Spectra S1 vs S9 [Detailed Comparison Review]

Spectra s1 vs s9

The Spectra S1 Plus and Spectra S9 Plus are popular choices when it comes to efficient, battery-charged, portable breast pumps. But which one should you get and which is ultimately better? This article will answer. I will discuss in detail, the differences and similarities between the Spectra S1 vs S9, as well as each other’s … Read more

Medela Freestyle Flex vs Spectra S9: Which One To Get?

medela freestyle flex vs spectra s9

Portable breast pumps are seriously one of the best baby gadgets that anyone can make for moms. Imagine not being tethered to a wall, worrying that your newborn might wake up anytime. Or the fact that you can still do chores and even clean your house with a toddler at home! If you’ve narrowed down … Read more

Spectra S9 vs Baby Buddha [Detailed Comparison Review]

spectra s9 vs baby buddha

Are you looking for a super lightweight and portable breast pump that you can use at work, for travel or when doing chores?  Then this article is for you. I will discuss here the differences and similarities between the Spectra S9 vs Baby Buddha – 2 popular breast pumps that you can carry on the … Read more

Spectra S1 Vs S2 [Latest Comparison Review]

spectra s1 vs s2

The differences between the Spectra S1 vs S2 are its battery, price, insurance and color. Read more to find out what you’re getting from a Spectra breast pump. Pumping for milk is one of the challenges you’ll have to do while taking care of your newborn baby 24/7. You need to find the time and … Read more

Medela Freestyle vs Spectra S1: Comparison Review

medela freestyle vs spectra s1

The Medela Freestyle vs Spectra S1 has 7 differences and 13 similarities. Read on to find out more. Becoming a mom is hard enough as you need to figure out newborn care basics, how to make your baby sleep longer at night, what to do when your husband is not helping and such. Add in … Read more