52 Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids

Is your kid like my kid – hates staying indoors, loves bikes, scooters and climbing in the playground, and can play outside for hours?

If yes and and their birthday is coming up, and assuming you’re looking for the best gifts for outdoorsy kids, then you’re in luck my friend! 😄 I have a list here of gifts for all sorts and ages of hyper, active outdoorsy children.

But first, do you know what type of outdoorsy kid do you have?

Types of Outdoorsy Kids

Identify first what type of an ourdoorsy adventurer is your kid so you can pick the best gift for them:

  1. Nature Explorers: These kids love to observe wildlife, identify plants, and discover hidden treasures in the wilderness.
  2. Adrenaline Junkies: Thrill-seekers who enjoy activities like rock climbing, biking, zip-lining, and kayaking.
  3. Water Babies: Kids who are drawn to water-based activities such as swimming, snorkeling, surfing, or simply splashing around in lakes, rivers, or the ocean.
  4. Campfire Enthusiasts: Kids who revel in the cozy ambiance of campfires, roasting marshmallows, and telling stories under the stars.
  5. Creative Adventurers: Children who enjoy using their imagination outdoors, whether through building forts, painting landscapes, or crafting with natural materials.
  6. Trailblazers: Adventurous kids who thrive on exploring new hiking trails, conquering challenging terrain, and embarking on long-distance treks.
  7. Animal Lovers: These kids have a deep affinity for animals and enjoy activities such as taking care of butterflies, visiting the zoo, or stopping frequently at animal shops and shelters.
  8. Stargazers: Children who are fascinated by astronomy and love spending time outdoors observing the night sky, identifying constellations, and learning about celestial bodies.
  9. Eco Warriors: Environmental enthusiasts who like participating in eco-friendly outdoor activities like beach cleanups, tree planting, and gardening.

Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids

For Nature Explorers (Ages 4-10):

  1. Bug Catcher Set: Provide them with a bug catcher set including a magnifying glass, bug container, and tweezers for safe insect observation.
  2. Butterfly Kit: Let them take care of butterlies and learn how it transforms, life cycle and such.
  3. Bird Feeder Kit: This encourages kids to attract and observe birds in their backyard while learning about the life of birds and how to care for them.
  4. Binoculars for Kids: Provide them with lightweight and durable binoculars designed for small hands, perfect for birdwatching and wildlife spotting.
  5. Mud Kitchen: This gift encourages imaginative outdoor play and sensory exploration, making it perfect for nature explorers and creative adventurers as well

For Adrenaline Junkies (Ages 3-12):

  1. Bike or Scooter: Provide them with thrilling rides and outdoor adventures.
  2. Small Slide: Perfect for active play, suitable for backyard fun and exploration.
  3. Trampoline: Exciting for kids who love high-energy outdoor play.
  4. Swing Set: Encourages active play and coordination skills.
  5. Climbing Dome: Offers climbing challenges and outdoor exploration
  6. Junior Climbing Kit: Introduce them to rock climbing with a junior climbing harness and climbing holds for practicing on a backyard wall or playground.
  7. Outdoor Obstacle Course Kit: Create an outdoor obstacle course using items like cones, ropes, and balance beams for fun and active play.
  8. Basketball Hoop: Promotes active play and skill development, perfect for kids to practice shooting hoops and playing games with friends.
  9. Kickball: Encourages outdoor sportsmanship and teamwork, providing a fun and active game for kids to enjoy in the backyard or park.

For Water Babies (Ages 3 and Above- Younger kids need supervision)

  1. Beach Day Essentials Kit: Create a beach day essentials kit with items like a beach towel, sunscreen, beach toys, and a beach umbrella for fun-filled days by the water.
  2. Water Play Table: Provides hours of splashing fun for young children, encouraging sensory exploration and water-based play.
  3. Blow Up Pool: Offers a refreshing escape from the summer heat, perfect for water-loving kids to splash and play in the backyard.
  4. Snorkeling Gear: Gift them a set of snorkeling gear including a mask, snorkel, and fins for exploring underwater ecosystems.
  5. Waterproof Camera: Provide them with a waterproof camera or action camera for capturing their aquatic adventures both above and below the surface.

For Campfire Enthusiasts (Ages 5-12):

  1. Kid-Sized Camping Tent: Provide them with a child-sized camping tent for backyard sleepovers or camping adventures with family.
  2. Campfire Toy Set for Kids: Let them play camp outside, supervised, with these pretend cooking set featuring kid-friendly utensils and cookware!
  3. Campfire Storytelling Cards: Inspire their imagination with a set of campfire storytelling cards featuring prompts and ideas for creating their own stories.

For Creative Adventurers (Ages 4-10):

  1. Sandbox: Inspires imaginative play and sensory exploration, providing a space for kids to build, dig, and create.
  2. Toy Lawnmower: Encourages pretend play and outdoor exploration, allowing kids to mimic grown-up activities in the backyard.
  3. Outdoor Tractors: Provides opportunities for imaginative outdoor play, perfect for kids who love role-playing as farmers or construction workers.
  4. Electric Cars: Offers exciting rides and pretend play adventures, allowing kids to cruise around the yard in their own vehicle.
  5. Bubble Machine: Adds a touch of magic to outdoor play, creating a flurry of bubbles for kids to chase and pop.
  6. Chalks: Inspires creativity and artistic expression, allowing kids to decorate sidewalks and driveways with colorful drawings and designs.
  7. Soft Frisbees: Promotes outdoor fun and active play, perfect for kids to toss and catch while enjoying the fresh air.
  8. Nerf Guns: Encourages outdoor games and imaginative play, providing hours of fun and excitement for kids to engage in friendly battles and adventures.

For Trailblazers (Ages 8-14):

  1. Kid-Friendly Binoculars: Gift them with binoculars for navigating and spotting wildlife on outdoor adventures.
  2. National Park Pass: Provide them with an annual pass to national parks, allowing them unlimited access to explore new trails and landscapes.
  3. Junior Hiking Backpack: Equip them with a junior hiking backpack featuring padded straps and multiple compartments for carrying snacks, water, and gear.
  4. Nature-Themed Treasure Hunt: Organize a nature-themed treasure hunt with clues and hidden treasures along hiking trails or in local parks.

For Animal Lovers: (Ages 5-12)

  1. Wildlife Observation Kit: Equip them with binoculars, a field guide, and a notebook for documenting their animal sightings.
  2. Animal Tracking Field Trip: Gift them a guided tour or field trip to a wildlife sanctuary or nature reserve where they can observe animals in their natural habitat.
  3. Junior Birdwatching Set: Provide them with a birdwatching kit including a bird feeder, bird identification book, and a pair of binoculars.
  4. Animal Adoption Program: Introduc them to animal adoption program where they can symbolically adopt and support their favorite species, receiving updates and photos of the animal they help protect.
  5. Animal-themed Books: Inspire their love for animals with a collection of wildlife books, featuring stories and facts about their favorite creatures.

For Stargazers (Ages 3 and Above- Younger kids need supervision)

  1. Starry Night Projector: Create a magical indoor stargazing experience with a starry night projector that projects constellations onto their bedroom ceiling.
  2. Constellation Stars: Create glow-in-the-dark constellation for identifying stars and constellations.
  3. Telescope: Gift them a beginner-friendly telescope for exploring the wonders of the night sky from their backyard.
  4. Stargazing Camping Trip: Plan a camping trip to a dark sky reserve or remote location where they can stargaze without light pollution.
  5. Astronomy Magazine Subscription: Fuel their passion for astronomy with a subscription to an astronomy magazine featuring articles, photographs, and sky maps.

For Eco Warriors (Ages 3 and Above- Younger kids need supervision)

  1. Planting Kit: A kit containing seeds, biodegradable pots, soil, and instructions for planting their own garden. This allows kids to learn about plants and gardening while promoting eco-conscious practices.
  2. Tree Planting Experience: Arrange a tree planting experience or volunteer opportunity with local conservation organizations to contribute to reforestation efforts in their community.
  3. Nature-themed Books: Books about environmental conservation, wildlife protection, and sustainability, with engaging illustrations and age-appropriate stories to inspire young Eco Warriors.

Tips When Giving Outdoor Gifts to Active Kids

  1. Personalize Gifts: Tailor gifts to the child’s interests and preferences, whether they prefer wildlife spotting, camping, or creative outdoor activities.
  2. Consider Safety: Prioritize safety when choosing gifts, ensuring they are age-appropriate and meet safety standards.
  3. Quality Over Quantity: Invest in durable, high-quality gear that will withstand outdoor adventures and provide long-lasting enjoyment.

Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids: Takeaway

Your kids can have a combination of these types of outdoorsy personalities and that’s okay – that just makes it more fun to pick a gift for them! So observe again your kid and browse through this list and see which outdoor gift suits them best.