5 Best Pikler Triangles (Recommended by TONS of Parents!)

Pikler triangles are a dime a dozen nowadays. Especially when the pandemic happened.

Since no one can go out safely and normally then, parents who wanted to focus their child’s energy on somewhere safe and productive. 

Hence they have been snapping up this Montessori-inspired climbing furniture like hot cakes!

But with every company and brand offering the same product, how do you know which ones are the best Pikler triangles?

How do you know which one is worth it to buy? Which one is made from where? Or made from what?

This article will answer that and more.

I did a thorough research on the top, most popular Pikler triangles and so listed here are the highly recommended ones from toy experts and even parents themselves.

I’ve noted their features, pros, and even cons, so you’ll know what to expect if ever you decide on the Pikler triangles here.

Let’s start first with the most basic question.

I hope you’ll love the products we recommend! Just a quick note: if you click on a product link below and decide to buy it, we may earn a small commission.

In a hurry? We recommend…

The Lily & River Little Climber for its popularity, name customization, and freebies.

The Wiwiurka Foldable Triangle for its 3 sizes and various colors.

The Montessori Climber Pikler Triangle for its 2 locks for additional security and stellar reviews.

The RAD Children’s Furniture Pikler Triangle for its US-made brand and amazing customer service.

The WoodandHearts for its available sizes, cheaper price and toy safety certifications.

What is a Pikler Triangle?

The Pikler Triangle is a children’s climbing furniture that is triangular in shape.

It is a Montessori toy inspired by Dr. Emmi Pikler, a Hungarian pediatrician who revolutionized the way we care for our children.

One of the 7 key principles that Dr. Pikler formulated was to provide uninterrupted playtime for children. This can help them develop their confidence and self-esteem to explore their world and also learn about themselves.

From this principle, the inspiration for the Pikler triangle was born, as designed by Dr. Pikler’s children.

Where Can You Buy a Pikler Triangle?

There are different sources to get a Pikler Triangle. The most popular ones are from Etsy, which usually are made by European or American companies.

Next is buying it from popular marketplaces, like Amazon, Walmart, buybuy Baby, Target, Costway, etc.

You can also buy it directly from independent shops. 

Family-owned businesses like the Montessori Climber only sell Pikler triangles on their website. While the rest have some other Montessori toys.

If you find the prices insane, you can always opt for a 2nd hand Pikler triangle via Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, eBay, etc.

Or even nearby garage sales!

Just remember to double-check the quality, and the finishings and see that there’s little to no damage to the item before bringing it home.

Best if you can find a used one that’s from one of the companies listed here!

Benefits of a Montesstori Pikler Triangle

In a nutshell, here are the pros of getting a Pikler triangle for your children:

  • Develops and improves gross motor skills 
  • Provides hours of entertainment
  • Develops cognitive skills
  • Encourages creativity
  • Provides opportunities for risky play
  • Boosts confidence
  • Builds concentration

Check out more info on the benefits of having pikler triangle here.

Comparison Table: Best Pikler Triangles

This is best viewed on a desktop. Here’s a quick comparison guide on the most popular, highly recommended Pikler triangles.

FeaturesLily & RiverWiwiurkaMontessori ClimberRADWoodandHearts
SizesOnly 1 size availableSmall, Medium and LargeOnly 1 size availableJumbo and SmallMini, Small, Standard and Large
MaterialBirch or BambooBirchBirchYesBirch
Sets/ AccessoriesAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable

Below is a more detailed info on features, pros, cons, and more.

Best Pikler Triangles (That Aren’t Made From China!)

Lily & River Little Climber

This is probably the most popular Pikler triangle so far. 

I think that has to do more with their marketing prowess but nevertheless, it’s highly recommended by a lot of parents online and toy experts for good reason.

Lilly & River is from the US so if you’re a bit queasy ordering a safe structure for your toddlers to play on, then don’t worry. They are a family-owned and operated business that’s 100% made in Phoenix, Arizona (USA).

Their Little Climber Pikler triangle is made for ages 6 months to 5 years old and can hold up to 90 lbs of weight. 

So it can accommodate both your growing baby who’s learning how to stand and your preschooler!

What parents love about this exceptionally well-made product is that, aside from its non-toxic materials, aesthetics, and durability, it can be folded flat for keeping and storing.

Some mentioned keeping it in the storage area, or under the bed, especially for those lacking nursery space.

With the Lilly & River Little Climber, you can also choose your color, and even personalize it with your kid’s name.

AND they include a Little Glider wooden airplane and the Little Climber board book, all for free!

You can also choose to get a ladder/slide and/or rockwall slide to make it more fun for your little one.

It does have some cons as one, it can be expensive. Which I think is a common denominator amongst all Pikler triangles.

Take note though that it’s not a newborn essential so if your budget is tight, it’s perfectly fine not to get one.

A few parents also mentioned that its surface feels a bit slippery for new climbers. And also that the Little Climber is a bit small, so it’s better to get a larger one to accommodate a tall toddler.

But other than that, most parents are happy with it, sharing also that it’s easy to assemble and is very well-made.

Wiwiurka Foldable Triangle

The Wiwiurka is another popular choice amongst parents. 

Their products are manufactured in Morelos, Mexico and they use an FSC Sveza Certified European Birch Plywood with high-grade pinewood rungs.

It’s finished with a non-toxic acrylic paint and wood sealant, making it safe, and long-lasting and can make cleaning easier!

The Wiwiurka Pikler triangle can accommodate 1 to 5 yrs old, with a weight limit of 100 lbs for the triangle and 121 lbs for the board.

So your baby, your toddler, and even your preschooler can all enjoy it at the same time!

You can also fold flat the Wiwiurka and keep it under the bed, making it also easy to transfer it from one room to another.

Another cool thing about the Wiwiurka Foldable Triangle is that they’re available in 3 sizes!

best pikler triangles 2

Some parents mentioned getting the large one, so their kids can use it longer, even if they’re way past their toddler years.

They also offer various colors, both for their Pikler triangle and its accessories, which is great if you’re very particular about the aesthetics of your home.

There are not a lot of negative reviews about the Wiwiurka Foldable Triangle, except regarding its assembly.

Apparently, they don’t have a printed instruction manual to become more eco-friendly. Which is ticking off some parents.

So they will just present you with a video online on how to assemble their Wiwiurka Foldable Triangle:

Even with the lack of a printed instruction manual, it’s still one of the highly recommended Pikler triangles online.

Montessori Climber

Montessori Climber is another popular recommendation from parents online.

This family-owned business has Latvia roots, but its product has been sent to various countries worldwide. Such as Canada, the UK, Italy, Singapore, Australia, and many more!

It’s actually compared a lot to another highly recommended Pikler triangle – the RAD.

But some parents opt for the Montessori Climber for its price. Especially when getting the complete set.

Parents love how well-made and durable the Montessori Climber Pikler Triangle is, which they recommend for 8 months old to 8 years old.

They only offer a large-sized one, made from high-end polished Birch Plywood, which is very sturdy and built to last.

One mom even shared that it can support her husband’s weight!

Another interesting quality about the Montessori Climber brand is they only sell Pikler Triangles. 

Other brands offer other Montessori toys on their website, but MC, as some parents call it, just offers Pikler Triangles.

MC founders said they want to master and perfect their Pikler triangles. They don’t want to spread themselves too thin and sacrifice the quality of their Pikler triangles by making other toys.

They believe in selling only the best Pikler triangle in the market and based on the hundreds of stellar reviews they’re getting, I think they’ve achieved that!

Their Pikler also folds in half for easy storage and has 2 locks for additional security when in use.

I have yet to see a negative review about the MC Pikler triangles plus they have a lifetime warranty, so check them out!

RAD Children’s Furniture

Another highly recommended brand, the RAD apparently is the only certified Pikler® furniture maker in the US, as confirmed by the original Pikler Organization!

They are a California-based company and everything is made in-house at their Los Angeles facility. So if you prefer a US-made Pikler triangle, you can expect that from RAD.

They keep everything domestic and use only solid FSC-certified Birchwood, which is milled in North America.

They also only use professional-grade 3/4-inch birch ply, the strongest kind on the market. 

They also use only non-toxic materials that are safe for your babies and toddlers.

Their Pikler triangle is suitable for up to 5-year-old kids and can easily support a maximum weight of 100lbs per child.

Although it’s not recommended, one mom shared that her 200+ lbs husband would occasionally step on it without damaging it!

It also can fold to under 5″ flat for easy storage and has an automatic lock that keeps it safely open.

Parents also find their customer service pretty awesome. One shared that they send updates on the process of making their Pikler triangles and it was very easy to assemble.

One parent complained though that it wasn’t easy to put together and wished there was a better, well-put instruction manual.

But overall, a lot of parents absolutely love the RAD Pikler triangle and find it super solid and durable for their kids.


This is another highly recommended brand amongst Montessori parents.

The WoodandHearts is the cheapest Pikler Triangle-maker on this list. 

Their Pikler triangle and their Triangle with Ramp and Arch are all cheaper than the other ones on this list!

But that doesn’t mean the quality is subpar. 

They use high-class polished birch plywood and beech wood for their climbing furniture and also use high-quality, sustainable water-based, environmentally friendly varnish.

This ensures that the product won’t cause any allergic reaction or emit toxic substances that can harm your children.

They are CPC certified, meeting all international toy standards, including EN71, ASTM F963, 16CFR, and 15USC 1278a.

They even said that kids can even lick their product and it will still be perfectly safe!

Their climbing furniture comes in 2 sizes – the small for kids 8 months to 4 years old. 

And their standard, large one, for 2 to 8 years old, giving you more bang for your buck!

Their products have a maximum weight load of 60kg but they said that they test their products at 100kg. 

best pikler triangle 2
Check out how many kids are in this WoodandHearts Triangle Set!

It also easily folds, giving you more space if needed.

My only concern about this brand is that its production is located in Ukraine.

And we all know the ongoing war (at the time of this publishing), which can cause delays. 

But at least the majority of their items are shipped from their warehouses in the EU and USA.

This means customers are getting their orders faster than expected! 

Some parents mentioned having no issues at all with shipping and wanting to support a Ukrainian brand.

They also don’t have any printed instruction manual, so you have to download that online or watch their video instruction below:


Overall, this is a well-loved brand with exquisitely well-made, easy-to-assemble, beautiful products that are cheaper but as durable and long-lasting as the common Pikler triangle brands!

What To Consider When Choosing A Pikler Triangle

  • Reputable Company

A quick google search or even combing through various social media platforms can tell you a lot about a company’s profile and reputation.

You can easily read the reviews and really know what people are sharing about a certain company’s products, customer service, shipping, and whatnot online.

So check out the brand’s profiles online.

You’ll notice though that most notable Pikler triangles originate from European countries, as they were inspired by a Hungarian pediatrician, Emmi Pikler, who radicalized infant care and education.

But there are some high-quality Pikler triangles that you can find in the US, as you can see in the list above.

  • Size

Small-sized Pikler triangles may not be worth it to buy, as your kid can easily outgrow them.

But if you prefer something that can accommodate your child who’s just starting to explore and stand, then there’s nothing wrong with getting the small-sized ones. 

Especially if you have the budget.

Larger-sized Pikler triangles are more value for your money as some can even be used by 8-year-olds!

So I highly recommend getting a larger sized or at least a standard size Pikler triangle, rather than a small one.

  • Safe, Sturdy Material

A Pikler triangle that’s non-toxic, splinter-free, durable, and easy to assemble is a must-have. 

You’d want something that can last for years and can hold 2 to 3 kids at least.

Some companies list their safety toy certifications such as the WoodandHearts.

For some, you can ask them if they’ve been tested and certified by third parties and I’m pretty sure they’ll be able to provide some proof of their safety standards and practices.

Check out also if your preferred triangle comes with a lock. 

It’s ideal to have one, to ensure it will not fall or fold while your child is using it

  • Accessories

You’re already getting an expensive piece of children’s furniture. 

Why not go all out and get its other accessories as well!

So see if the Pikler triangle comes in a set, so your kid can have more fun and more ideas for playing.

  • Foldable

Most Pikler triangles are foldable anyway, so this is a given when looking for one.

It’s a must-have feature so you can easily store it when you need some more space in the room. 

Safety of a Pikler Triangle

  • Always supervise your child, especially if it’s their first time to use a Pikler Triangle.
  • Teach them how to use it – use a toy robot or doll and do pretend play. Show them how the robot or dolls climbs up and goes down slowly and safely.
  • Place the Pikler triangle on a soft surface, like a crawling rug or carpet.
  • Put the Pikler triangle away from curtain, blinds or near other furnitures, like a learning tower. Your child might be tempted to pull down the curtains or blinds or attempt to climb the other pieces of furniture and you wouldn’t want that.

Tips and Tricks on Pikler Triangles

  • Be careful shopping on Etsy

One parent shared this tip, saying that some Pikler triangles there for sale might seem cheap. 

But shipping costs can be higher than the cost of the Pikler triangle itself!

One customer even shared that she got one that had a ton of sawdust in it! She had to smooth it down and clean everything up.

So be wary, especially if the offer seems too good to be true.

  • You can use them from birth

You can actually get more bang for your buck if you get a Pikler triangle early on.

Yes, manufacturers recommend using it at a certain age, but there are many ways to use it even for newborn developmental activities.

You can put your baby underneath the Pikler triangle, tie up things on the rungs, and voila, you have a hanging mobile toy!

You can use it for tummy time and put some high-contrast baby flashcards there, tie up some playsilks or just let your baby look at the Pikler triangle!

You can also guide your child to pull up into a standing position in the Pikler.

  • Buy from Facebook Marketplace

Apparently, you can find cheaper yet quality, brand-new Pikler Triangles from Facebook Marketplace!

You can also watch out for the used ones from the brands you’re eyeing and snatch those. At least you know it was made by a reputable company and has a high-quality material that will definitely last.

  • Best first birthday gift

If you have a climber or just a super hyper kid, who always gives you a mini heart attack from climbing the windows, curtains, etc., this could be the best first birthday gift you can give them.

Come to think of it, it’s also a gift to yourself!

So you can at least rest for a bit and direct your kid’s climbing efforts into something less risky and safer for them.

  • Get it large

It’s highly recommended to get a larger-sized Pikler, so your child can still use it for a couple more years.

A small-sized Pikler triangle can easily be outgrown by your kid, especially if they’re in the higher percentile.

  • Try alternatives

If you find Pikler triangles too expensive, check out alternative Pikler toys here. Some are as cheap as $50! You can also check out some climbing toys for babies and 1 year olds, and older kids here.

FAQ on Pikler Triangles

What age is best for the Pikler Triangle?

Depending on the brand and size, Pikler triangles are best used for ages 6 months up to even 8 years old!
But with a little creativity, you can already use them even for newborns for tummy time activities, visual tracking, and such.

Are Piklers worth it?

Piklers can be worth it if your child is in a climbing phase and you’re desperate to keep them safe by steering them away from places or objects that are not safe for them to climb.
It can also be worth it if you bought it from the get-go, as even newborns can already use it for their visual tracking activities, tummy time, and more.

The Bottom Line on the Best Pikler Triangles

It’s pretty hard to choose the best Pikler Triangles in this list as one, they are all from reputable companies with overwhelming online positive reviews. 

All are using non-toxic, high-quality materials, all are aiming for sustainability. 

And take out the branding and they all offer the same looking product anyway!

So your deciding factor here will be based on your budget and the color combo you want. Some like the Wiwiurka which offers more colors and sizes. 

While some, like the WoodandHearts, offer a more affordable Pikler triangle, with lots of color and size options as well.

I hope this article has been helpful in finally choosing the best Pikler triangle for your child.