Do Diapers Expire? (Huggies, Pampers, Luvs & More Answers!)

No, diapers don’t expire. Diapers don’t have an expiration date.

That’s according to major diaper manufacturers.

I’ve reached out to several of them on social media and told them I can’t find any expiration date on their diapers so I wanted to ask if their diapers expire.

Most were gracious enough to not only answer my question with a YES or No, but they also took the time to recommend a shelf life or how long can I use their diapers.

And then there are a few that didn’t say anything and just outright ignored me but all is good, maybe they were overwhelmed with inquiries. 🙂

If you want to find out which company was very helpful and thorough with answering my question and which one had probably a new customer service (I’m assuming), keep scrolling below.

Let’s start with one of the most popular diaper brands out there.

Do Pampers Diapers Expire?

Pampers diapers don’t expire. But they do have a shelf life, which is 3 years from the manufacturing date.

And they recommended using their diapers within 1 year after opening them.

Here’s their complete answer:

do pampers diapers expire

“Great question! There is no expiration date for Pampers diapers, our shelf life is three years from the manufacturing date. This does not mean our diapers only last for that amount of time, but we know they will work as intended for that period. For the best results, we always encourage consumers to use it within 12 months after opening. 💛”

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Do Huggies Diapers Expire?

Huggies diapers don’t also expire. 

And they also recommended using it within 3 years from the manufacturing date. Here’s their answer:

do huggies diapers expire

“Our Huggies® diaper products do not have expiration dates. The products don’t have any active ingredients that expire, but the performance may diminish slightly after three years from the date it was manufactured. I hope this helps!”

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Do Luvs Diapers Expire?

Luvs diapers don’t also expire but they do have a 3-year shelf life. 

Read on for more info:

do luvs diapers expire

“Thanks for reaching out to Luvs, Juls. Please know that our diapers do not have an expiration date, rather, a shelf life. This is three years from the manufacturing date. This does not mean our diapers only last for that amount of time, but we know it will work as intended for that period. 💜”

Do Hello Bello Diapers Expire?

Hello Bello diapers don’t also expire but they recommend using them within 2 years.

Here’s their answer:

do hello bello diapers expire

“Hi there! Diapers don’t have an expiration date, but it’s typically recommended to use them within 2 years. After that, you can still use them (i.e. there aren’t any safety issues), but the absorbency and fit might not be optimal.”

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Do Honest Diapers Expire?

Nope, they don’t. Honest is straight to the point with their answer below:

do honest diapers expire

“Hi there! Thank you for reaching out here! Our diapers do not expire. We hope this helps! ✨”

Do Seventh Generation Diapers Expire?

They didn’t exactly answer the question with a yes or no, but they did say their diaper’s shelf life is 3 years. Here’s more of their answer:

do seventh generation diapers expire

“Thanks for writing to us. The shelf life of our diapers is 3 years. After that, you may begin to see changes in the way they look, smell, or work. However, your product could be older than that and still work perfectly well. Light, heat, and other factors can age products faster, so if it hasn’t been exposed to them it may be just fine. The lot codes on our products tell us when the product was manufactured, which are printed in black in on the box or the tabs of the diapers. If you’d like to share this number with us, we’d be happy to help determine the date of manufacture.”

Do Dypers Diapers Expire?

do dyers diapers expire

“If you email us at [email protected] we can easily answer this question for you there!”

Um, okay, newly hired social media intern.

Do Bambo Nature Diapers Expire?

do bambo nature diapers expire

Crickets. I didn’t get any reply at all, not even a reply like Dypers.

Update: They replied after a few days! Still appreciate that.

And wow, their diapers have apparently expire 5 years from the date of production!

Do bambo nature diapers expire

So..Do Diapers Expire?

No, diapers don’t expire. But again, as mentioned by Pampers, Luvs and Seventh Generation, they have a shelf life. 

And it’s better to use them within that shelf life, so you can get the best out of them.

How Long Can You Keep Disposable Diapers?

Based on the diaper brands I reached out to, you can use and keep the diapers within 2 to 3 years from the manufacturing date.

Pampers, however, advised using their diapers within 12 months after opening.

Which I think everyone does anyway if the diapers still fit their little ones!

What’s the Best Way to Store Diapers?

If you’re planning to give away some unused diapers, try storing them by doing the following:

Get a container

You can use a transparent plastic container with a lid, one that’s big enough to store a lot of diapers.

If you want to make sure that nothing gets into the diaper, try putting them inside a vacuum storage bag and sealing it away in plastic containers.

Keep it safe

This goes without saying but don’t store diapers in places where there’s a possibility that they could get wet.

Or where their adhesive, elastic parts, and absorbent materials can be affected. Which means not putting them in areas that have unfavorable temperatures.

How To Identify An Old Diaper?

You can identify an old diaper by checking its manufacturing date on the packaging.

If you don’t have the packaging anymore, check out how the diaper physically looks.

Is it starting to have some discoloration, is the dye for the wetness indicator fading, are the elastic and adhesive parts still stretchy and sticky enough, is it not as absorbent as before, does it have a weird smell?

Personally, I would advise against using an old diaper, but if you really have no choice (your budget is tight or because you’re running out of diapers!), then just check how the diaper looks and feels.

FAQ on Diapers Expiration Date

Do diapers have expiration dates?

No, diapers don’t have expiration dates.
They do have shelf lives though, which doesn’t mean they will expire after 2 to 3 years (the typical shelf life of a diaper). It’s just that diapers work best in the said intended shelf life period.

Can you save diapers for the next baby?

Yes, you can save diapers for the next baby if your next little one is coming within a few months or less than a year.

Do Diapers Expire: Takeaway

If times are getting hard, money is tight and you want to save your diapers for your next baby, just remember to check the manufacturing date on the packaging and note it down.

If you can’t remember when was the last time you bought diapers and you can’t find their packaging, then check how it looks and smells.

If it looks decent for you and you’re comfortable using them on your baby, without any fear of irritation or diaper rashes, then do what you think is best.

I hope this article has helped clear up any questions on diaper expiration dates.

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