Crib Hacks for Short Moms (Lower Baby in the Crib the Safe Way!)

Being a mom is challenging. But when you’re short and you need to lower your baby in their crib all the time – that’s also daunting!

But fear not. We’ve got some fantastic crib hacks for short moms here to make the whole putting your baby in their crib experience, smoother and safer.

Let’s get into it!

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Crib Hacks for Short Moms

Use an Aerobic Fitness Step or Wide Step Stool

Opting for an aerobic fitness step over a regular step stool is a safer choice. 

Its wide base and stability ensure better support. Moreover, the adjustable height feature allows you to customize it for comfortable access to your child. 

These sturdy platforms provide the extra height you need, making bedtime and naptime routines a breeze.

Placing one beside the crib allows you to easily reach your baby without straining your back or arms. 

Adjust the Mattress’s Height

Most modern cribs come with adjustable mattress heights, and this feature is a savior for short moms. 

Lowering the mattress to its lowest setting makes it easier to put your baby down gently. 

As your little one grows, you can adjust it accordingly to ensure their safety while also maintaining accessibility for you.

Ask Your Taller Partner for Help

If you have a taller partner, consider enlisting their help for crib-related tasks. 

Whether it’s putting the baby down or picking them up, having a tall partner can make a world of difference.

Get Used to Putting Baby Down Awake

As tempting as it may be to rock your baby to sleep in your arms before gently placing them in the crib, this can be more challenging for shorter moms. 

Instead, try to put your baby down while they are still awake and drowsy. 

This way, you won’t have to reach over the crib railings as much, and hopefully, your baby can learn to self-soothe.

Make a Mattress Platform Booster

Create a custom mattress platform booster to lift your baby higher within the crib. 

There are various creative ways to achieve this, including using wooden blocks or a customized mattress insert.

Check out how this mom uses a mattress platform booster and a step stool to lower her baby in the crib.

Hack the Legs of Your Crib

If you’re comfortable with some DIY, consider adjusting the height of your crib by hacking its legs. 

Shortening the legs slightly can make a substantial difference in reaching your baby comfortably.

Just make sure you or your partner or the people you’ll hire know what they’re doing so you don’t lose the crib’s structural integrity and the wood won’t get damaged.

Switch to a Low Profile Crib

Invest in a low-profile crib designed to be closer to the ground. These cribs make it easier for shorter moms to access their babies without any added adjustments.

I have a list here of the best low-profile cribs for short moms, with some information if the crib suits your height!

Check out my top 2 short cribs below if you’re in a hurry:

Get a Pack ‘n Play with Bassinet Attachment

A pack ‘n play with a bassinet attachment can be a fantastic alternative to a traditional crib. 

The bassinet feature places your baby higher up, making it more convenient for you to interact with and care for them.

Check out my list of some of the best pack n plays here.

If you’re in a hurry, below are my top two pack n plays/ playards:

Get a Travel Crib

Most travel cribs have their mattress on the floor, so you just basically just need to put your baby in like how you’d put bread in an oven. So consider getting a travel crib for added convenience.

It’s more lightweight than a pack-n-play, easy to set up, plus great for travel!

Enjoy the flexibility to create a comfy sleeping space for your baby, both at home and on the go.

Take a look at my curated collection of the best travel cribs here.

If you’re in a hurry, just check out my top travel crib below:

Use a Floor Bed

For a more unconventional approach, use a floor bed instead!

This eliminates the need for reaching over crib rails, and it promotes independence and freedom of movement for your little one.

Added Crib Tips for Short Moms

Watch Your Back

Regardless of the crib hacks you use, always be mindful of your posture and avoid straining your back when reaching for your baby. 

Bend your knees and use your leg muscles when lifting to minimize strain on your back.

Don’t Use a Normal Step Stool

While a regular step stool can provide some height, it might not be stable enough for frequent use near the crib. 

Stick to more secure options like aerobic fitness steps or wide step stools.

Don’t Use a Drop-Side Crib

Drop-side cribs were once popular, but they have since been deemed unsafe and recalled due to safety concerns. 

Stick to a modern and certified crib that adheres to safety standards.

Crib Safety Tips

Safety is paramount when it comes to cribs. Here are some additional crib safety tips to ensure your little one stays safe and sound:

Use a Firm Mattress

Always use a firm crib mattress that fits snugly within the crib. Avoid soft mattresses, as they can increase the risk of suffocation.

Keep the Crib Clear

Remove all toys, blankets, and pillows from the crib when putting your baby to sleep. These items can pose suffocation hazards and should only be used when supervised during playtime.

Secure Mobiles and Toys

If you use a crib mobile, make sure it is securely attached and out of your baby’s reach. Avoid hanging anything with strings or cords that could become a strangulation hazard.

Position the Crib Carefully

Place the crib away from windows, cords, blinds, and curtains. These items can pose strangulation hazards, and direct sunlight might make the crib too warm for the baby.

Avoid Overheating

Dress your baby appropriately for the room’s temperature. Overheating can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

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FAQ on Short Mom Crib Hacks

How do you put a baby in a crib when you’re short?

You can put a baby in a crib when you’re short via various ways such as using a sturdy step stool, adjusting the mattress height, or asking for help from a taller partner are all effective ways for shorter moms to put their babies in the crib.

How tall should a petite mom crib be?

A crib for petite moms should IDEALLY have a crib railing that’s lower than 35 inches, so those that are at least 5” tall can place their baby comfortably in it.

Is there a height limit for cribs?

The height limit for cribs is usually when your baby is at least 35” tall or when they’re trying to climb out of it!

What can I use as a makeshift crib for my baby?

As a makeshift crib for your baby, you can use crib alternatives such as pack ‘n plays with bassinet attachments, travel cribs or floor beds.

Crib Hacks for Short Moms: Takeaway

Parenting is full of challenges, but with a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can overcome them all. 

These crib hacks for short moms are designed to make your life easier while ensuring the safety and comfort of their babies. 

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