Baby Bjorn Travel Crib vs Lotus [Super Detailed Comparison Review]

Looking to compare the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib vs Lotus Travel Crib? Then you’re in the right place.

In this in-depth article, you will learn what parents are saying about them and which one is more worth it to have! You’ll get to know:

  • Their differences and similarities 
  • A highlight of their pros and cons
  • Other travel crib alternatives
  • Quick tips on buying and using travel cribs

Let’s get started with a general comparison overview of their features.

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In a hurry? We recommend…

The Guava Lotus for its easy-to-access-side-zippers and its cheaper price.

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Baby Bjorn Travel Crib vs Lotus: Feature Comparison Table

This is best viewed on a desktop. Here’s a quick comparison guide on the features of the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib vs Lotus.

FeaturesBaby Bjorn Travel Crib LightGuava Lotus Travel Crib
Access to BabyFrom topFrom top and sides
Bassinet KitNot availableAvailable
Available Colors31
PriceMore expensive than LotusExpensive
Return Policy14-days60-days
Age LimitUp until 3 yrs old Up until 3 yrs old
Safety CertificateOEKO-TEX Standard 100 product class 1 certificationGreenGuard Gold™ Certification
Easy to AssembleYesYes
Mattress SheetsBuy as a bundle or separate purchaseBuy as a bundle or separate purchase
Carry BagSuitcase-styleBackpack-style

Below is are more detailed info on the differences between the Lotus Travel Crib vs. Baby Bjorn Light.

Lotus Travel Crib vs. Baby Bjorn Light: Differences

Let’s dive in a little deeper about the difference between BabyBjorn vs. Guava Family Lotus


Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light

  • Weight: 13 lbs/6 kg (including carry bag)
  • Mattress: 23.5 x 41 x 1.2 in/60 x 105 x 3 cm
  • Assembled: 32 x 44 x 24 in/82 x 112 x 64cm
  • Folded down in carry bag: 19 x 23.5 x 5.5 in/49 x 60 x 14 cm

Guava Lotus Travel Crib

  • Weight: 13 lbs/6 kg (including carry bag)
  • Mattress: 41.5″ L x 23.5″ W x 1.4″ H
  • Setup: 45.5″ L x 31.5″ W x 25.5 H
  • Backpack: 24″ L x 12″ W x 8″ H
  • Folded (in Backpack) Length: 24”, Width: 7”, Height: 11”

Access to Baby

The Baby Bjorn Travel Crib is all mesh and breathable. Which is convenient so you can easily check on your baby even if you’re on the other side of the room.

You get access to your baby like a regular crib. You carry them and take them out or put them back in from the top of the crib.

Some parents find Baby Bjorn’s narrower top troublesome, as it’s difficult to put a sleeping baby down.

With the Guava Lotus, you can reach your baby from its zippered mesh sides, instead of bending and reaching for your baby on the floor!

This feature is helpful especially if you’re short, have back pains, too old to bend down and carry a baby.

Breastfeeding moms also like that they can just unzip the opening and lay down next to their baby for feeding.

It’s also helpful if your baby is a light sleeper. Reaching and putting them down on a mattress can easily wake them up.

But with the Lotus’ side opening, you can just kneel or sit down and gently lay them down to sleep.

It’s also super convenient to let a kid crawl in and out on their own, instead of always carrying them to be placed inside the travel crib.


The Baby Bjorn Travel Crib carries the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 product class 1 certification.

This certifies that all fabrics touching your newborn are safe and non-toxic. 

You can even use the crib straight from the box, without washing them!

They are also EN 716 safety compliant, a standard for folding cribs, and national fire safety requirements.

The Lotus Travel Crib, on the other hand, carries the GreenGuard Gold™ Certification which means that it’s non-toxic for your baby.

They don’t have any Lead, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Arsenic, Mercury, Cadmium, Flame Retardants, PVC, making them safe even for newborns.

They also meet have the ASTM F-406 and 16 CFR 1221 certifications, meeting US federal standards for non-full-size cribs and play yards.

Plus they are certified to meet safety standards by the Consumer Product Safety Information Act (CPSIA 2008) and Playpens Regulation (Canada).

Bassinet Conversion

The Baby Bjorn Light doesn’t come with a bassinet conversion. 

While the Guava Family Lotus travel crib offers it as a bundle option

Their bassinet measures 50″ L x 31″ W x 26″ H, is easy to set up, and can be used for newborns up to 6 months.

It’s a premium non-toxic bassinet that comes with a GreenGuard™ Gold certification.


Both can be used as a playpen or “baby jail” but if your baby is already standing, they might hit their heads on the Baby Bjorn as it has a narrower top.

Also if you have a cheeky monkey who can tinker with zippers, they might let themselves out of the Guava Lotus.

Still, both travel cribs are useful for everyday use, when visiting in-laws and relatives, and even staying outdoors.

You can use the Lotus travel crib with its Mosquito Net or its Fun Shade!

The latter can protect your LO from the sun and light rain.

Baby Bjorn has a Canopy which isn’t enough for the sun outdoors but it can help protect your baby from mosquitoes or block out some light in their bedroom.


Both have a minimal aesthetic, which looks very sleek and modern. 

It’s perfect for any type of interior, especially if you like a simple-looking crib in the room.

However, Lotus has only 1 color, while Baby Bjorn offers 3 colors – Silver, Dark Green, and Black.


The BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light is more expensive than the Guava Lotus. 

But the price difference is not that humongous. It’s just slightly pricier by $30, at the time of this article’s publishing.

Return Policy

Guava Lotus has a return policy of 60 days, while Baby Bjorn is 14 days.

Guava Lotus vs Baby Bjorn: Similarities

Age/ Weight Limit

Both these travel cribs can be used for your newborns and up to approximately, kids age 3 years old. 

Or until they start wanting to climb out of it.

Either way, there’s really no upper weight limit for both the Lotus and Baby Bjorn Travel Crib. 

So if your 4 or even 5-year-old wants to sleep on it, then let them have it!


Some parents were able to fit Baby Bjorn into an overhead compartment. 

While some said it’s too big and has to be checked in.

Still, it’s pretty lightweight and can fit in a big suitcase.

The Lotus Travel crib is much easier to carry, according to most parents. 

You can wear it backpack-style and you can definitely bring it on a plane as a carry-on, saving you luggage fees.


Both these travel cribs are very durable and sturdy. It doesn’t shake or make a noise, even if your baby moves around so much when sleeping.

Your kid can even pull or lean on it and it won’t budge.

Some parents even mentioned their 2 years old successfully climbing out of it and it didn’t flip or topple over.


Both are quite easy to assemble and disassemble. 

You can setup it all on your own. One parent even shared that she can assemble it while holding her baby!


Both have machine-washable mesh fabric that’s easy to remove and put back on.

Just remember to hang it to dry and not use the dryer.

Don’t tumble dry as this might affect the quality of the fabric.


There are a lot of mixed reviews about both the Bjorn’s and Lotus mattresses, with parents saying that it’s too thin, it’s hard.

Or it’s like a pack-n-play mattress. 

While others are saying it’s great, their kids loved sleeping on it.

And the thing is, what’s comfortable for babies and toddlers is different from what WE, adults, find comfortable. 

So don’t worry about their mattress. It’s within federal standards.

Newborns and babies younger than 12 months are recommended to sleep on a firm, flat mattress anyway, for safety purposes.

So the mattress that comes with either the Baby Bjorn or Guava Lotus is perfectly fine and comfy for your baby.

Some parents though feel that Baby Bjorn’s mattress is thicker and cushier than Lotus.

Mattress Sheets

Both don’t include mattress sheets.

But Baby Bjorn offers it as a bundle with their travel crib and with Guava Lotus, you can buy it also as a set.

A few parents mentioned that Baby Bjorn’s sheets don’t seem to be quality ones. 

While Lotus sheets are hard to put on, according to a few parents.

Nevertheless, remember to get extra mattress sheets for diaper blowouts and other messes.

Carry Bag

Both travel cribs come with a carrying bag.

The Baby Bjorn folds suitcase-style, while the Guava Lotus is like a long backpack.

Pros and Cons: Lotus Travel Crib vs Baby Bjorn

Here’s a general overview of the advantages and drawbacks of both the Lotus vs Baby Bjorn Travel Crib.

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light Pros

  • Can be carried suitcase-style
  • Canopy available (separate purchase)
  • Has 3 color options

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light Cons

  • More expensive than Lotus crib
  • Narrower crib top
  • Only 14-day return policy

Guava Lotus Travel Crib Pros

  • Can be carried backpack-style
  • Easy access to baby via zippered mesh sides
  • Bassinet kit available (bundle purchase)

Guava Lotus Travel Crib Cons

  • Pricey
  • Only 1 color available

Alternatives to Baby Bjorn vs Guava Lotus Crib

If you’re still on the fence about either the Guava Lotus or BabyBjorn Travel Crib, try exploring these other options:

Other parents have tried outdoor playpens as well as baby loungers!

FAQ: Guava vs Baby Bjorn Travel Crib

Can an infant sleep in Lotus travel crib?

Yes, even a newborn can sleep in a Lotus travel crib. Just take note not to put anything in the crib that can suffocate your baby.

Can newborn sleep in Baby Bjorn Travel Crib?

Yes, a newborn can sleep in a Baby Bjorn Travel Crib. Just remember to always lay them on their back and avoid putting any blankets or pillows, as those are sleep safety hazards.

What age is Lotus travel crib for?

The Lotus travel crib is for newborns up to 3 years old or when your kid starts climbing out of it.

Can Baby Bjorn Travel crib be a carry-on?

Some parents said they were able to bring the Baby Bjorn Travel crib as a carry-on. Others said it was too big, and it has to be checked in. 

How long can you use Baby Bjorn Travel Crib?

Your child can use the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib until they’re 3 years old or when they’re starting to attempt to climb out of the travel crib.

Tips and Tricks: Baby Bjorn Travel Crib vs Guava Lotus

  • Bring extra sheets on travels

You never know what accidents (vomit, blowouts, etc.) might happen. 

Plus, your little one might miss their home, and smelling familiar old sheets might help to comfort them.

  • Put sleep sacks on climbers

If you have little ones that always try to climb out, make them wear a sleep sack!

It will make it hard for them to climb out of their travel cribs or pack n play.

  • Both are Canada-friendly

Canada has a lot of restrictions against baby products and gear. But Baby Bjorn and Lotus Travel crib is not one of them.

You can bring both to Canada, as it’s considered a portable crib.

  • Other mattress sheet options

There are a lot of other mattress sheets online that can fit either the Lotus or Baby Bjorn Travel crib.

Some parents have tried them and liked them. 

But it’s still highly recommended to get the brand’s own sheet, so it will fit snugly and it won’t unfurl, making it a sleep safety hazard.

  • Try second hand

You can find used yet quality travel cribs from Facebook, OfferUp, Craigslist and Goodbuygear.

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib vs Lotus: Takeaway

We highly recommend the Guava Lotus crib for its slightly cheaper yet quality offerings.

Some moms even said that they returned their Baby Bjorn and went for a Lotus travel crib instead!

But of course, we’re all different. What works for them might not work for you.

Just remember that Baby Bjorn has only a 14-day return policy, while Guava Lotus has a 60 day policy, just in case you changed your mind, after getting either one.

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