluff pulp), which makes it gentle and toxic-free.

Hello Bello diapers don’t also have Artificial Fragrance, Lotions, Latex, TBT, DBT, MBT, and Chlorine Processing.

Pampers is also free of toxic materials such as latex, PVC, BPA, elemental chlorine, parabens, ethanol/ alcohol, and more.

They also carry the Skin Health Alliance seal, which means they’re certified skin-safe for babies.

Pampers vs Hello Bello Diapers: FAQ

How do Hello Bello diapers compare to Pampers?

Hello Bello is known for their organic and comfy diapers. 
But they’re not the best when it comes to being absorbent and locking in leakages and diaper blowouts, unlike Pampers.

Do Hello Bello diapers run small?

Yes, Hello Bello diapers run small compared to Pampers Swaddlers, based on my comparison video.
Most parents also said they’re great for smaller babies, but not so much on bigger, chunkier little ones.

Which diapers are similar to Hello Bello?

Honest diapers are similar to Hello Bello, at least according to most parents and baby experts.
The former is also known for its organic, sustainable diapers.
You can check my Honest vs Hello Bello diapers review here to compare the two.

Pampers Swaddlers

Pros and Cons: Pampers vs Hello Bello

Here’s a general overview of the advantages and drawbacks of both the Pampers vs Hello Bello diapers.

Pros: Hello Bello Diaper

  • Soft and gentle
  • Colorful prints

Cons: Hello Bello Diaper

  • Slow to absorb
  • No wetness indicator in sizes 3 and up

Pampers Swaddlers

Pros: Pampers Swaddlers

  • Highly recommended by pediatricians
  • More absorbent than Hello Bello

Cons: Pampers Swaddlers

  • Has complains of having a chemical smell
  • Has complains of causing diaper rash

Hello Bello vs Pampers – Which One Should You Choose?

If you want a diaper that’s trusted worldwide by healthcare professionals and absorbs and seals in wetness well, turn to Pampers.

If you want an organic, gentler, unscented diaper, between the two, we recommend Hello Bello.

But, as I say over and over again in my diaper reviews, every baby is different.

Hello Bello might provide more absorbency for your baby.

Or Pampers might be more snug and comfy for your little one.

You’ll never know until you try it for your baby.

So try it out first. Get a test pack and see which works better for your baby, Hello Bello or Pampers.

Pampers Swaddlers

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