Best Stroller For Tall Parents (Cream of the Crop List!)

The Uppa Baby Vista V2 is hands down, the best stroller for tall parents. Read why it’s our top pick and check out other slightly cheaper yet quality stroller options.

I hated the first stroller we ever bought. 

I was overwhelmed with so many choices in the market so I had my husband pick both the stroller and the infant car seat.

And I hated it both. 

The stroller mostly because I kept kicking the bar at the back when I walk (I’m not even that tall!).

And the infant car seat for its lousy harness.

The stroller was also hard to maneuver and it just made going out with my kid a hassle.

I preferred babywearing my little one than putting her in that god-awful stroller.

If you don’t want to end up like me, I highly recommend researching and pick a stroller that can accommodate your height.

The ones I’ve researched and listed below are consistently recommended by various websites, blogs, and even a lot of parents online.

I’m listing down only the cream of the crop as I know the feeling of being overwhelmed with so many choices.

And that’s the last thing you’d want to experience, especially if you’re a new parent.

But before that, let’s take a look at a couple of reasons why you need a tall stroller and not the run-of-the-mill one.

I hope you’ll love the products we recommend! Just a quick note: if you click on a product link below and decide to buy it, we may earn a small commission.

In A Hurry? We Recommend…

Our top pick for its quality and features, the Uppa Baby Vista V2 is the best stroller for tall parents. It’s on the high-end side but it’s worth the investment with all the bells and whistles that come with it.

best stroller for tall parents
pic from Uppa Baby website

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Why Get The Best Stroller For Tall Parents

There are certain key reasons why you need the right kind of stroller, especially if you’re taller than average.

Alleviates Backaches

Imagine being hunched over the whole time while pushing your kid’s stroller. 

And doing that for a few hours a day, especially if you regularly go for strolls or do a lot of errands outside. 

Slouching for longer periods can cause back and neck pains. 

And if you’re already experiencing one, it might just get worse with the wrong stroller.

Ample Leg and Foot Clearance

Don’t you hate it when you keep accidentally kicking the back of the stroller with every step?

Well I do and I particularly loathe it when my baby is sleeping and as luck would have it, I kick her stroller in a way that wakes her up immediately.

I’m not even that tall (I’m 5’6) but I frequently do this with my kid before and I hated it, especially when I’m just walking regularly. So getting the right stroller should give you at least enough space for walking, avoiding accidentally touching or God forbid, kicking the stroller. 

More Comfortable Time With Kids

If your back and neck are aching and you keep kicking the stroller, you won’t enjoy getting out and about with your kids. 

It might seem like it’s not a big deal but these little things can impact your mood and you might find yourself getting more irritable with your little ones.

So getting the right stroller for your height can help you be in a more comfortable position, even if your kids are sometimes (or oftentimes) giving you a hard time.

Buying Guide Priority Features: The Best Stroller For Tall Parents

Adjustable Handlebar

This is probably the top priority to consider.

Choose a stroller that has a fixed, long handlebar but can still be adjusted to get longer.

You’d want something that can be extended out and angled up and has a wide range of height to adjust to.

Look for a stroller with telescoping handles. It allows you to change the height and length of the handlebar easily with just a push of a button.

Ample Foot Clearance

You’d also want a stroller that will give you ample foot clearance. 

So you don’t keep on kicking the back of the stroller or the bars between the back wheels, especially if you’re walking fast.

Higher Seat Height

Consider a stroller that has a higher seat than the average, so you don’t have to bend so far to lift your kid out of the stroller or to tend to them.

It will also be better if you can adjust the seat height, to make it higher than it already is.

Not all strollers will have this feature but it’s something to look for when looking for your ideal stroller.

Handlebar Extensions

Not all stroller will have a handlebar extension, such as the Peg Perego brand strollers.

There is a universal extension bar that you can purchase online, just make sure it fits your stroller.

Other Tall Stroller Features To Consider:


High-quality strollers can easily go up to $400 and above. 

You can opt for a standard-sized one then just use a handlebar extension but if you have the budget and the time to look for the right stroller then just go for the pricey yet higher quality ones. 

It will be worth it. A lot of parents have regretted buying a subpar quality stroller (like me!) just because they’re cheaper. 


You’d want something high-quality, durable, and can last longer. 

Some strollers can accommodate newborns until preschool or even older. Some can even hold up to 3 kids!

So hopefully you’ll get one which will give you more mileage for your money.


Consider also your lifestyle and how and where you will use the stroller. 

There are certain types of strollers that might have the right features for you but is not suitable for your lifestyle. 

Or vice versa.

For eg, jogging strollers will usually have ample feet clearance and telescoping adjustable handles. 

But most of them are not suitable for babies younger than 6 months or those that can’t fully hold up their heads yet on their own.

Do you live in an area with smooth pavement or do you like to wander off the beaten path? An all-terrain stroller will be able to withstand your need to hike or just go on adventures then.

Are you considering growing your family soon? As a convertible stroller (can turn into a double stroller), would be more suitable.

Would you want something that can be used from newborn up to toddlerhood? A modular stroller then is preferable for that.

So you have to think and list down your priorities, before getting the right stroller to accommodate both you and your baby. 


You should also take into consideration the size of the stroller and how well it will fit in your car, your door, and if there’s enough space in your home for it.

Consider also its weight, if it’s tolerable for you to lug it around, especially if you often use public transportation.

Infant Car Seat

Would you prefer a stroller that comes with its infant car seat?

Or are you okay researching and hunting for a separate yet compatible car seat?

I’d choose the first one, it will make your life easier. But if the budget doesn’t permit then do look for a cheaper yet quality alternative.

Comfy Seat

Don’t forget the comfort of your baby. You’ll need comfortable padding for them to be snug and comfy on.

Check out the stroller’s reclining ability. Can it fully recline for newborns or babies that can’t still hold their heads up? If not, you might need a bassinet or pram for them.

Can you also adjust the seat to accommodate toddlers or even older children?


Check its harness, brakes, and locks. All of these features contribute to the safety of your little one.

A stroller with a five-point harness, convenient brakes, and a lock that your kid cannot easily access when they get older, will be best.


Have you ever gotten a shopping cart that’s so hard to maneuver – it goes left when you want it to go right and vice versa? It’s quite a struggle to use, right?

You don’t want the same thing for your stroller.

You’d want something that can be steered easily in both smooth and rough terrains. 

A stroller with a good suspension and rubber, all-terrain wheels that swivel will do that for you while still giving a smooth and less bumpy ride for your baby.

Look also for one that has a single handlebar, which is easier to maneuver than those with two separate ones at the side.

Useful Extras

Check also its other useful extra features, particularly its storage and folding features. 

A large storage basket will make running errands more convenient.

A stroller that can be folded with one hand and stands on its own will be more favorable.

Take note though that such features as a covered tray with cup holders, canopies, peek-a-boo window, extra pockets, and such can make for a pricey yet helpful stroller. 

If you want one with a canopy, see if its height can be adjusted to suit a taller toddler.

Check out strollers with reversible seats too. It’s not a dealbreaker if they don’t have it but it’d be nice if you can turn around your kid and let them see a different scenario.


Remember to also check its warranty. Some only offer a one-year warranty while others have a more generous 3-year or even a lifetime warranty.

Best Stroller For Tall Parents

Uppa Baby Vista V2

best stroller for tall parents
pic from Uppa Baby website

Type of Stroller: 

  • Convertible stroller (can turn into a double stroller)
  • Modular stroller (reversible seat/ can place bassinet/ can use for infant car seat)

Works Best For: 

Growing families (can seat a newborn + toddler or twins or even 3 toddlers)

Why You Should Consider It:

Did you know that Bob Monahan, the founder of Uppababy, is over 6 feet and designed the Vista stroller to accommodate tall people?

It’s also suitable for shorter-sized folks by the way but the point is, it’s perfect for taller folks!

It has an “Amazon’s Choice” badge and amazing reviews online plus it’s highly recommended by a lot of parents, especially from Reddit.

It has a telescoping handlebar, which can be adjusted to varying heights with a push of a button.

It also has a height-adjustable canopy to accommodate your growing children, particularly tall kids.

You can also make the car seat and bassinet higher by purchasing a Vista upper adapter. A helpful feature for taller than normal parents, so you don’t need to bend that low when tending to your child.

It has a lot of useful features such as massive storage, 13 seat configurations, can stand on its own when folded, and more.

It also has front-locking wheels with a great suspension system, which can handle dirt roads, snow, a gravel driveway, etc., and still have a comfy ride for your child.

Uppababy also manufactures its infant car seats so you don’t need to look for one but it’s also compatible with a lot of other car seat brands.

What’s The Downside:

It’s quite pricey and you need to put in the bassinet to bring your newborn but for all its other features, it’s simply one of the best high-end strollers out there.


  • Telescoping (adjustable) handlebar
  • Height-adjustable canopy
  • Can seat a toddler + newborn/ 3 toddlers/ newborn twins
  • Compatible with a lot of car seat brands
  • Front-locking wheels with a suspension system
  • One-handed recline adjustment
  • Big storage (max capacity: 30lbs)
  • Foot brake
  • Includes bassinet, toddler seat, and more


  • Expensive
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Needs bassinet for newborns
  • Can be hard to fold, according to some parents

Bob Gear Revolution Flex 3.0

Type of Stroller: 

Jogging stroller/ All-terrain stroller

Works Best For:

  • Parents who love to jog with their kids 
  • Families who live near or frequent rough terrains (eg. dirt roads, concrete slabs, hiking trails, grassy fields, snow, beach, etc.)

Why You Should Consider It:

Aside from its overwhelming recommendation online from forums and other bloggers and an Amazon’s Choice badge, the Bob Gear Revolution works well for tall parents.

It has a 9-position handlebar that can suit parents of all heights. 

You can even easily switch the height of the handlebars mid-jog, according to some parents, with just a touch of a button.

It also has ample foot clearance to give you space when jogging or taking long strides.

It also ensures a smooth ride for your little one with its signature Mountain-Bike-Style suspension, which can withstand all types of terrains – forest trails, gravel driveways, beaches, snow, and more.

Its seat can also be adjusted from near-flat recline to fully upright seating, to accommodate your child.

It’s also easy to maneuver with its low-resistance push design and 360-degree swiveling front wheel.

The Bob Revolution stroller also has awesome extra features such as a reflective material, 6 storage pockets, an extra-large basket, a peek and chat window, and a massive canopy.

It’s also compatible with major car seat brands with the use of a BOB infant car seat adapter (sold separately).

You can use this stroller for newborns with an infant car seat up until young children, as it can hold a weight capacity of 75lbs. Take note though that the child height capacity is only until 44 in.

What’s The Downside:

  • Parents are mostly complaining about the lack of accessories that are not included with the stroller. As in you have to buy everything separately.
  • Others have also noted that it’s not easy to fold.


  • Adjustable 9-position handlebar
  • Ample foot and leg clearance
  • Compatible with most car seat brands
  • 360-degree swiveling front wheel and strong suspension system
  • One-handed recline adjustment
  • Large storage basket
  • Foot brake
  • Reflective material
  • Massive canopy for sun and rain


  • Expensive
  • Heavy and Bulky
  • All accessories are sold separately
  • Hard to fold according to some parents

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller

Type of Stroller:

All-terrain stroller

Works Best For:

  • Parents who love to hike with their kids
  • For families who frequent or live in areas with rough terrains 
  • Growing families (can accommodate baby with toddler or toddler with an older kid with the right accessories)

Why You Should Consider It:

The Baby Jogger City Mini is a high-quality stroller that is also suitable for tall parents and also has the “Amazon’s Choice” badge.

They also have the “Meet Disney size requirements” which might pertain to the size of the stroller (31 inches wide and 52 inches long).

So if your family is a big Disney fan but you want to save on stroller rentals, then this might suit you. 

It has an adjustable handlebar that extends with just a push of a button.

It also offers ample foot clearance, avoiding accidental kicks at the back of the stroller when walking.

It can also accommodate newborns with its near-recline seat. 

It’s also comfortable for older, taller kids, with its adjustable calf support, deep seat, and 65 lbs weight capacity.

A pram accessory and glider board can also be purchased separately to customize this stroller.

The Baby Jogger Citi Mini GT2 STroller has its infant car seat but is also suitable with other car seat brands.

Some parents have noticed how smooth this stroller is on the road and how easy it is to push it, even with a baby and a preschooler on the glider board.

What’s The Downside:

  • Parents have mentioned that it doesn’t come with any accessories so you need to purchase them if you want one, such as the pram, child tray, parent console, even the weather shield.
  • Some are also annoyed by the design of the storage basket. It has this bar at the back of the basket, which makes it hard to put in and take out items from it, especially large ones like a diaper bag.
  • It also doesn’t stand up when folded, which isn’t convenient for most parents.


  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Ample foot clearance
  • Can customize into a travel system or to accommodate more kids
  • Compatible with popular car seat brands
  • Rubber tires with all-wheel suspension
  • Folds with one hand
  • Large storage basket (max capacity: 10lbs)
  • Hand-operated brake
  • Has large canopy with peekaboo window


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t stand up when folded
  • All accessories are sold separately
  • Inconvenient storage basket design

Britax B-Ready G3

Type of Stroller:

  • Convertible stroller (can turn into a double stroller)
  • Modular stroller (reversible seat/ can place bassinet/ can use for infant car seat)

Works Best For:

Growing families (can seat a newborn + toddler or twins)

Why You Should Consider It:

This is another stroller that is frequently recommended when I researched for the best stroller for tall parents. 

It has a rotating adjustable handlebar, which is not as convenient as telescoping handlebars. 

But it works, as mentioned by some parents who are 6’5″ tall.

It can easily fold even with 2 seats attached. And it automatically locks the stroller frame, for safe storing or compact traveling.

This stroller apparently, also easily glides across all terrains. According to some parents, it can easily run across gravel and grass and still offer a comfortable, less bumpy ride for their baby.

It also has a 4-position recline, for a more comfy setup for sleeping babies or curious toddlers.

The seat is also made of high-performance fabric that can resist stain, moisture, and odor. 

Which I imagine can be helpful especially with a drooling baby or a toddler can ruin anything.

What’s The Downside:

  • Its car seat compatibility is only limited to the Britax and BOB infant car seats.
  • Some parents don’t like how the 2nd seat is positioned, as it takes up storage space. Plus they said their kid can’t see well from that seat.


  • Rotating adjustable handlebars
  • Can seat a newborn + newborn/ newborn twins
  • 4-Position recline 
  • Foam-filled rubber tires with a suspension system
  • Large storage basket accessible from all sides
  • Foot brake
  • Has automatic frame lock
  • Includes ventilated canopy
  • Seat made with Nanotex fabric that resists stains, moisture, and odor


  • Heavy and Bulky
  • All accessories are sold separately
  • Limited car seat compatibility
  • Awkward 2nd seat positioning, according to some parents

Best Stroller for Tall Parents: Takeaway

As for any other pricey baby items, testing them in baby stores is a must.

Some huge and popular stores might be able to accommodate the testing, given that they have more space but if not, you can try renting out first your preferred stroller and see how it goes.

If you find that standard-size strollers would do for the meantime, then just probably get a stroller handle extension bar. So you don’t need to keep on slouching when pushing the stroller.

If available, rent out and test infant car seats as well.

But if you want the best of the best, I’d highly recommend the Uppa Baby Vista V2.

Its available key features to accommodate tall parents and its other useful features such as its modular, convertible system, huge storage basket, and included accessories just seem unbeatable.

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