Everwallpaper Nursery Wallpaper Mural Ideas

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Are you looking for some cool and amazing wallpaper ideas for your nursery room? Or maybe you want to spruce up your toddler’s or other older kids’ room with some lively wallpaper mural?

Check out Everwallpaper and their lovely themed wallpapers. Here are some samples of what they can offer.

Nursery Wallpaper Ideas from Everwallpaper

1. Dinosaur Themed Wallpaper Mural

Is your little one starting to have a budding interest in Dinosaurs? Then they will enjoy staring at these fascinating dinosaur-themed wallpapers!

This wallpaper features repeated patterns of various types of lovely dinosaurs under a white background that is sure to steal your kid’s heart. Perfect for a baby nursery or your children’s room and works best with all kinds of furniture styles.

2. Bunny Themed Wallpaper Mural

If you’ve been reading a lot of books to your dear little ones about rabbits and anything bunny and cuddly related, then this wallpaper theme will suit your taste.

This wallpaper is designed in repeat patterns of cute rabbits and green leaves, which is heart-melting and can bring the interior space a fresh appeal. The perfect wallpaper for kids’ rooms and baby nursery to revamp their rooms.

3. Sloth Themed Wallpaper Mural

Don’t we all wish our baby would sleep through the night and well, just sleep like a sloth?

This wallpaper is designed in repeat patterns of a cute sloth hanging and swinging on the trees, which will surely steal your heart. Bring your home some freshness and natural touch with this wall mural. It will look great in your living room, bedroom, kid’s room, and baby nursery.

4. Unicorns Themed Wallpaper Mural

These magical creatures are a staple in every girl’s dream and can become the first thing that your child sees, to build up their imagination.

This wallpaper mural is painted with soft dreamy tones that will be perfect for your kid’s room and nursery. Place this wallpaper on the wall that is next to their bed and enjoy the peaceful feeling it brings to you and your children.

5. Animal Band Wallpaper Mural

Who doesn’t enjoy seeing a band of different animals, bonding, and playing music!

This wallpaper mural features a cute animal band holding a concert in outer space. 

Its adorable and creative painting is heart-melting and will be perfect for your child’s bedroom and playroom. It has an interesting rendering with a natural atmosphere and a refreshing wall decoration perfect for your kids.

Everwallpaper Inspiration Wall Murals

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Everwallpaper Offers Free Digital Mockup

If you can’t visualize how your preferred wallpaper will look like in your room, worry not as Everwall offers a free digital mockup! Just send in your room photo and they will show you how the wallpaper will look once it’s installed in your space.

They’ll send you the wall mural mockup free of charge!

To learn more about Everwallpaper and their creations and offers, visit them at https://www.everwallpaper.co.uk