Best Blackout Curtains For Nursery To Help Your Baby Sleep Better

We recommend the Nicetown 100% Blackout Window Curtain as the best blackout curtains for nursery. If you’re looking for other options, read up more below.

I hope you’ll love the products we recommend! Just a quick note: if you click on a product link below and decide to buy it, we may earn a small commission.

I’m a big believer in sleeping in a completely dark room. That’s the only way to settle my kid who’s hyperactive and has a hard time napping and sleeping at night quickly.

Aside from turning on the AC, playing some white noise, AC and no special bedroom lamps or nightlights, I always have the curtain blinds down, making the room dark enough. There’s some light peeking from the sides, but so far, it’s been really effective in keeping the room mostly dark.

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If you have a kid who’s also not too crazy about sleeping in a semi-bright room, consider getting one of the blackout curtains below. 

I hope you’ll love the products we recommend! Just a quick note: if you click on a product link below and decide to buy it, we may earn a small commission.

Best Blackout Curtains For Your Nursery

NICETOWN High-End Thermal Curtains, Full Blackout Curtains


A bit on the higher-end option, this Nicetown makes up for its price by providing a solid panel of a total 100% blackout curtains.


It’s available in 15 classic colors that would surely match any room, whether it maybe for the living room or for your baby’s nursery. 

It’s ready-made and comes in 2 panels per package.

Parents are raving about how effective it is in blocking out the light without sacrificing the curtain color that they want, as most prefer a lighter color for their baby’s nursery or kid’s room.


It comes in sizes ranging from 42″ W x 63″ L up to 70″ W x 108″ L.

Blackout Performance

It comes with a black back liner and is a double-layer fabric, improving its blackout performance.

So even if you get the white curtain, its sewn-in black lining will still give you the same pitch dark room effect

It’s perfect for families who live in a busy street with shops open 24/7 or for those who live at the edge of the timezones, where the sun is still bright and up even at 10pm.

It also comes with triple weave technology that insulates your house from winter and from smoldering heat in the summer.

It helps in reducing the noise, muffling the sounds, especially if you live in a busy street or a noisy neighborhood.


It’s quite heavy-duty and can withstand years of use and just needs the occasional machine washing and ironing.


• Some say that the grommet top looks quite cheap

• Also, some customers complained of its large curtain rod hole, making it possible for light to filter through.

NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains


If you want an affordable Nicetown curtain, then this one would suit your needs. It includes 2 curtains (without the liner) that are heavy yet soft to the touch.


It comes in amazing 24 elegant colors but we highly recommend you choose darker tones, such as black, brown or gray to achieve the right amount of room darkening or blackout. 

They look great and elegant in any nursery room though and their wide variety of colors will


These are super easy to install and come in ready-made with a grommet top, with sizes varying from 29″ W x 45″L to 55″ W x 68″ L and can fit in standard curtain rods. 

Blackout Performance

Their heavy microfiber curtains are interwoven with advanced weave technology, with the grey color providing you 90% blackout shading performance.

Granted that it’s not 100%, to the point that you can’t see your hand when you put it in front of your face but most customers are quite happy with it. Some said that the ony light that peaks out is from the side of the curtain. Their room is dark enough to confuse 

Its triple weave fabric technology also provides insulation against the cold, especially during the winter months, and can also prevent your home from overheating in the summer.

It also reduces noise and is great for darkening a room for watching a movie for a more cinematic experience.

Parents are raving about how effective this curtain is for keeping the room dark, even if it’s not 100% blackout dark.

It’s dark enough to make and keep their kid asleep, even if you live in a country where it’s still bright even at 10pm or if there are shops or establishments with crazy, bright lights that faces your kid’s window.


It’s made to last for years, given the proper maintenance. Just pop it in the washing machine, do the occasional quick ironing or steam cleaning when needed. 

Others have mentioned having animals in their home and how easy it still was to clean these curtains as no hair sticks to it.


• This doesn’t come with a backing or coating so it can only give you 85% to 90% darkness quality.

• Lighter shades might also give less room darkening shading, with a slight glow coming from the curtain.

Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtains


It’s quite affordable as you truly get a 100% blackout experience.


It comes in a wide variety of stylish colors and patterns, and also includes 2 Velcro ties for pulling back the curtains.


These curtains come in different sizes for various window types, from 42″ x 63″ up to 52″ x 96″. You can choose either a grommet top or rod pocket curtain heading, which can fit any standard or decorative rod. 

Blackout Performance

Just like the Nicetown curtains, it features a triple weave fabric technology, totally blocking out the sunlight and creating an energy-saving barrier against the heat and cold. 

Some sunlight can peek in from the top or side of the curtain though, but it’s not really much of a nuisance.

It also reduces outside noise, a helpful feature when you live in a busy street.

It can make bedrooms exceptionally dark, which can help the baby have a restful sleep. It also promotes a better sleeping condition for those who are sensitive to light or are night shift workers.


It’s machine washable.


• Some say the fabric gets wrinkly and creases so bad.

• Others have also complained of how very cheap it looks and its low quality material.

• Some also mentioned that the rod pocket option is also hard to slide and install on a rod.

Deconovo Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Blackout Grommet Window Curtain 


This doesn’t come cheap as it only comes in one panel per package but you can test it out at first and buy the rest later if it offers the kind of blackout or pitch black darkness you want in your room.


Each panel comes with 6 silver color grommets. The fabric is silky soft and very drapery, suitable for living rooms and bedrooms.

The Deconovo curtains offer several classy colors, ranging from light ones to dark colors, providing more options to complement your decor. 

They recommend getting a darker color, for a more effective blackout performance.


It’s available in 5 sizes, starting from 42″ X 63″ up to 42″ X 120″.

Blackout Performance

There are mixed reviews about its blackout effectiveness. Some parents swear that it really blacks out the entire room of their kid while some said that it darkens the room by 80% to 90%.

Its thermal insulated/ energy saving curtains are also efficient in keeping both the heat and cold out of the room.


It’s machine washable.


• Some users have complained that it’s not really a blackout curtain and only offers 80% to 90% blackout.

• It comes only in one panel which throws off customers as most are expecting that it comes in 2 panels.

Amazon Basics Portable Baby-Kids Travel Window Blackout Curtain 


It’s value for money, especially if your family travels a lot or you always visit family every weekend and your baby just won’t sleep in a room that isn’t pitch black.


It comes in a cute moon and stars design with a black background. This can’t be mounted on a curtain rod but it does have suction cups and velcro for attaching on windows of any size.


It only comes in 50 in W x 78 L but it can fit any window size because of its velcro edges, allowing it to be adjusted. It’s a lightweight and portable curtain that comes with its own bag, perfect for packing and traveling.

Blackout Performance

If you have a baby or a kid used to sleeping with blackout curtains at home, then this a must to have, for every time you have to travel, especially if you’re going to let your kids sleep in a bright room.

It’s quite effective in blocking out the sunlight and its harmful UV rays, enough to also insulate against the heat and cold. It can help keep a room cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

It also helps in reducing the noise from the street, a helpful factor in ensuring that your baby or kid has an uninterrupted nap time.


It’s machine washable but it’s not advisable to bleach, iron or dry clean it, as it might shrink or worse, because of its synthetic fabric – made of 100% polyester material.


• It only comes in one design.

• Some customers have complained about its weak suction cups, that just won’t do the job.

Gro Company Gro-Anywhere Blind Stars & Moons

best blackout curtains for nursery
From website


Some parents have high praises for the price and quality of this curtain, as not only does it make a room pitch black, it’s so cheap, compared to getting and fitting actual blackout blinds.

Some have gotten these for their whole apartment instead of getting blackout blinds for $400!


It kinda looks like the AmazonBasics Portable Baby Curtains, with its stars and moon pattern.


It measures 54.33″ L x 0.51″ W x 77.95″ H but worry not as it comes with suction cups and velcro, making it adjustable to fit a window up to a maximum size of 130 cm by 198 cm.

When folded, some customers said it’s about 1 ft x 1 ft by 6in or about the size of an iPad by thicker.

It comes with a handy travel bag, making it convenient for packing and travel.

Blackout Performance

It can completely block out the sun and make a room totally dark.

Some parents even prefer this over their expensive and thick curtains as it really does the trick and helps their kids sleep full, long hours.

This is so helpful when your kids are used to sleeping with a blackout curtain and you’re on vacation or visiting family and friends.


It’s machine washable but not advisable to tumble dry or iron.


• Some users complained that the suctions cups don’t last long or don’t work at all, especially on plastic frames or window seals.

• It’s also available in one pattern.

You can also find blackout curtains in Target and Etsy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get black out curtains for nursery?

If you live in a busy street, on a lively neighborhood with crazy bright lights or you’re on time zone where the sun is still up at 10pm, then a big YES, you should get a blackout curtain for your nursery.

For those that live in a less intense timezone or neighborhood, it’s not a must-have newborn essential but it’s nice to have for it’s added sleeping benefits for your family.

Benefits of blackout curtains for nursery

Helps babies/ kids sleep better

Blackout curtains help promote better sleeping conditions for your baby or kid. A dark room promotes the release of melatonin, a hormone crucial for helping the body to settle and get ready for sleep and for keeping babies asleep for a longer time.

• Helps room temperature

The best blackout curtains for nursery also offer insulation against the heat and the cold, keeping a room cool during the withering summer and warm during the winter.

• Saves energy

It also helps in lowering your electricity bills. The most effective and best blackout curtains can trap heat during the winter and they can keep it out during the summer, reducing your utility bills.

• Reduces noise

It also helps to lower or muffle the noise levels outside so your kid gets some uninterrupted sleep. Super helpful especially if you live near a road or a busy street.

How do you choose the best blackout curtains for nursery?

• Blackout Performance

Not all blackout curtains can do what it claims to offer. Some can only offer 80% to 90% darkness, others can live up to its brand of making a room pitch dark.

It depends on your expectations and tolerance for a dark room. Some people want a 100% blackout effect while others prefer to have some natural light peeking in.

You might want to be able to see a little bit in the dark (especially if you’re changing diapers at night and you don’t want to turn on any light, at all) so opting for a curtain that might not offer a total blackout experience might not be so bad at all.

• Fabric

Check the material if it comes with foam layer backing or heat reflective silver backing, as these can help block more light and help you save on electricity bill because it can insulate against the cold in the winter and the heat in the summer.

Check also if these features are sewn into the fabric, making it invisible, so it makes for a better looking blackout curtain.

Consider also how easy it is to maintain. Is it machine washable, does it get wrinkly easily, do you need to iron it, can hair easily accumulate on it?

Make sure to check also if the size can appropriately cover your window.

• Design

Some would recommend getting a darker color but the best blackout curtains for nursery can also come in lighter colors but still have the same effect in making a room pitch black.

Consider also the curtain header styles. Most of the best blackout curtains for nursery here come with grommet tops – those with a round metallic opening, that are easy and simple to install. 

The portable ones come with velcro and suction cups, which might not be as long lasting but it can do the trick of holding up the curtain, especially if you’re in a hotel or staying in another house.

• Budget

If you have the budget, go for a linen or cotton for a more high quality look and feel. But polyester and other synthetic materials are not a bad choice either, especially if they are well made.

• Safety

How secure and safe is the installation? Make sure to take note of this feature, so the curtain won’t fall and suffocate your baby or your toddler, especially if it’s quite thick and heavy.

Check also if the holdbacks or tiebacks are out of reach of children.


Some parents have mentioned not wanting any special sleeping arrangements, like a blackout curtain, for their kid’s room, so they won’t get used to it. I see their point, especially if they travel a lot and they don’t want the hassle of packing and putting up a blackout curtain everywhere they go.

I say, it depends on your family and on your kid. Everyone’s different and some might have already tried everything to settle their kid for naps or night time sleep but nothing seems to work.

If blackout curtains work for you, then go for it! It’s not a must-have or a nursery essential but it can certainly do wonders for your baby’s sleep.