The Best and Safest Heaters for a Baby’s Room

This is a guest post by Rachel Hudson.

Thinking about what type of heater is the best for a baby’s room? Discover the answer in this post! Here, we’ve consolidated everything you need to know about heaters, their types, and their features. Keep reading to get the safest option for your kid’s room!

If the central heating system doesn’t do the job well during cold winter months, many of us consider buying a space heater to keep the right room temperature – between 68° and 72° F. And it works well in our living rooms or offices. But it becomes a huge problem when we need to buy a warmer for the baby’s nursery! Is a room heater safe for babies? This is the first question every parent asks when there is a need for such equipment. Well, we’ve got bittersweet news for you. Let’s start with the bad thing: according to the National Fire Protection Association, using stationary and portable space heaters is a leading cause of fires in U.S. homes. Now for the good news! Modern manufacturers make heaters safer than ever! Today’s safe electric heater for a baby’s room utilizes high-quality materials, is guarded against objects touching the heating element, features a thermostat and tip-over protection. However, you’ll still need to exercise extreme caution with any, even the safest heating equipment in the baby’s nursery!

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at all types of heaters available on the market, consider their pros & cons and find out which one is the safest for your little one’s room. Keep reading!

Types of Heaters: Which One to Choose for Baby’s Room?

The market offers a wide range of heaters – there are different types, designs, sizes, etc. Anyone will feel confused and overwhelmed! Don’t panic! Here are the best types of heaters for kids’ rooms.

Convection Heaters

Convections heaters or convector heaters are kings of the room-heating world! They feature internal elements that warm up when the device is switched on. Those elements become hot quickly and heat circulating air, the hot air lifts up and spreads out around the room. Convection heaters often feature coil elements, however, newer models have resin-treated aluminum elements that prevent air from drying out, making this type good for bedrooms.  


  • Convections heaters quickly heat up in the enclosed space
  • They distribute heat evenly
  • These heaters are user-friendly
  • They are silent
  • Up-to-date models have a digital thermostat and thermal shutoff


  • They are hot to touch, however, newer models feature lower surface temperature
  • These heaters cool down fast
  • They can overheat the room if the fan and/or thermostat fail
  • Allergens and dust can accumulate and spread through the fan
  • They are not energy efficient.

Is a convection heater suitable for the baby room?

Standard convection heaters are a big no-no for infants who are crawling or walking! This equipment can cause serious injuries if the kid touches it. In addition, a curious baby can knock it over which may result in fire or heater damage.

Although a convection floor heater is not the safest option for a baby room, you can use it if you’re sure your baby won’t touch it and the device has all the necessary safety features (thermostat, thermal shutoff, etc).

Oil-filled Heaters

Oil-filled heaters emit heat by utilizing electrical elements immersed in the thermal oil, the oil is used as a buffer or reservoir. The heater operates by transferring the heat from the electrical elements to the oil, then from the oil to the metal walls. When the warmer’s body is hot, it distributes the heat in the room.  


● If you are looking for an energy-efficient heater for a baby room, an oil-filled model may be the right choice for you. That’s because this type stays warm for an extended period of time even when turned off.

●    No need tore place oil

● Oil-filled devices do not dry the air

● Modern models are not hot to touch, hence safe for babies

● Top-notch radiators can boast a thermal shut-off, thermostat, and fan.

●    They are quiet. 


● Oil-filled heaters take a long time to warm up

● They can be expensive

● These models are usually bulky

Is an oil column heater suitable for a baby room?

An oil-filled radiator is the best option if you are looking for a room heater for a newborn baby since it’ll keep the space warm for a more extended period of time. On the other hand, a toddler can knock this model over, which is dangerous as you understand. 

Ceramic Heaters

This type is very popular due to its versatility and compact design. It’s manufactured with ceramic slabs fastened to the metal reel. Ceramic models heat the space up very quickly. How does it work? Ceramic slabs get hot and the heat spreads out in the room. If you decide to buy a ceramic heater, make sure it includes a fan that provides better heat distribution. Modern models can also boast remote control, multiple fan settings, and a digital thermostat. 


  • Ceramic heaters feature instant heat
  • They are lightweight and compact
  • The surface doesn’t get too hot
  • Top-notch warmers include a thermostat 


  • Ceramic heaters can’t heat up large rooms
  • Heat spread can be closed off by larger objects
  • The fan produces noise
  • This type of heater has to operate consistently to produce heat.

Is a ceramic heater suitable for the baby’s room?

A ceramic warmer might be the safest heater for the baby room. However, do make sure that your model has the following characteristics: a cool-touch surface, thermostat, and automatic shut-off system. A ceramic model is also a perfect option when you need to warm up a room quickly, for example, you’re going to bathe your little one or want to change his/her clothes.   

Infrared Heating Panels

Such models are still a new but great addition to the U.S. market. However, they’re skyrocketing in popularity and are considered a highly efficient, effective, and healthy way to warm up space. But what is infrared heat? It’s a form of light that utilizes an electromagnetic spectrum between microwaves and visible light. Actually, infrared is the same type of heat emitted by the sun but it doesn’t contain harmful UV light. An infrared heating panel directly heats up the things and people in the room rather than heating the environment. 


  • An infrared heating panel can be mounted on the wall
  • It’s energy-efficient
  • It’s quiet
  • This heater can operate without fear of fire
  • It looks modern and stylish
  • This type heats up quickly 


● An infrared heating panel may not have a fan and controls

● It may not produce much heat

● The surface is too hot to touch

Is an infrared panel heater suitable for a baby room?

If you are looking for a wall heater for a baby room, an infrared panel warmer might be a good option for you. However, you should always remember that the surface of this model is too hot, making it hazardous even for older children, let alone toddlers. So, make sure you mount the heater high enough.

safe heater for baby room_1

What Features to Look for in Heaters for Baby Room?

If you’ve already identified what type of heater you need, go down the following checklist to ensure the unit has all the necessary characteristics. It’ll protect you and your baby from fire and burns.

●            The automatic shut-off feature is vital. If the heater is knocked over, it will automatically shut down.

●            Your heater should have a sturdy base and tip-over protection, this will prevent fire accidents. 

●            Opt for the best temperature-controlled heater for the baby room, this way the device won’t overheat and will keep the space temperature on the required level.

●            The warmer must have a timer and switch off automatically. You’ll be able to set the unit up, leave it to operate, and rest assured knowing that it’s totally safe.

●            Make sure the surface of the warmer always stays cool, even when it’s operating. Otherwise, your kid can end up with injuries.

●            The plates must be closed. If the plates are wide, curious kids can stick their little fingers between them.

●            The electric cord has to be sturdy and long enough for your convenience.


Buying the best heater for the baby room with a thermostat and other mentioned above features will ensure your little one stays warm, comfortable, cozy, and, of course, safe. So, prior to shopping around, do run a background check on brands, read customer reports, product reviews, and remember our recommendations. This way, you’ll rest assured you purchase the best unit for your baby.

Author’s Bio: Rachel Hudson is a mom of 2 adorable kids. Now Rachel writes about children’s development and parenting styles. She enjoys gardening and cooking with her kids. Rachel’s favorite quote is “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”.