8 Best Overnight Diapers for Heavy Wetters (Recommended by Tons of Moms!)

Are you tired of waking up to your crying baby, who’s always soaking wet with pee (and sometimes poop) at night?

Are you looking for the best overnight diapers so you can finally stop changing diapers and sheets every night and doing tons of laundry everyday?

In this article, you’ll find that and more. You’ll get to see her the best nighttime diapers that:

  • Are recommended by a LOT of parents 
  • Can last for 12 hours and more
  • Has extra absorbent features
  • Is gentle and comfortable on your baby’s skin?

But first, do you really need overnight diapers and what’s the hype about them?

I hope you’ll love the products we recommend! Just a quick note: if you click on a product link below and decide to buy it, we may earn a small commission.

In a Hurry? We Recommend…

Huggies Overnites (With Sposies) and Pampers Swaddlers Overnights for the overwhelming number of recommendations and positive reviews from parents and baby experts.

Do You Need Overnight Diapers?

Yes, you do IF, you’ve basically tried a lot of regular diaper brands and they still leak at night.

Overnight diapers are designed to be more absorbent than regular diapers so it’s definitely a good idea to tout one and see if it will make a difference.

8 Best Overnight Diapers for Heavy Wetters

Huggies Overnites (With Sposies)

From what I’ve seen, this has an overwhelming recommendation from a lot of parents online.

However, most of them mentioned using this with Sposies, a diaper liner. 

Which makes it a more effective, absorbent nighttime diaper!

Huggies markets it as their most absorbent diaper, compared to their other diapers.

I’ve read a lot of comments from parents saying it’s really more absorbent than a regular diaper and it was the only one that could go on for 12 hours – even more than that!

It has the “back poop catcher” – the stretchy pocketed waistband to help prevent diaper blowouts.

Plus, it has a DryTouch® Liner feature, which helps to keep your baby dry (preventing diaper rashes)by absorbing wetness on contact.

Given all those features, it’s not surprising to see all the love and recommendation from parents to use Huggies Overnites.

Most said they were absolutely life-changing and were must-haves. 

They stopped diaper leaks, they stopped changing their baby’s diapers at night and some said it was even better than Pampers Overnight diapers.

But of course, I can still see some negative reviews from other parents such as it’s not as absorbent, the new design was awful and it still causes leaks, and tabs were ripping off.

It’s not a perfect diaper after all and all babies are different so that was expected.

In general, though, a lot of parents highly recommend it so just try it and see if it makes a world of difference on your heavy wetter.

Pampers Swaddlers Overnights

Based on countless recommendations and reviews I’ve read online, Pampers Overnights is a close second as the most nighttime diapers for babies.

I’ve seen a lot of praise for this diaper as one of the most absorbent diapers that’s worth the price. 

They haven’t experienced any leakages at night, it lasts for 12 hours (and more!), they’ve reduced their laundry a lot because of it, it’s a magical diaper, and it’s helpful with potty training – a lot of parents just love it!

It’s designed with extra absorbency, which assures you and your baby both a long, restful sleep. 

Pampers Swaddlers Overnights has also other features that make it a great absorbent diaper such as:

  • All Night Leak Protection
  • LockAway Channels
  • Dual Leak-Guard Barriers

All these features are intended to lock the wetness away from your baby’s skin and prevent it from leaking out of the diaper.

But again, there’s no perfect diaper so I can still see some negative reviews from parents about it not holding a lot of urine well.

Or it’s falling apart when it gets wet to the point that its gel beads come out.

Still tons of parents like it and highly recommend this diaper.

Honest Overnights

This one surprisingly has a lot of recommendations from parents. 

I said surprisingly because it is considered a non-toxic diaper and most eco-friendly diapers don’t exactly have the best absorbent quality.

But maybe because it’s an overnight diaper and Honest Overnights does have an extra absorbency quality to them.

Their night absorbent core can help your baby stay dry all night with its 12-hour advanced protection. 

And I’ve read some parents mentioning that their kids wear Honest Overnights for 13 hours straight! It’s full in the morning but there are no leaks or messes!

Some also like the fact that it’s gentle on their baby’s skin and it’s the only diaper that didn’t irritate or cause any rashes on their little ones.

Some mentioned that they’re not a big fan of its price and there are still some negative reviews about it leaking horribly.

Or how the diaper falls off at night, and how it runs smaller than other diapers.

But for most parents, it’s been a dependable diaper that keeps in leaks and messes for the whole night!


This is considered as one of those “boujie” purchases but a ton of parents highly recommend the Coterie diaper brand.

According to their website, their absorbent core holds 70% more liquid, has a 4x faster absorbency and 3x drying power, helping your babies stay dry all night for a longer, uninterrupted sleep!

I’ve seen some feedback from parents saying that their baby can routinely go for 12-14 hours, without any leaks, blowouts, or even diaper rashes in a Coterie. And that sounds amazing!

According to some parents, they are thick and incredibly soft and gentle – like a luxury diaper version of Huggies or Pampers. They’re also considered as eco-friendly diapers!

There are still some complaints though from parents about Coterie causing rashes to their baby, not being absorbent enough, causing leaks, and most especially, being so expensive.

You need to go for a subscription and buy an entire pack on their website. 

They sell single packs on Whole Foods now, so that’s an improvement.

For most parents, its price and availability are major things to consider.

But for some, Coterie has been worth it.

Up and Up Overnight

I see these Target diapers being recommended by a lot of parents online.

They contain a SuperAbsorb™ channels feature that keeps your baby up to 12 hours.

Just like other overnight diapers, it has an extra absorbent core that absorbs more fluid for overnight protection.

They also have stretchy side panels and waistbands which are comfy yet reliable enough to hold in diaper messes.

Some parents are saying that their kid can sleep comfortably for 12 hours straight without any leaks or blowouts. 

Some said that it’s even comparable to Huggies but at a cheaper, better price!

Some, though, are not very happy with it. 

I’ve seen some reviews about how the diaper is not that absorbent, won’t even hold up, and will fall right off in the morning, and where its absorbent mush was coming out of its sides.

I see a lot of mixed reviews about this brand but the positive reviews outweigh the negative ones. So Up and Up Overnight diapers are still worth considering, especially if your budget is tight.

Kirkland Signature Diapers

Kirkland is a plant-based Costco diaper that is made by the same company that created Huggies.

So they’re comparable to Huggies, it’s just that they are a generation behind.

This makes them less superior in terms of softness, absorbency, and other features.

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Still, some parents recommend them as the only diaper that worked overnight in preventing diaper leakages and messes.

Some said they’re very absorbent and value for money. 

But I’ve read some reviews where parents said they are still getting diaper leaks, especially when they don’t change their baby’s diapers for 12 hours.

Pampers Baby Dry

Pampers has another set of diapers that some parents highly recommend for nighttime use and that’s Pampers Baby Dry.

It has an extra dry layer feature and a quick dry core, which helps to absorb liquid and keeps your baby dry for up to 12 hours.

They also have double leg cuffs for Size 3 up to Size 5, which provides additional protection against leaks. 

It’s also hypoallergenic so ideally, it should be a great overnight diaper.

But I see a lot of mixed reviews from parents online about it.

Some say it’s leakproof, it’s the best nighttime diaper, and the only one that doesn’t cause a diaper rash.

While some say it’s just decent, it irritates their baby’s skin, it’s not absorbent at all, it sucks as an overnight diaper and the tab won’t even stick well to the diaper.

Rascal + Friends

This is another diaper brand that’s been mentioned in some parenting groups.

Rascal + Friends has a soft 3D core for extra comfort and absorption and has a “pocket” to help prevent leakages and overflow. 

They are also great on sensitive skin!

Some parents say it’s super absorbent and the way the diaper is shaped can contain messes very well. 

Some also said their babies don’t get any irritation or rashes from using it.

Still, not all parents love them. Some say they leak horribly at night, their kid had a horrible rash, and they tend to sag when they have a lot of liquid in them.

For the most part, though, I can still see that it has a fairly decent rating, and a lot of parents still like and trust Rascal + Friends as a reliable overnight diaper.

What to Look for When Buying Overnight Diapers

Here’s what you should consider when choosing the best nighttime diapers for your baby.

  • Absorbency

Overnight diapers are built to be more absorbent than everyday diapers.

They’re designed to hold and absorb more liquid for a longer period so it’s ideal to get an overnight diaper.

But that doesn’t mean they’re leakproof as it will still depend on your baby’s age, how much of a heavy wetter they are, how much they move around at night, and so on.

  • Comfort and Fit 

Another important factor to consider is how comfortable and snug are the diapers for your little one.

They shouldn’t be causing any rashes or irritation and they must fit very well. 

As you don’t want anything leaking out of the diapers!

  • Price 

You also need to consider the cost of diapers.

The best overnight diapers might be extremely expensive so maybe pick the 2nd best one that’s within your budget.

Or try testing out a regular brand and if it works for nighttime, use that, instead of an overnight diaper!

Consider also an Amazon subscription, to save more on diapers.

Overnight Diaper Alternatives 

Check out some other options here if you’d like to explore something more than an overnight diaper:

Nora’s Nursery Cloth Pocket Diapers

ALVABABY Baby Cloth Diapers

Wegreeco Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers

Nighttime Diapering Tips and Tricks 

Frustrated about nighttime leakages from your little one? Check out some diapering hacks here to minimize or eliminate overnight leaks.

  • Go one size up

Most of the time, diaper leaks can be instantly solved by changing the size of your baby’s diaper. 

So when in doubt, when in between sizes and you’re noticing a lot of diaper leakages happening, go one size up.

  • Pull out leg ruffles

They help to keep diaper messes in so make sure they’re pulled out.

  • Use diaper liner pads

They can turn regular diapers into overnight diapers and overnight diapers into super, maximum, powered-up, nighttime diapers!

Try using Sposie pads or Dimples Booster Pads and see how it goes.

  • Put it on backward

If your baby is a stomach sleeper, try putting their diapers backward. 

So the front area that gets wetter, will get the more absorbent part of the diaper!

  • Use 2 diapers

If nothing seems to be working, try using an overnight diaper and then covering that with a regular diaper that’s one size bigger. 

So basically, you’re going to make your baby use 2 diapers at once.

FAQ on Most Absorbent Nighttime Diapers

What is the most absorbent nighttime diaper?

The most absorbent nighttime diaper is the Huggies Overnites. So far.
This is based on my research on various parenting groups, online forums, and recommendations from parenting experts and related websites.

Are nighttime diapers worth it?

Yes, nighttime diapers can be worth it, especially if your baby’s sleep keeps getting interrupted with nightly diaper changes and you’re tired of constantly changing your bedsheet and doing tons of laundry.

Should you size up for overnight diapers?

No, you shouldn’t go one size up for an overnight diaper. 
You should still look for a comfortable and snug overnight diaper for your little one that’s not too loose or too tight.

Are overnight diapers really worth it?

Yes, overnight diapers are really worth it as, if they work, they can save you tons of time, energy, and prevent you from getting frustrated from constantly changing your baby’s diapers overnight, changing their bed sheet, and doing a lot of laundry in the process.

Do babies sleep better in overnight diapers?

Babies do sleep better in overnight diapers. At least according to a lot of parents online and who I’ve talked to personally who’ve recommended overnight diapers!
It’s also based on my extensive research about various overnight diapers and what parents are saying about them. 

Best Overnight Diapers: Takeaway

Remember to try out any overnight diapers before buying them in bulk. 

You can actually get some free diapers if you contact major diaper manufacturers for a sample or see if they sell smaller packs in various online stores.

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