Advice For First Time Parents: Don’t Buy Any Newborn Essentials Just Yet

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First, let me just give you a big congratulations! You’re probably excited to shop for newborn essentials. If you’re like me, you’ve probably googled for hours, reading reviews and joining groups and forums and asking experienced parents for some tips. Well, some unsolicited advice here – don’t list nor buy newborn essentials just YET. (If … Read more

The Last Poem Printable

Do you have that song or book or poem that, whenever you hear or see or read it, you just feel that pinch in your heart? That every time you hear or read it, you just feel this lump in your throat and makes you teary-eyed all the time? This poem does it for me. … Read more

Diaper Bag Checklist for Newborns

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Here are the 13 items for your newborn’s diaper bag checklist. I remember the first few times I prepared a diaper bag checklist for my newborn. It was so heavy and so full! It had a lot of extra items – extra diapers, extra bottles, extra clothes and so on. I eventually wisened up, got … Read more