Babyletto Modo Crib Review [Is It Worth Getting?]

Want to read a detailed, no-BS Babyletto Modo crib review, to find out if it’s really better than the Hudson? And if it’s worth getting?

Then you’re in the right place!

In this article, you’ll get to learn the features, pros, and cons of the Babyletto Modo crib and what parents like or hate about it.

Let’s start with a quick overview of its features.

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Quick Feature Guide: Babyletto Modo Crib

This is best viewed on a desktop. Here’s a quick feature guide on the features of the Babyletto Modo crib.

FeaturesBabyletto Modo
SafetyGreenguard Gold certified
ConvertibleToddler bed, day bed (includes a toddler bed conversion kit)
Adjustable Mattress Level4 Available Height Level
Easy to AssembleYes
Low-Profile CribYes (not suitable for tall parents)

Babyletto Modo Crib Review

Let’s dive in a little deeper about the Babyletto Modo Crib.


The Babyletto Modo is one of the best cribs for short parents as one can easily bend down and pick up or lay your baby without putting too much strain on your back. 

Parents who are below 5 feet though might have a little bit of trouble with carrying or putting their baby in the Babyletto crib.

But it should be comfortable enough for those above 5 feet in height.

  • Dimensions: 53.25″L x 30.00″W x 34.75″H
  • Weight: 60.00lbs
  • Slat Strength: 135 lbs
  • Front Rail to Floor Height: 34.5″
  • Interior Crib Measurements: 52″L x 28″W
  • Height/ Weight Limit 

The Babyletto Modo crib has a height limit of 35 inches and a weight limit of 50 lbs for its toddler bed.

Just take note that once your baby is attempting to climb out of the crib, that’s the perfect time for you to transfer them to a toddler bed!


All Babyletto cribs meet ASTM ASTM International and U.S. CPSC safety standards, with non-toxic finishings, so rest assured that they’re free from harmful chemicals.

The Babyletto Modo also carries a GREENGUARD GOLD certification, guaranteeing its standing as a non-toxic crib.


The Babyletto Modo crib is made of cost-effective New Zealand pine wood, which is durable and sturdy, making Babyletto cribs last long.

The downside though of this material is it can be prone to dents and scratches.

That means, there’s a chance that the paint can chip away from the crib. Or your kid can easily make a mark on it by biting hard on the wood!

It can also scratch easily but for most parents, it’s not really a big issue as it’s still a very sturdy crib.

I even saw some comments from parents saying that their Babyletto crib was used very well for 6 years and counting!

One dad also shared that he used it for his 2 boys and it still looks great!


I’ve read a couple of complaints about its mattress fit, with some parents sharing that they can’t seem to find an alternative mattress that can fit perfectly in it. That’s why I highly recommend getting their mattress, the Babyletto Pure Core Crib Mattress.

But some shared that a regular Graco foam mattress, Simmons Baby Mattress, and Naturepedic crib mattress fits fine on the Babyletto Modo crib.

Mattress Height Level 

This has 4 adjustable mattress height levels, which is very convenient, especially if you have a shorter, petite frame.

Just remember that this a low-profile crib, so this might not be suitable for tall parents looking for a tall crib.

Easy to Assemble 

Most parents find this very easy to assemble. Some said they just took 30 minutes to put it together and the longest was 1.5 hours. 

I’ve even seen one comment from a 39-month-pregnant woman that she assembled this crib on her own with no issue!

Of course, it’s just much more convenient to assemble this with someone so if possible, have someone with you to put this together, to make the whole assembly process faster.


The Babyletto Modo Crib includes a toddler bed conversion kit, and can also be converted into a daybed.

So with the Babyletto Modo, you get a crib, toddler bed, and daybed, all rolled into one!


The Babyletto Modo comes in gorgeous, classic colors, all of which can fit in any type of nursery interior.

Compared to the Babyletto Hudson, the Babyletto Modo also has straight legs and flat slats for crib railings.

Which parents prefer, as some had their kids getting stuck on the thin, spindle-like railings of the Babyletto Hudson crib.

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It’s not the most affordable crib out there, but for its stylish look and durable material, it’s worth the price. 

Pros and Cons: Babyletto Modo Crib

Here’s a general overview of the advantages and drawbacks of the Babyletto Modo Crib.

Pros of Babyletto Modo

  • Cheaper than Babyletto Hudson
  • Wider, flat slats – less chance of baby’s legs getting stuck

Cons of Babyletto Modo

  • Fewer color options
  • Not compatible with junior bed conversion kit

FAQ: Babyletto Modo Crib Review

How long does Babyletto crib last?

The Babyletto crib can last until 2 years old or until your baby starts climbing out of the crib, whichever comes first.

Is Babyletto crib non toxic?

No, the Babyletto crib is non-toxic as it carries the GREENGUARD Gold Certification label, which ensures that the crib has been rigorously tested for over 10,000 chemicals and more than 360 VOCs and certified as low-emitting by this independent, trusted 3rd party.

Does any mattress fit in the Babyletto crib?

Yes, the Babyletto crib can fit in a standard crib mattress. But if you want to be sure, just get their mattress, the Babyletto Pure Core Crib Mattress.

Where is Babyletto manufactured?

All Babyletto furniture and bedding are manufactured in Taiwan and China and all are tested and have met ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) regulations and standards.

Tips for Using Babyletto Modo Crib

  • Get rail protectors

Keep your kids from chewing your crib by getting a crib rail guard teething cover.

  • Unbox and assemble asap

Once you receive your crib, better unbox and assemble it immediately, to check for damage, dents, scratches, missing pieces, and such.

  • Get a used crib

If you find the Babyletto Modo crib a little out of your budget, get it 2nd hand!

It’s perfectly okay to use a secondhand crib as long as you’ve thoroughly checked that it’s still durable and safe and that it’s made after June 28, 2011.

Cribs that have that manufacturing date are considered safe and CPSC-compliant.

Check the manufacturing date under or on the crib’s side. Or ask for the instruction guide, if possible.

Babyletto Modo Crib Review: Takeaway

The Babyletto Modo crib is a great choice for those who want a low-profile crib with a clean, stylish look.

Its flat slat crib railings also make it safer, with babies’ legs getting stuck less, compared to the Babyletto Hudson.

But, if you want a Babyletto crib that’s compatible with the junior bed conversion kit, and has a lot more color varieties, I’d highly recommend going for the Babyletto Hudson crib.

Both though are awesome cribs and Modo actually is cheaper than the Hudson, making it an awesome option.