I Have A Hello Bello vs Pampers Pure Review With Video And Here’s What I Found Out

Looking to see a detailed comparison review between Hello Bello vs Pampers Pure diapers?

Then you’re in the right place.

In this article, not only will get to know:

  • Which diaper feels cottony and soft
  • Which diaper seems bigger but has a smaller absorbent core
  • Which one has a stickier tab
  • Which one absorbs so much better?

You’ll also get to see an absorbency test video in this guide!

Let’s start with a quick comparison table between Pampers Pure vs Hello Bello.

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In a Hurry? We Recommend…

Between Pampers Pure and Hello Bello, we recommend Pampers Pure for its absorbency and Hello Bello for its soft, gentle quality.

Hello Bello

Pampers Pure

Hello Bello vs Pampers Pure: Comparison Table

This is best viewed on a desktop. Here’s a quick comparison guide between the Hello Bello vs Pampers Pure.

FeaturesHello BelloPampers Pure
SizeStarts at Size 0 up to Size 6Starts at Size 0 up to Size 7
AbsorbencyPoorMixed reviews
Soft and GentleYesMixed reviews

Let’s get into the specific differences between Hello Bello and Pampers Pure.

Differences Between Pampers Pure vs Hello Bello

Size and Fit

Pampers Pure has sizes starting at Newborn up to Size 7.

While Hello Bello has a Newborn size up to Size 6.

Pampers Pure is bigger than Hello Bello, especially at the back, but here’s the catch.

Hello Bello has a longer and slightly thicker absorbent core than Pampers Pure.

Pampers Pure’s back might be wider, but half of it doesn’t have any absorbent core! Which is kinda surprising to find out.

Hello Bello also feels stretchier at the sides and has a stickier tab, compared to Pampers Pure.

Other parents find Pampers Pure too big for their baby, while I didn’t see any particular size complaints about Hello Bello, at least when it comes to its Size 3 diaper.


Hello Bello is softer than Pampers Pure. 

The former almost feels like cotton that they’ve spread on the diaper.

Pampers Pure though, I don’t know if it’s the holes on the top sheet layer or what, but it feels rougher than Hello Bello.

Other parents have mixed feedback when it comes to Pampers Pure, with some saying it gave their baby a diaper rash, while some say it was the only diaper that didn’t cause any diaper rash on their baby.

Hello Bello, so far, has zero complaints about diaper rashes or irritation.


Oh my god, I can’t even begin to tell you how disappointing Hello Bello was when it comes to absorbency. At least when I tested it.

Just check out my comparison review video below, at the 1:55 mark

I’m actually quite surprised at the results as Hello Bello did very well compared to Honest diapers.

You can check out my detailed Honest vs Hello Bello diaper comparison review here.

Both diapers came from the same pack and yet the Hello Bello diapers I tested against Pampers Pure had horrible absorbency, compared to the one that I tested against Honest diapers.

Which was weird because they all came from the same pack – they should all have the same absorbency, more or less!

Anyway, Pampers Pure has some mixed reviews from other parents about its absorbency, with some saying it has poor absorption, while others are saying they’re great and doesn’t even have a leaking problem.

Hello Bello has mostly a negative review when it comes to its absorption quality.


Pampers Pure has a cleaner, minimalist design, while Hello Bello is more colorful – you can actually choose your preferred prints and design!


Pampers Pure is way more expensive than Hello Bello, at least at the time of this recording.

I didn’t find any similarities between the two diapers so there’s that!

Pros and Cons: Pampers Pure vs Hello Bello

Hello Bello

Pros of Hello Bello

  • Softer and gentler on the skin
  • Stretchable than Pampers Pure

Cons of Hello Bello

  • Poor absorption
  • Slightly smaller than Pampers Pure

Pampers Pure

Pros of Pampers Pure

  • More absorbent than Hello Bello
  • Slightly bigger than Hello Bello

Cons of Pampers Pure

  • Feels rougher than Hello Bello
  • More expensive than Hello Bello

Diapering Tips and Hacks

  • Provide your little one with some diaper-free time, allowing their diaper region to get some fresh air.
  • Apply diaper rash cream to your baby daily, whether or not they currently have a diaper rash. This practice is among the most efficient methods to prevent diaper rash.
  • Turn your backpack into a diaper bag! Any bag actually will do, as long as it’s big enough to carry your baby’s essentials.
  • Get diaper caddies to organize your diaper essentials and keep them within reach during diaper changing.

FAQ: Hello Bello and Pampers Pure

Are Hello Bello diapers as good as Pampers?

No, Hello Bello diapers are not as good as Pampers Pure, at least based on my comparison review.

Why is Pampers Pure better?

Pampers Pure is better than Hello Bello because it absorbs faster and better.

What diapers are closest to Hello Bello?

The diapers that are closest to Hello Bello, that’s often compared to it are Honest diapers.
Check out my non-toxic diaper review list here, if you want to see more.

Alternatives to Pampers Pure vs Hello Bello

Check out other diaper options below, that arguably, might be better than Pampers Pure and Hello Bello:

Hello Bello vs Pampers Pure: Which One Is Better?

If your baby doesn’t have sensitive skin, and if the diaper fits well, between Hello Bello vs Pampers Pure, I’d say go with Pampers Pure.

It’s more absorbent, at least according to my test video, which can make life a little bit easier with a baby.

Hello Bello

Pampers Pure

But since my batch of Hello Bello diapers seems to be a wild mix of absorbent and not-too-absorbent diapers, I say, get a small pack first of any diaper you want for your baby.

Test out a small pack first before buying diapers in bulk.

And that’s it for Hello Bello vs Pampers Pure, I hope you find this guide helpful!

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