Best Overnight Diapers for Tummy Sleepers (And Side Sleepers!)

The best overnight diapers for tummy sleepers can become a sanity/ sleep saver.

It can make you less crazy from changing diapers and bed sheets often, giving you more time to rest and sleep at night.

It can also leave your baby happy and rash-free in the morning!

So in this article, I’ve done the hard work of combing through various parenting groups, forums, websites, and other related platforms and looking for the best diapers for belly sleepers.

Here you’ll find the most highly recommended and most mentioned overnight diapers for tummy sleepers, their pros, and cons, parent’s feedback, and more.

Most importantly, here you’ll see a whole list of advice, tips, and hacks on how to lessen or stop diaper leaks and messes from tummy sleepers and heavy wetters!

Let’s get started with the one that’s on everyone’s list.

I hope you’ll love the products we recommend! Just a quick note: if you click on a product link below and decide to buy it, we may earn a small commission.

6 Best Overnight Diapers for Tummy Sleepers

Huggies Overnites Diapers

This in general, is so far, the best overnight diaper for heavy wetters, tummy sleepers, and side sleepers.

It’s just the best there is, what I’ve seen, as it is always being mentioned and recommended by a lot of parents!

Huggies actually takes pride in it, marketing it as their most absorbent diaper. 

It has the popular “back poop catcher” feature and a DryTouch® Liner, which can keep your baby dry, preventing diaper rashes.

Most parents of tummy sleepers and side sleepers said that Huggies Overnites has been amazing so far and that their babies have been waking up dry and happy.

And if ever they do leak, it’s mostly because their kid had some extra milk in the middle of the night or that their little one is moving so much while sleeping.

For most nights though, Huggies Overnites has been so absorbent, according to most parents.

Some said that it still leaked and wasn’t the best for belly sleepers.

But in general, a lot of parents have been recommending this, together with Sposies, a diaper liner. 

This is a game changer for most as their kid can sleep straight through the night with no diaper change interruptions.

Target Up and Up Overnight

I was expecting Pampers Overnights to at least make it to the Top 2 list here but surprisingly, a lot more parents recommend Target’s Up and Up for tummy sleepers!

This has a SuperAbsorb™ channel feature that helps to keep your baby dry for up to 12 hours, plus an extra absorbent core that can help contain more liquid.

I’ve seen some advice from parents to position it a little higher up in front than the back, to make sure it absorbs well when your baby starts sleeping on their tummy.

Some parents are very happy with it, saying that it’s actually comparable to Huggies but at a more affordable price.

Others say that it can really hold a lot of liquid for 12 hours, without any diaper leaks or blowouts.

Although, some are not impressed with it, saying that it’s not as absorbent and some of the absorbent core was even coming out of its sides!

So there are some mixed reviews there for this diaper. It’s still worth checking out, especially if a significant number of parents have consistently been mentioning them as one of the best diapers for tummy sleepers.

Pampers Swaddlers Overnights

This has some mixed reviews from parents of tummy sleepers but it’s been recommended by those that well, worked for their baby!

I’ve also seen some advice to always position the diaper longer in front if your baby sleeps on their tummy.

And a few said to use one size bigger diaper, just for overnight. As that can apparently, save you from the headache of diaper leaks and prevent diaper blowouts, especially for a baby who sleeps on their belly.

Pampers Swaddlers is also designed with extra absorbency and has other features such as Dual Leak-Guard Barriers, All Night Leak Protection, and LockAway Channels. 

These features are all intended to lock away the wetness from your baby and keep the mess from leaking out of the diaper.

But again, as mentioned, there are a lot of mixed reviews about Pampers Overnights for tummy sleepers.

But try adjusting it to be longer in front and add in a diaper liner, and see how it’ll work for your baby.

Rascal + Friends Premium Diapers

This New Zealand-developed diaper is also mentioned by some parents as the only diaper that can do a solid 12 hours for their tummy sleeper.

The brand is designed to have more padding in front and can really absorb tons of liquid. 

Parents are also saying that they’ve used one size bigger just for overnight use. 

They’ve also avoided diaper leakages by not giving water to their kids an hour before bedtime.

Rascal + Friends has also a “pocket” to absorb overflows and prevent leakages, and some parents are saying they are as absorbent as Huggies and Pampers.

It’s also quite large so it’s built for chunkier babies, it’s not meant as a diaper for skinny babies.

I’ve seen some negative reviews about it though, saying that they still leak, they tend to sag, and that it gave their baby a diaper rash.

It still has a fairly decent rating on Walmart though, so Rascal + Friends might be worth trying out.


This is also a popular recommendation for babies who sleep on their stomachs. 

It’s very expensive though, but I’ve read on their website that their absorbent core holds 70% more liquid!

Plus it can absorb 4x faster and dry 3x faster, which can help you in making sure that your baby stays dry and sleeps longer at night!

I’ve read some reviews from parents saying that they’ve used this for 12 to even 14 hours without any leaks, blowouts, or even a diaper rash.

I think 14 hours is pushing it but if that’s really true then this might be worth checking out!

Some also said it’s very thick and super soft and gentle -it’s like a premium version of Huggies or Pampers.

But of course, it might be a “boujie” diaper but it’s not a perfect one, as I can still see some complaints from parents about it leaking, causing rashes, and how ridiculously expensive it is, and such.

But if you have the budget and you’ve practically tried every diaper out there, this might be worth looking at.

Honest Overnight Diapers

This one has a lot of mixed feedback from parents.

Some said it’s a solid diaper that stops diaper leaks. 

That their baby can even go for 13 hours straight without any diaper changes.

That the diaper will feel very full in the morning but surprisingly, there are no messes, blowouts, not even a tiny leak.

It’s also one of those diapers that didn’t irritate their little ones, according to most parents.

But I’ve read other negative reviews too, with some parents saying it leaks horribly. 

Or that it runs smaller than other diapers, causing the liquid to leak out. 

Or that it can still cause a diaper rash, even though it’s hypoallergenic and is considered one of the best non toxic diapers out there!

Still, Honest Overnights might be worth checking out, especially if other diapers don’t seem to work on your baby.

Buying Guide for Best Overnight Diapers for Belly Sleepers

Here’s what you should consider when choosing the best bassinet for a small room:

  • Absorbency

Overnight diapers are more absorbent than regular diapers.

They are intended to store and absorb more liquid for a longer length of time, making them suitable for overnight use.

But it doesn’t imply they’re leakproof; it all depends on your baby’s age, how often they wet, how much they move around at night, and so on.

  • Size

Bigger diapers that can fit chunkier, bigger babies, seem to work better than regular-sized diapers, especially for overnight use.

So try using one size-up overnight diaper, instead of getting the regular-sized one, for nighttime use at least.

  • Comfort and Fit 

Another key element to consider is how comfy and tight your baby’s diapers are.

They should not cause any rashes or irritation and should fit well. 

Because you don’t want anything to leak from the diapers!

  • Price 

You should also consider the expense of diapers.

The top best nighttime diapers may be ridiculously expensive, so choose the second-best one that fits within your budget.

Alternatively, try a standard brand and see if it works for nightly usage instead of an overnight diaper!

Consider also an Amazon subscription, to save more on diapers.

FAQ: Best Nighttime Diapers for Tummy Sleepers

What diapers are best for stomach sleepers?

The diapers that are best for stomach sleepers are overnight diapers, namely Huggies Overnites, Target Up and Up Overnight, and Pampers Swaddlers Overnights

How do you stop a diaper from leaking in a tummy sleeper?

You can stop a diaper from leaking in a tummy sleeper by positioning it higher in the front, adding a diaper liner inside the diaper, letting your baby wear 2 diapers (one regular size in and one bigger size out), or folding the front of the diaper inside by just a tiny bit.

What is the most absorbent nighttime diaper?

The most absorbent nighttime diaper is Huggies Overnites, according to most parents from various groups, forums, and websites.

Other ones that are not as popular or widely known but can be worth trying out are Coterie and Rascal + Friends.

Should you size up in overnight diapers?

Yes, you should size up in overnight diapers IF the regular-sized overnight diapers don’t seem to work well on your baby.

I’ve read a lot of parents recommending using one size-up overnight diapers, as they tend to absorb better and can hold more liquid.

Are overnight diapers okay for the daytime?

Yes, overnight diapers are okay for daytime use. But take note that they tend to be more expensive than regular, daytime diapers. 

So if you’re on a budget, just stick to regular diapers and just change your baby regularly to avoid blowouts or leaks.

When should babies start wearing overnight diapers?

Babies can start wearing overnight diapers if you notice their regular daytime diapers can’t seem to absorb well at night.

Diapering Tips for Tummy Sleepers + Heavy Wetters

Here are a ton of diapering hacks I’ve gathered to lessen diaper leaks and blowouts for babies who are heavy wetters and tummy sleepers:

Pull it up in front

Position the diaper a little bit higher in the front, so it can absorb more when your baby sleeps on their tummy.

Always use diaper liners

This is the most highly recommended advice for heavy wetters – use a diaper liner. Check out Sposie pads or Dimples Booster Pads.

Wear it backwards

If you have a tummy sleeper, put the diaper backward on them, as the back tends to be longer than the front and can absorb more wetness.

Size up

This is also common advice from a lot of parents. They’ve noticed using one size-up overnight diaper, one that’s one size bigger than the daytime diapers, tends to work better in absorbing a lot of liquid from tummy sleepers.

Use 2 diapers

  • Use an overnight diaper then put another regular diaper on top. 
  • Or use a regular diaper first then an overnight diaper on top.
  • Or if you have the budget, use 2 overnight diapers on your baby.
  • Or use an overnight diaper first, then a swim diaper on top!

One mom shared that she used a small diaper, the ones that her kid grew out of, folded it inside out, then placed it into the outside diaper, like a pad. Genius! 

Add a cloth diaper or diaper cover

You can also use an overnight diaper and then add a cloth diaper, instead of another disposable diaper.

You can also try using a cloth diaper cover.

Use 2 diapers but facing different ways

Use 2 diapers on your baby BUT put the 1st diaper backward.

Fold the diaper inside

Just fold the front of the diaper a tiny bit inwards, so it can catch messes or leaks.

Use “diapers for boys”

Nappies designed for boys tend to be more absorbent in front so that might work for your tummy sleeper!

Cut water

Don’t let your kid drink water or milk an hour before bedtime. 

I know it can be challenging but if they’re old enough, try out these bottle-weaning tips to make it less stressful for your little one.

Change diapers in the middle of the night

If you’ve practically tried everything and every diaper out there and nothing works, then just change your little one’s diapers in the middle of the night.

Just don’t make eye contact, don’t talk or sing to them, don’t turn on the lights, use the night light.

And do it quickly and efficiently.

Go to the doctor

One mom shared that she had her baby checked and at 17 months, they found out that their baby had diabetes.

So not to scare you or anything but have your baby checked just to make sure that everything’s okay.

Best Overnight Diapers for Tummy Sleepers: Takeaway

Huggies Overnites seems to be the best nighttime diaper out there.

But as always, try it out first before purchasing in bulk.

Contact big diaper manufacturers for a free diaper sample. Or see if other websites sell smaller packs.

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