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Feature Overview: Chicco Lullago Portable Bassinet

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FeaturesChicco Lullago Portable Bassinet
Max Weight Limit 12 lbs or 5.4 kg
Easy to AssembleYes
Easy to CleanYes
Soothing SettingsNot available

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Chicco Lullago Portable Bassinet Review: Details


The Chicco Lullago bassinet weighs only 12 lbs or 5.4 kg, which makes it an ultra-lightweight portable bassinet.

It also only measures 30″L x 18″W x 28″H, saving you more space in the bedroom!

Its weight and size also make it convenient to move around anywhere in the house. You’ll have no problems carrying it to another room or even upstairs.

Some people though said it’s really not that light to carry. 

And some parents also find it too low on the ground, making their backs ache a little when they’re carrying or putting down their baby.

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But most are very happy with it in general.

It’s also convenient to pack it and carry it for traveling in the car.

It can be tricky though to bring it on planes, as you have to look for a large suitcase for it to fit in.

You can’t just put it in its carry bag as the bag is like a tote bag – it doesn’t have any zipper.

But I’ve seen some parents bring this with them on flights.


All Chicco baby items meet ASTM standards and also carry GREENGUARD Gold certification, which makes it one of the best non-toxic bassinets in the market.

It’s also a certified JPMA-approved bassinet, making it super safe for newborns.

The bassinet itself has breathable mesh walls, so you can easily check up on your baby without having to lean over the bassinet.

Some parents though find the leg a bit wobbly but most are happy with how safe and durable this bassinet is.

The bottom poles of the legs also have rubber, so it doesn’t slide, especially if you have wooden or smooth floors.

Age & Weight Limit

This can be used for newborns up to babies weighing 20 lbs/ 9 kg.

But take note to stop using it when your baby starts rolling or pushing themselves up.

So technically, this bassinet can probably last 5 months or less.


The Chicco Lullago bassinet comes with a waterproof mattress, a fitted sheet with a zipper, and a carry bag that looks more like a large tote bag.

It also has a mesh storage pocket that can fit small newborn essentials, like diapers, wet wipes, and such.

If you want one with a canopy and wooden legs, then check out Chicco LullaGo Anywhere LE.

It’s basically the same bassinet but it comes in a different color and has a canopy and wooden legs instead.


The mattress is waterproof so you can easily wipe it. 

Especially if your baby spits up, vomited, or left a little of their diaper blowout on it!

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I’ve also seen a lot of parents comment that the bassinet’s mattress isn’t as thin and hard as the others and it has a lot more cushion to it.

The mattress is also comfortable for your baby’s back, especially in the center, compared to other portable, foldable bassinets, according to most parents.

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Probably the only thing that’s annoying some parents is that it’s not easy finding mattress sheets that fit perfectly.

I mean you can buy from the Chicco website but most had trouble looking for other cheaper mattress sheets.

Some parents though recommended the following mattress sheets, saying that they’re very soft, the elastic fits snugly around the mattress, and they have cute designs:


Assembling this is a breeze!

Some people find the buttons kinda hard to press on the legs but other than that, it literally takes only 5 minutes or less.

You basically just open the bassinet, snap the legs on it, then add the mattress!

Then vice-versa when you disassemble and carry it for a quick getaway or when visiting the in-laws.


The mattress is waterproof so it’s much easier to clean it.

The mattress sheet is, of course, machine-washable, along with the bassinet fabric.

Yes, you can remove the entire bassinet fabric and chuck it in the washing machine!

Just remember to wash the bassinet fabric and the fitted sheet separately.

For the former, machine-wash it in cold water and mild soap on a delicate cycle, then drip dry.


The price is one of the key factors that make the Chicco Lullago popular because it is absolutely affordable.

Parents love that it’s a high-quality bassinet without a high price tag!

FAQ: Chicco Lullago Portable Bassinet

What age is Chicco LullaGo Portable bassinet for?

The Chicco LullaGo Portable bassinet is meant for newborns to babies weighing 20 lbs/ 9 kg.
But when your baby is starting to roll on their side or push themselves up in a sitting position, better transition them to a crib or a pack-n-play for safety reasons.

Is Chicco LullaGo non toxic?

Yes, the Chicco LullaGo is non-toxic. It has a GREENGUARD Gold certification, as well as a JPMA and ASTM.

Can you wash Chicco LullaGo bassinet?

Yes, you can wash the Chicco Lullago bassinet.
You can take off the bassinet’s fabric and machine-wash it.
The mattress cover is also removable and machine-washable.

What is the weight limit for Chicco LullaGo Portable bassinet?

The weight limit for Chicco LullaGo Portable bassinet is 20 lbs/ 9 kg.
Or until your baby is starting to push themselves up using their hands or is trying to roll, whichever comes first.

Pros and Cons: Chicco Lullago Portable Bassinet

Here’s a general overview of the advantages and drawbacks of the Chicco Lullago Bassinet:


  • Lightweight
  • Small and saves space
  • Durable
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean


  • Can only be used for a few months 
  • Height is not adjustable
  • No soothing motions or sounds

Chicco Lullago Portable Bassinet: Alternatives

Here are other bassinet options below, just in case:

Chicco Lullago Portable Bassinet Review: Is It Worth It?

If you want a simple, straightforward portable bassinet without all the bells and whistles (soothing sounds, motions, night light, etc.), that’s pretty affordable, then go for the Chicco Lullago Portable Bassinet.

You can’t go wrong with it – it’s budget-friendly, it’s durable, it’s easy to clean, easy to travel with and it doesn’t take up so much space.

I hope this Chicco Lullago Portable Bassinet Review guide has given you more info on the said bassinet and has helped you make some decisions.

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