Bluey Birthday Party Ideas and Inspiration

I have a confession to make – I didn’t even knew Bluey existed until my kid was 5 years old. By then, my little on moved on from the usual Netflix cartoons to the weirder, but still age-appropriate kids shows on Youtube. Which was a bummer since I kept hearing and reading about all kinds of values and lessons both kids and parents have gotten from watching Bluey.

I digress.

If you’re looking for the ultimate Bluey birthday party ideas, you’ll get it here. I made up for not knowing about Bluey for years, to deep diving into this wonderland of fun, engaging, and at times, touching and heartbreaking TV show.

Let’s start with some DIY-Friendly party decor ideas then will move on to the more elaborate party setups for inspiration.

DIY-Friendly Bluey Party Decor Ideas

Below are some simple party decor ideas and items that you can put up at home to make a Bluey wonderland for your kid.

Click here for a complete list of Bluey DIY party ideas: invitations, decors, outfits, party favors, even games and food party essentials.


Elaborate Bluey Party Setup Ideas and Inspiration

If you’re looking for a more jaw-dropping, impressed-the-guest Bluey party decor inspirations with a mix of simple yet fun ones, check some out below.

Bluey-Themed Cake, Cupcakes, and Snacks Ideas

Serve up a feast fit for a Bluey fan! Have an amazing Bluey-themed cake, cupcakes, and the usual tasty finger foods.

Bluey-Inspired Birthday Outfit Ideas

Dress your little one in style with Bluey-inspired birthday attire. Add matching accessories like ears for an extra dash of fun. Check out more Bluey party outfits here.

Bluey-Themed Party Favors and Gifts

Send guests home with a piece of the party with Bluey-themed party favors. Personalize each favor with a thank-you note featuring Bluey and her pals. You can get a free party favor gift card with a Bluey birthday invite printable here.

Bluey-Centric Party Games and Activities

Keep the party going with Bluey-centric games and activities. You can check out some easy to setup games here.

With these Bluey birthday party ideas, your celebration is sure to be a roaring success!