Best Bassinets For Tall Beds (With Height Info)

Looking for an easier way to check and access your baby without having to get up from your tall bed?

Then you need a tall bassinet! One that you can place right beside your high bed.

It’s so convenient especially if you had a C-section and/or are breastfeeding, as you can:

  • Check your baby at an eye level
  • Scoop them up without standing up
  • Put them back in the bassinet without bending over

It’s also easier on your back, especially if you and your spouse are extremely tall.

So I have here a curated list of the best bassinets for tall beds that have:

  • high ratings from parents
  • have adjustable height frames and most importantly,
  • information on bed heights that they can accommodate

So you can quickly check if these bassinets can really suit your tall bed!

But first, let’s figure out first how tall is a tall bed.

I hope you’ll love the products we recommend! Just a quick note: if you click on a product link below and decide to buy it, we may earn a small commission.

In a hurry? We recommend..

The Halo bassinet, as recommended by other parents and for having the tallest height settings.

The besrey Bedside Bassinet for its positive ratings and extra features.

The Arm’s Reach The Versatile Co-Sleeper for its multiple height settings, retractable feet, and extra features.

How Tall is a Tall Bed?

The average bed height ranges from 18″ to 24″ off the floor.

If yours is from 25″ to 36″ high, then that’s considered a tall bed.

So you have to look for a bassinet that can be adjusted as high as possible, so you’ll be comfortable while taking care of your baby.

Do You Really Need a Tall Bassinet?

Just imagine, bending over multiple times in a day, to scoop up and put back your little one in the bassinet. Your arms and back will definitely ache.

Especially if you’re taller than the average!

If you’re a mom reading this, imagine also that you had a C-section. 

And or you wanted to breastfeed.

You don’t want to keep standing up to bend over and get your little one from their low, short bassinet or crib, don’t you?

A bedside bassinet that’s high enough would make a whole lot of difference to your comfort.

No need to get up from your bed, to groggily bend over and reach for your baby. 

If you have a tall bedside bassinet, you can just scoop them up and put them back in!

And that’s why you need one.

Now let’s do a quick comparison below of the tall bassinets listed here.

Best Bassinets for Tall Beds: Comparison Table

This is best viewed on a desktop. Here’s a quick comparison guide on the best tall bassinets.

FeaturesHALObesreyArm’s Reach The VersatileMilliardGraco® DreamMore™
Bed Height24”–34”32″20” to 30”23”-31”23.5″-32.5″
Adjustable Height SettingsAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Retractable FeetNot availableAvailableAvailableNot availableNot available
StorageAvailableAvailableNot availableAvailableNot available
Extra FeaturesCan easily lower walls, has 3 tall modelsWheels, canopy, mosquito net, carrying caseLeg extentions, music box, mobileWheels, carrying caseCan be swayed

Below is a more detailed info on said tall bedside bassinets.

Best Tall Bedside Bassinets

Halo Bassinet

The Halo is a popular bedside bassinet that has an adjustable height frame which can accommodate a tall bed. 

Just take note though that not all types of Halo Bassinests can go as high as you’d like.

The ones that can be used with beds from 24”–34” (60-86 cm) in height are the following:

They all have a wide footprint and the same breathable mesh walls that can easily be lowered down so you can quickly reach for your baby.

And most importantly, all of these 3 can be used with beds from 24”–34” (60-86 cm) in height with only 2” (5 cm) clearance from the floor required.

Except for platform beds, that is.

Some towering parents (think 6 feet wife and 7 feet hubby) shared that they had back issues and were always struggling to find gears that were compatible with their height.

With the Halo bassinet, they never had any problem with how high it can go!

So that’s how tall it is.

Anyway, here are some differences between these 3 Halo bassinests:

FeaturesHALO BassiNest Glide SleeperHALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper, Premiere SeriesHALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper, Luxe Series
MovementGlides across the floorSwivels towards bed Swivels towards bed
Soothing MotionsNot availableIncludes 4 soothing sounds, 2 vibration levels, and nightlightsNot available
Detachable BedNoNoYes
Storage PocketAvailableAvailableAvailable

They’re amazing, popular bassinets but they’re not perfect.

Some parents still had some complaints about the slight tilt or how some tend to trip on its wide foot.

But if your priority is getting an extra tall bassinet, then you can’t go wrong with any of these Halo bassinet.

besrey Bedside Bassinet

Dimensions: 37 x 27 x 39 inches LWH

This one is not as popular as the Halo bassinet but it does have 9 adjustable height levels.

From floor to top of the bassinet, its height can be adjusted from 30.91″-39.37″. 

One parent shared that their bed was over 32″ tall and they had no issues with its height!

It also has retractable feet, so it can still stand beside a platform or box bed.

This besrey bedside bassinet can also be brought for travels and vacations. 

It comes with a carrying case and most parents said, it was easy to assemble and disassemble.

It also comes with a breathable mesh side, and a mosquito net, and best of all, it has a roomy storage space underneath. Some parents have even kept blankets in it!

It also has 360-Degree Casters wheels (with brakes) to make it easy to move the bassinet from one room to another.

Although there’s mixed feedback on its wheels. Some parents find it difficult to move on a carpeted area, they had to lift and carry the bassinet instead. 

While some said, it rolled smoothly on their carpet.

Overall, it’s a great bassinet with extra features you’ll surely love. Especially if you need extra storage space for your baby’s items.

Arm’s Reach The Versatile Co-Sleeper

best tall bassinets

Dimensions: 36 x 28.5 x 41.5 inches LWH

It’s not as popular as the other bassinets nor can it go as high, but the Arm’s Reach has tons of great features.

First off, everything’s written on their website.

I don’t have to research further or ask customer service to get the details that I need in a tall bassinet. 

And I mean, all its important details are listed, such as:

  • can fit adult bed mattresses with heights of 20” to 30”
  • height for available adjustment: 21″, 22″, 23″, 24″, 25″, 26″, 27″, 28″, 29″, 30″

Every effin’ height level is listed. Each one. In a clear, straightforward manner.

Second, you can buy separate leg extensions if you have a bed higher than 30″. Which is a winner in my book!

Third, its feet can go all the way under your bed OR it can retract, in case you have a platform bed!

It also has some soothing/ entertainment systems for your baby. 

It has a music box that plays 5 tunes, three nature sounds, one ocean sound, and one mother womb sound. Plus a mobile that has a plush hanging toy and color rings.

It also has a mesh side, is lightweight and works well for small spaces.

It does have some complaints though about its wheels and how it doesn’t roll well. 

But apart from that and some minor mobile issues (doesn’t rotate), it’s a pretty awesome bedside bassinet that can accommodate all types of beds.

Milliard Bedside Bassinet

Dimensions: 41″L x 27″W x 40″H

This also doesn’t go as tall as the Halo but the Milliard bedside bassinet can still accommodate bed heights that are 23”-31” high.

It has 3 adjustable height settings, plus a breathable mesh wall and some storage pockets to keep your baby’s essentials such as diapers, wet wipes, mittens, and more.

It’s also easy to assemble and travel-friendly. It even has a carry-case!

Although if you’re lacking in space, you may find the Milliard bassinet too big for your taste.

It’s so huge that it can’t even fit in a doorway! According to some parents, that is.

A few parents said it’s spacious enough to fit in a Dock-a-Tot! 

Although I would caution using a baby lounger in a bassinet, especially if you’re not going to fully supervise your little one.

It also comes with wheels so you can easily move it around the house. 

But some parents said it’s difficult to move it on the carpet and it has to be lifted. Others also mentioned that you may need to think twice about getting this if you need to move it daily, to get in and out of the bed.

If you don’t want it to move and jostle when you bump into it or when you’re getting your baby in and out, you need to anchor it to your bed using its strap.

Overall, most parents are happy with this tall bassinet.

Graco® DreamMore™ Bedside Bassinet

Dimensions: 29.3 x 35.6 x 46.3 inches LWH

If you want a tall bassinet that can be manually swayed so you can try to soothe your baby hands-free, then this might be the one you’re looking for.

This Graco bassinet can’t go as high as a Halo bassinet can, as it can only adjusts from 23.5″-32.5″ high.

But it does have 9 height adjustments, which is way more compared to other bassinets! This means it can also accommodate low beds.

Its legs can easily slide under the bed, to bring your baby closer.

And you can also remove the bassinet from the base and turn it into a baby lounger! This is helpful especially if you’re trying to figure out how to get anything done with a wailing newborn who needs to be with you 24/7. 

It seems perfect but it does have its flaws. 

One is that the swaying feature unlocks and locks from the back. 

So if you’re lying down and you want to sway your baby, you have to get up and unlock it. 

Not fun if you woke up in the middle of the night and your baby is wailing to be swayed and rocked.

Two, a few parents said the locking feature can be loud, which can wake up their baby.

Three, there’s no spare mattress. So you gotta make sure that its sheets are water-proof to the core, especially if you have a poopy baby who’s always having diaper explosions.

But if you got that mattress sheets covered and you have one that doesn’t make a loud noise when you lock or unlock the swaying feature, then this bassinet might work for you.

Buying Guide for Bassinet for Tall Bed

It’s not that much different from what to look for in a regular bassinet, but there are certain features you should prioritize when checking an extra tall one:

Adjustable Height Frame

This is a no-brainer and is a must. 

Look for one that can go as high as your bed, if possible.


Most come with straps that can be attached to the bed, to prevent it from being jostled too much or moved around. Especially if you have pets or younger children.

Test out the bed strap as well, if it’s secure enough to hold the bassinet on your bed.


Some tall bassinets may come with a slight tilt. 

It’s not really an issue until your newborn starts rolling and putting themselves in a risky position.

Then the usual features to also keep in mind when choosing an adjustable tall bedside bassinet are the following:


Check for the usual safety certificates, such as JPMA/ ASTM/ CPSC.

A must is having a flat, firm mattress, stable frame and a mesh wall, for your baby’s safety.

It’s ideal if the bassinet is non-toxic and has a Greenguard Gold certificate.

Size/ Portability/ Assembly

Consider its size and how it will fit in your room.

Think also about how you are going to use it. 

Is it only for the bedroom, or do you want to use it as a travel bassinet?

Can you bring it on a plane, car or just outdoors?

If so, how easy is it to take apart and put together?

Extra Features

You may want to consider a bassinet with soothing features. 

Especially if you have a baby that wants to be rocked and swayed to sleep.

So consider a bassinet with a vibration mode, or that automatically rocks or you can manually rock.

Or one that comes with some white noise and music.

Check also if they have other features such as some storage space, canopy, night light, etc.

FAQ on Bedside Bassinet for Tall Bed

How can I make a bassinet taller?

The only way to make a bassinet taller, safely, is for it to have leg extensions made for it. Like what the Arm’s Reach The Versatile Co-Sleeper has.
Other than that, it would be unsafe to do anything to the bassinet. 
As it might compromise its structure and could endanger your baby

What age is too big for a bassinet?

A baby who’s 3 to 6 months usually starts learning how to roll and put themselves in a sitting position. That’s the age that’s too big for a bassinet and should be transitioned to a crib.

Helpful Tips for Using Bedside Bassinets for Tall Beds

  • Check the return and refund policy

Always take note of this, especially if you didn’t have the time to check out personally the bassinet before buying it online.

  • Assemble and check asap

Once you get it, try to put it together as soon as possible, so you can check if it has any flaws or issues.

  • Test it thoroughly. 

Check to see if the frame is stable, is it durable, especially when strapped on your bed if your baby is rolling on one side every time when in the bassinet, etc.

Make sure also that there’s nothing poking or sticking out in the bassinet.

  • Accept the mattress

Bassinet mattresses are thin and hard and there’s a reason for that. 

You can read more info here but in short, it’s to ensure that your newborn doesn’t sink into it, and put themselves in a dangerous position.

You might find the bassinet mattress too firm and uncomfortable, but for a baby, it’s perfectly fine. The comfort level of a baby is also different from an adult. 

So I highly recommend just sticking to the provided mattress of the bassinet.

  • Get an extra waterproof mattress sheet

All parents would have to deal with vomits, spit-ups, and diaper blowouts. 

Related Article: Ultimate Diaper Blowout Hacks (27 Tips Every Parent Should Know!)

And it’s not fun dealing with it when it happens in the bassinet. 

Especially when it’s 3 am and you don’t have any extra sheets!

So always remember to buy extra waterproof sheets.

If possible, get also an extra bassinet mattress, if the current one needs an extreme clean-up.

Just to share, I have here several methods on how to clean a bassinet.

  • Check your cat

Don’t let your cat jump and sleep on the bassinet, even if you’re still pregnant. When the baby comes, they might accidentally suffocate your little one by sitting down on them!

Check out tips here on how to keep your cat out of the bassinet.

  • Manage your expectations about your baby’s sleep

The best bassinet can have the highest rating and most praises from parents. 

But that doesn’t mean that your baby would automatically feel comfy and sleep soundly in it!

So manage your expectations about your baby’s sleep.

And find some way to make your baby comfortable in the bassinet or try to help your newborn sleep in the bassinet.

Wrapping Up on The Best Bassinets For Tall Beds 

The Halo is quite popular and highly recommended by more experienced parents to new parents, who are looking for the best bassinets for tall beds. 

But if you don’t like the way it’s tilting at times, then check out other tall bassinets, like the besrey Bedside Bassinet and the Arm’s Reach The Versatile Co-Sleeper.

They might not be as well-known or as in-demand as the Halo bassinets but with their features and high ratings, they might work well for you.

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