Best Bassinet For Breastfeeding Moms [Comparison Review]

Nursing a very clingy newborn and dealing with cluster feedings, round-the-clock soothing and more, can tire out and frustrate overwhelmed first-time moms and even the most resilient of parents.

The best bassinet for breastfeeding then can give you that much-needed rest while still keeping your baby close for comfort and nursing. 

A breastfeeding bassinet that can easily be moved towards and away from the bed, and has mesh sides that can be lowered to effortlessly get your baby, is ideal to have.

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So if you’re looking for the best breastfeeding bassinet, then this article is for you. I’ve looked into dozens of breastfeeding bassinets and looked at reviews from various websites, forums, and parenting groups online to find the best bassinet for breastfeeding.

But first, let’s take a look at the features you should consider when looking for the best bedside bassinet for breastfeeding.

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In a Hurry? Here’s Our List for the Best Bassinet for Breastfeeding

Features To Consder for The Best Breastfeeding Bassinet


Consider the size of your bedroom or where you’d put the bassinet. As some can be quite huge and bulky, eg. the HALO which has a large footprint.

Will it fit in your room comfortably? Is there room under your bed to slide the base of the bassinet?

Is there enough space to move around the bassinet and still walk around the room without tripping over it?


The best bassinet for breastfeeding should be durable and sturdy enough that it won’t easily tip over or be knocked over.

And it goes without saying that it should be able to hold your baby’s weight.

A durable, high-quality breastfeeding bassinet can also last longer, which means you can use it for your next babies! Or even sell it at a great price.

Having a breathable, mesh side is also a must, so you can quickly check on your baby without having to lean over their bassinet.


A bedside co sleeper bassinet for breastfeeding that can be adjusted according to your bed’s height is a requirement to have.

So even if you have a low or tall bed, you can still reach easily for your baby without having to stand and bend over.

It should also have the option of attaching it to your bed securely.

A mesh side that can be easily lowered by folding it, zippering it, or just putting some weight on it, is also ideal to have.

So you can conveniently grab your baby to nurse then put them back inside again, without having to stand all the way and lean over the bassinet.


An ideal breastfeeding bassinet is light enough to be carried around so you can use it anywhere in the house and even for traveling.

Most bassinets are not portable though but you’d at least want something that has wheels so you can move it and use it in another room in your house.


A bassinet for breastfeeding should be convenient to clean. One that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth at least, or with a mix of water and vinegar is great to have. As you will still need to deal with your newborns’ spit-ups and occasional diaper blowouts.

Or one where you can easily toss the soft parts in the washing machine would be better but that’s very rare to have.

Now let’s take a quick look at the best bassinet for breastfeeding moms and compare them.

Best Bassinet for Breastfeeding: Feature Comparison Table

This is best viewed on a desktop. Here’s a quick comparison guide on the features of the best newborn baby bassinet for breastfeeding.

FeaturesHALOArm’s Reach VersatileArm’s Reach CambriaSwaddleMe
SafetySturdy and stable baseSturdy and stable baseSturdy and stable baseSturdy frame
Large footprint/ baseYesNoYesNo
Mesh sidesAvailable on all sidesAvailableAvailableAvailable
Adjustable HeightAdjusts for bed heights from 22″ – 34″Can be adjusted to fit adult bed mattresses with height of 20” to 30”. • For bed heights starting at 24″, measured from the floor to the top of the adult mattress
• Adjust between 24″ and 30″ in 2″ increments in co-sleeping mode.
Not applicable
Side wall/ panel• Can lower side wall by pushing it down 
• Can lock side wall in an upright position
Side wall or panel can’t folded downHas side panel that folds downSide wall or panel can’t folded down
PortableNoMixed reviewsMixed reviewsYes
MaintenanceCan wipe with damp clothCan wipe with damp clothCan wipe with damp clothCan wipe with damp cloth

Below is more detailed info on the best bassinet for breastfeeding moms

5 Best Bassinet for Breastfeeding

HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper Bassinet for Breastfeeding

Product Dimension: 34 x 18 x 12 inches

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The HALO has a swiveling feature which makes it easy to put your kid on your bed without the danger of smothering them.

It can literally go on top of your bed as you can adjust its height. So you can reach for your kid and effortlessly carry them for nursing. 

Without having to stand up at all!

The mesh side wall lowers down easily and goes up automatically.

Then you can simply swivel it away when you need some space for yourself.

It has also a very big footprint, making it stable and sturdy, with no worry about it tipping over.

That feature, however, is also a common complaint amongst parents as they tend to trip over its base.

It’s also quite heavy and you can’t move it anywhere in your house.

There are also some complaints about the HALO tilting to one side but most parents haven’t really noticed this tilt and are pretty much okay with the said bassinet.

It is quite expensive though so if you want to get a cheaper model, search for one in Facebook Marketplace or you can one here:

Open Box HALO

Gently Used HALO


  • Meets all applicable CPSC, ASTM, and Health Canada requirements
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Adjustable height
  • Has 360º swivel feature
  • Can lower and/or lock mesh sides
  • Small storage pocket
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth


  • Expensive
  • Too heavy to move
  • Can trip on the four-point base
  • Has complains of tilting

Arm’s Reach The Versatile Co-Sleeper for Breastfeeding

Product Dimension: ‎36.2 x 28.5 x 41.5 inches

If you don’t like HALO’s huge footprint nor its swiveling feature, then maybe consider the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper.

This can also go on top of your bed, especially if it’s a tall one.

It doesn’t have an overwhelmingly large base or footprint so you don’t need to worry about tripping over it. 

It’s very simple to set up and it’s not too bulky, making it great for small spaces.

It also includes a mobile with hanging toys, color rings, and a music box that plays 5 tunes! 

It also has a mesh, breathable side but some moms wish that the side could be folded or can dipped down easily, so it would be more convenient to take out their babies.

It’s lightweight enough to move from room to room but not portable for traveling.

Some moms also mentioned that it’s not easy to move on a carpeted area.


  • Meets all ASTM standards
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Not bulky, great for small spaces
  • Adjustable height, especially for tall bed
  • Easy to move from room to room
  • With toy mobile and music box
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth


  • Has complains of not moving easily on carpet
  • Sides are not foldable or retractable

Arm’s Reach Cambria Wooden Co-Sleeper Bassinet for Breastfeeding

Product Dimension: 34 x 20 x 33.75 inches

This is another awesome option for a bassinet for breastfeeding, if you don’t want it on your bed but just beside it.

This Arm’s Reach Cambria can be moved easily next to your bed or even all over the house because of its 4 castor wheels, with a safety lock feature.

Its side panel is also foldable so it wouldn’t get in the way when you want to reach for your baby or lift them and carry them for nursing.

Its height is also adjustable, and it has a lot of storage – side and bottom. Especially the bottom! There’s a lot of space at the bottom for storage for diapers, wet wipes, sheets, etc.

It’s also very stable and sturdy. Some moms even mentioned using it for their multiple babies and one even wants to give it as an heirloom for their daughter-in-law.

Some parents though have complained about how its mattress – how hard, thin and low quality it is. But FYI, there’s a reason why most, if not all bassinet mattresses feel thin and hard.


  • Stable and sturdy
  • Adjustable height
  • Has 4 castor wheels
  • Retractable mesh side panel
  • Portable enough for travel
  • With side and large bottom storage
  • Wipe frames with a damp cloth


  • Expensive
  • Thin mattress

SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper Bassinet for Breastfeeding

Product Dimension: ‎6.1 x 17.2 x 15.7 inches

Now if you’re on the fence about sharing your bed with your baby (as in your baby is sleeping beside you on the bed the whole night) then you might not like this one.

But if you have a very clingy newborn that just won’t sleep on their bassinet that’s already on the bed next to you, then maybe it’s time to consider this.

Especially if you’re going crazy with the lack of sleep and cluster feedings.

The SwaddleMe BedSleeper fits king-size beds well with its simple structure and narrow size. 

It has a sturdy metal frame that will keep you and your spouse from rolling over it. 

Some parents though have complained about it not having some paddings around the frame, as their babies tend to knock their heads on it.

Some moms have shared that their husbands don’t sleep with them on the bed when they’re using the SwaddleMe BedSleeper. 

Especially when their bed is a queen size. Not sure how husbands react to this but I guess the safety of the baby comes first!

Other parents complained that it doesn’t work well for them, as any movement in the bed tends to affect the baby, making him or her move a lot in the bassinet as well.

Some parents also noticed that the bassinet makes some noise when the baby moves in, which wakes up the baby.

Still, a lot of moms find its size and mesh side convenient and useful, as they can see their baby in it and quickly check on them.

Plus it’s so easy to reach for the baby when it’s time to nurse as they’re right just beside you on the bed!

It’s also durable and long-lasting enough that some moms even used this for their 2 babies.

It’s also super portable and can be brought for vacations and travels.


  • Cheap
  • Sturdy and durable
  • With metal frame to protect the newborn from getting rolled over
  • Breathable mesh sides
  • Foldable and portable
  • Wipe frames with a damp cloth


  • Tight fit on a queen-size bed
  • Shifts baby’s position when there’s movement on the bed

Best Bedside Bassinet For Breastfeeding: FAQ

What bassinet is best for newborns?

That would depend on your preference. The best bassinet for newborns though that’s also great for c-section moms and breastfeeding, should ideally be:
• easy to move towards, on, and away from the bed
• has an adjustable height to fit any type of bed
• has breathable mesh sides that can be lowered down easily

How long can a baby stay in a bassinet?

Babies can only stay in it for a few months or at least until they are starting to move around and rollover. 

Some babies start rolling around 2 months while some take another month or so.

Should I get a co-sleeper or a bassinet?

You can have both! Some bassinets are also co-sleepers and vice versa.
The HALO is a type of co-sleeper bassinet that can stay next to your bed or can go over your bed.

An example of a bassinet that can be stand-alone or can be placed right beside the bed, but not over it (like the HALO) is the Arm’s Reach Cambria.

Is it OK to co-sleep while breastfeeding?

Yes, as long as you’re adhering to sleep safety standards with your newborn.
Co-sleeping doesn’t necessarily mean that the baby is on the bed with you all night. 

It means you and your baby are sleeping in the same room, regardless of whether your newborn is on the bed with you or next to your bed in a bassinet, or their crib away from your bed.

How do I make my baby feel more secure in the bassinet?

Try swaddling your infant. Wrap them up so securely yet safely, with no loose blanket or covers that might go over their face and suffocate them. 

I highly suggest a sleepsack for swaddling, instead of a muslin blanket or any other blanket.

Can a baby suffocate in a bassinet?

Yes, especially if the mattress is too soft, there are some loose small pillows, blankets, or stuffed animals around the baby’s sleeping area or the bassinet is not stable and sturdy enough.

Alternative to the Best Bedside Bassinet for Breastfeeding Moms

Some would suggest a Moses basket which can also be placed on the bed or that can be used for traveling.

Another alternative for a bassinet can be a pack n play! Most pack n plays also with a bassinet and some models have wheels so you can place it close to your bed. 

It’s a cheaper alternative to a crib and the expensive bassinet models. Plus you can use it as a travel crib, playpen, etc. 

It’s not the same though as the bassinets mentioned above can be placed right next to the bed or over it, making it easier for you to reach and nurse your baby. 

But if you want a cheaper option that can last longer than a few months, then it’s a great baby item to consider.

Best Breastfeeding Bassinet: Helpful Tips

  • Baby hates the bassinet?

If your little one absolutely hates being placed in the bassinet, check out some methods here on how to help your baby sleep in the bassinet.

Swaddle your baby so they’ll feel more comfortable sleeping on their own inside the bassinet. 

For swaddles, I highly recommend a sleep sack. It has been a lifesaver and it’s so much more convenient to use. 

I hated using the muslin blanket or receiving blanket for swaddling my baby then. No matter how tightly or securely I’d wrap it, it would always come loose, making it risky to use for my baby. 

I tell you, a sleepsack is just god sent, I cannot recommend it enough!

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Some parents also give their babies a pacifier for comfort. 

Just take into consideration that using a pacifier, especially in the early days of nursing, can be quite tricky. It’s advisable to wait until at least your milk supply is well established.

• I know a lot of parents find most, if not all, bassinet mattresses uncomfortable and hard, but it’s supposed to feel firm as that’s the safest mattress for a newborn to sleep on.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends a firm mattress so it won’t let your baby sink in it, which can cause them to turn on their side leading to suffocation.

• If your bassinet is too heavy to be moved but you want to keep your baby close while doing work or chores in another room, use Snuggle Me Organic or DockaTot

They’re portable and very comfortable for your baby. Read up a comparision review here between the Snuggle Me Organic vs Dock a Tot. Or you can also look at Cheap Dockatot Alternatives.

It’s not recommended for unsupervised activities nor overnight sleeping but some parents have used it for their babies who just can’t sleep on a crib or bassinet. 

Just remember the risk that comes with it if you decide to use it for sleeping.

  • Keep your cats away from the bassinet

They might sit on your newborn’s face, and your poor baby won’t be able to push them away. They can also bring in some dirt or worse. So keep your cats out of the bassinet with these methods.

Best Bassinet for Breastfeeding: Takeaway

I had a c-section and tried to also breastfeed my baby and for those times, I wished I had a bassinet for breastfeeding. I think it would have made my life easier and would have allowed me to sleep more.

It’s not a newborn must-have essential though but it will make your breastfeeding journey so much easier.

I would highly recommend either of these two:

• The HALO for its swiveling feature, making it easy to scoot out of bed 

• The Arms’ Reach Cambria for its sturdiness, maneuverability, accessibility, and more.

Just remember the basics for the best bassinet for breastfeeding – one that you can easily move on or off the bed, with breathable mesh sides which ideally, can be lowered, so you can easily reach and nurse your baby.