​​Are Tile Floors Safe for Crawling Babies? (How To BabyProof For Safety)

It can be quite exciting to see your baby reaching their milestone bit by bit – holding their head steady, holding a toy, rolling over. 

Then they start to crawl. Exciting at first, then you realize, you have tile floors! 

What if they crawl and do a faceplant on it? What if they bump their head on it again and again? Will your baby crack their head on the tiles?

Are tile floors safe for crawling babies? 

This article will answer that and more.

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Are Tile Floors Safe for Crawling Babies?

Tile floors can be safe for your babies to crawl and even walk on, provided that they’re not slippery wet and there’s no choking hazard on them that they can pick up and swallow.

Yes, there’s a huge possibility that your baby will slip on the floor and hit their head or other body parts, but that’s inevitable. 

That’s how they learn their boundaries and how to explore and navigate their environment.

Is Tile Flooring Dangerous for Babies?

The occasional falls and bumps on the floor are perfectly normal and fine for crawling and cruising babies and even walking toddlers.

Most fall-related injuries don’t result in serious injuries, as based on a 2015 study from various researchers.

The real danger of falling is when it’s from a high distance. 

Say your baby falls from the crib, table, or even from your arms.

That can lead to a more serious injury, as compared to them falling and bumping their head on a tile floor.

Some parents are naturally worried about their babies hurting their heads or even chipping a tooth on the tile. 

But that’s part and parcel of learning. It’s unavoidable unless you make your baby wear an unnecessary helmet.

Knee pads, helmets, backpack head protection, and all those things are not needed and will only give your baby a false sense of security.

They will think it’s perfectly fine to keep banging and bumping their head all over the place!

So it’s not recommended to make them wear any body protection when they’re crawling or walking on the floor, other than the clothes that they have.

So Is It Okay to Let Babies Crawl on a Tile Floor?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine for babies to crawl on a tile floor.

There are several advantages to letting your little ones crawl, cruise, walk and explore on tile floors:

Provides grip

Regularly spaced tiles provide the perfect combination of smoothness and friction.

Your child can grip the ground better, which leads to less tripping and falling.

Teaches them cause and effect

Babies eventually learn this concept. 

They may not understand it but they will in time, realize that for every action that they do, there’s always a reaction or a consequence.

And if they fall and bump their head on the tile floors, they will eventually learn how to navigate and move on it more safely!

Boosts their confidence

Letting them crawl on tile floors, hardwood floors, and all kinds of surfaces can make your child feel more capable and confident.

They will carry that confidence to reach more milestones, from childcare to preschool, which can help them adapt to their environment.

Develops gross motor skills

Crawling on any surface can help strengthen your baby’s upper and lower torso. 

It’s also a way for them to work on their coordination, which is needed when learning how to walk.

Easy to maintain

Tile floors are easy to clean!

Spills, grease, dirt, and other accidents (like a diaper blowout!) can be wiped or mopped without stains. And you can even wash them with a mild detergent to keep them extra clean.

Easy to replace

Tiled floors can be easily replaced if they’ve become chipped and worn down.

You don’t need to go to the same manufacturer for the same tiles and you can easily install the new tiles.

How to Make Tile Floor Safe for Baby

Here are some ways to babyproof your tile steps and floorings, to make it safer for your baby to crawl and even practice standing on:

Rugs and Carpets

They are your best bet in making the floor more cushiony while still maintaining the look of the room.

Just make sure that the rug or carpet is not that old and will be cleaned and maintained regularly.


You can corral your kid and just set up a playpen for them to practice crawling and cruising on!


You can babyproof a room or an area in your house and put a play mat in it and let your baby do some developmental activities on it.

Change out the tile floor

If you’re really deadly worried about the possible bumps, bruises, chipped teeth, and whatnot that your baby and/or toddler might get from crawling and exploring your tile floors, and it’s giving you so much anxiety, then just change out the tile floors.

You can either go for rubber flooring, rubber mats, or carpet the entire area.

It’s not a practical choice though but if that will give you more peace of mind, then just do it. 

Your mental health is more important and you don’t want to regret not doing it!

What Kind of Flooring is Best for Babies?

The truth is, any type of flooring is best for babies.

As long as it’s not obviously dirty and there are no small items on it that they can get hurt on and/or choke on.

Wood floors, carpets, play mats, tile floors, and even grass – letting them crawl on any surface is beneficial for their development. 

And yes, they can get some bruises and bumps when falling on hard floors but it’s all part of their learning process and development.

FAQ on Crawling and Tile Floors

Are tile floors safe for babies?

Yes, tile floors are safe for babies. As long as there are no sharp objects or choking hazards on it and it’s not super wet for them to crawl and cruise on.

Is it OKAY to let the baby crawl on the floor?

Yes, it’s okay for your baby to crawl on the floor. 
It’s highly recommended to let them explore any clean floor surfaces that don’t have sharp objects in them or any items that can become a choking hazard.

How do you babyproof hard floors?

You can babyproof hard floors by using carpets, rugs, and play mats or corral your baby in a playpen.

Final Thoughts on Are Tile Floors Safe for Crawling Babies?

It’s inevitable for your baby to get hurt initially when they’re learning how to control their bodies through crawling, cruising, and walking.

But you don’t have to worry about it all the time. 

It’s a normal process for them to learn how their bodies work, their limits, and what things they should or shouldn’t do. Especially moving on tile floors.

So in short, tile floors are perfectly OKAY and safe for your baby to crawl on.