Must-Have Apps For Stay At Home Moms

Here’s a list of must-have, highly rated apps for stay at home moms.

Are you looking for top-rated apps for stay at home moms to help with home and money management, newborn care, health and fitness, meal planning, file storage and more?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Below is a list of extremely helpful apps with both iOS and Android versions, that can help you with life as a stay at home mom. Or actually as a woman, a human being in general. I digress.

I’ve personally used some of these apps and for the rest, I’ve checked out their user reviews and ratings so you can only get the best of the bunch.

I didn’t include apps that had recent issues of sharing user data with other companies. Some apps seemed great and were recommended multiple times by other bloggers but had low user ratings and dismal, bordering on appalling reviews so I had to take them out of this list.

Super Useful Apps for Stay at Home Moms

Best Productivity/ Organization Apps for Moms 


Cozi is one of the most highly recommended family organizer apps online. I don’t use it personally but I can imagine it being an excellent home management app for families with 2 or more kids. 

apps for stay at home moms
Cozi app (pic from Apple store)

It lets you track and manage appointments/ events/ activities even virtual class schedules. It also allows you to share grocery lists, task lists, chores lists, and all kinds of lists with every family member. You even store recipes and add ingredients to your shopping lists.

Out of Milk

Out of Milk is a pretty straightforward grocery list/ to-do app/ pantry list app all rolled into one. 

You can easily share your grocery list with other family members and keep track of your pantry items so you’ll always know what you still have at home.

Family Wall

Another home management app that can rival Cozi, Family Wall allows you to manage and share events, activities, photos, photos, contacts, and even locations with your family members. 

Its to-do lists feature lets you create tasks for your family members and notifies you when tasks are completed. A real-time locator is also available for parents to keep track of their kid’s whereabouts. 


I’ve used this for quite some time. Any.Do is a fuss-free to-do list app but that’s what I love about it – it’s very simple to use. I can add as many tasks I like, organize them by category (eg. grocery, chores, work, etc.) and I can even share that with family members. 

I can see my to-do lists for the day, week, etc, and get reminders. It’s pretty straightforward and very easy to manage.


This is not home management nor a productivity app but if you need to hire some local help with just about anything, download Thumbtack. 

apps for stay at home moms_2
Thumbtack app (pic from Apple store)

You can find all sorts of services there – home improvement, repair, and tech support, pet services, events, and even businesses, lessons, estate planning, and more. You can message local professionals, read reviews about them and arrange help straight from the app.

Best Finance/ Budgeting Apps for Moms

YNAB (You Need a Budget)

If you want better control over your spending and learn how to better money management, a lot of people online recommend YNAB. 

apps for stay at home moms_3
YNAB app (pic from Apple store)

It lets you connect all your accounts and view them in one place, tracks your spending and savings and provides customizable detailed reporting, and helps you create a plan to get out of debt. It does come with a subscription but you can try it out for free for 30 days.


Mint has been compared to the YNAB app but here’s the deal: most users shared that Mint feels more passive when it comes to actively managing your daily spending, compared to YNAB. 

If you’re looking to just view and track your bills, expenses, and budget, and even your subscriptions, without the pressure of planning ahead financially, then Mint might just be for you.


If you’re looking to fix or build up your credit and save up in the process, check out Self app. 

This app will help you manage your credit-builder account and check your credit score. It also has a lot of pretty amazing reviews so try it out if you need some help in repairing or establishing your credit profile.

Best Money Making Apps for Moms


Get paid to shop at your favorite stores like SHEIN, Macy’s, Kohls, Target, plus get deals & more with the Rakuten app. 

apps for stay at home moms 4
Rakuten app (pic from Apple Store)

You get $10 as a welcome bonus, earn cash backs on purchases even from groceries and cages, shop at 2,500+ stores, earn $30 for every friend referral, and even get e-gifts for family and friends from Adidas,, and more. Here’s an article on how to get you started side hustling on Rakuten.


You can earn real cash back every time you shop online or in-store with Ibotta. Just remember to find and add offers in the app before shopping, then upload your receipt or link your loyalty card for instant cashback! 

You can withdraw cash earnings via Paypal or your choice of a variety of gift cards.


Facebook is not only great for connecting with people, but it’s also useful to buy and sell stuff! They have the Marketplace where you can easily post an item to sell. 

You can share it with different buy and sell groups to sell it faster or just wait for someone to contact you, to arrange the payment and collection of an item.

Best Socializing Apps for Moms 


I’ve personally used Meetup and although it’s an app exclusively for moms, what I love about it is it tells you the latest events and happenings near your area. 

apps for stay at home moms 5
Meetup app (pic from Apple Store)

There are playgroups for your kids that you can join, fitness events, book clubs, workshops, even business-related gatherings, and a whole lot more. Motherhood can sometimes feel unfulfilling and lonely, especially when you’re stuck at home so it’s really a great idea to download these kinds of app and socialise with other mos.


Reddit is more like a forum in which you can search and join in tons of communities from all over the world! 

What I love about it is how genuinely helpful, smart, and insightful the parenting groups are, particularly when you ask for advice or you just want to vent and rant, like what to do with a husband that doesn’t help with chores. Plus you learn tons of new things! 

It’s quite addictive to browse through different topics and join in conversations so if you can’t go anywhere but you’re feeling a bit lonely, check out Reddit.


While I’m spending less and less time on it, I still do a check-up and join local parenting groups to ask questions, advice and just keep a lookout for updates about certain events and news, especially about schools and the covid-19 cases. It’s also easy to reach out to other group members and just talk to them and meet up eventually.


This is my favorite app of all time. Not only because I can post, save and scroll easily through my daughter’s pics, I can also follow like-minded moms who have their community, based on their ideologies, principles, and just their personality. 

You can chat with all sorts of moms and learn from them at the same time. I follow a lot of hilarious moms, moms/ teachers who share about independent and/or creative play or positive parenting, moms who post recipes for kids, moms who addresses stay at home mom depression, and a whole lot more. It’s my go-to app to scroll, and learn from or be entertained for hours, it’s quite addictive!

Best Health and Fitness Apps for Moms 

Healthy Together

Covid-19 won’t be going away anytime soon so to keep track of your covid-19 test results that can be shared with your doctor, office, or school, you can check out the Healthy Together app. 

apps for stay at home moms 6
Healthy Together app (pic from Apple store)

It also provides access to testing centers and appointments, notifies you regarding the status of your area, and provides updated CDC guidelines and more.

My Fitness Pal

As of this writing, this app is currently the Top 6 Fitness App in the iOS store and what I love about this is how easy it is to keep track of the things you’re eating to lose weight! 

My Fitness Pal has also a Meal Scan feature that lets you take a pic of what you’re eating to log it in the app – no need to manually search and add it in! You can also get workout tips, meal recipes, and more.


The Fiton app is a free fitness app marketed for women. It includes a variety of streaming classes on yoga, HIIT, cardio, pilates, dance, toning, strength training, etc. 

There’s even some for those with small spaces, with kids, and those in prenatal or postnatal stages. Workouts can be done from your home and most don’t require any types of equipment. It also provides a personalized workout plan, an option to work out with friends, live tracking, workout reminders, and many more. And did I mention it’s free?


I used a different period tracker app to track my ovulation period but if you want to learn about your menstrual cycle to get pregnant OR to avoid getting pregnant, Clue is one of the top apps for it. You can also set up calendar reminders for your ovulation, PMS, birth control pill, and more.


Medisafe is a pill reminder app that lets you manage your and other family member’s medicine. 

This is especially helpful for people taking multiple medicines and for letting doctors know what supplements or medicines you’re on. Plus it sends you a refill reminder and keeps all your appointments, doctor’s info, your physical/ medical condition plus more, all in one app.


If you’re an outdoorsy kind of mom and you just love going out hiking, running, and more with your family, then check out AllTrails app. 

It lets you find a dog-friendly or kid-friendly terrain, view photos and reviews of hiking trails and biking routes, turn your phone into a GPS activity tracker, get a detailed GPS driving direction, and more.

Best Pregnancy Apps for Moms 

Ovia Pregnancy

This is by far, the most recommended app for pregnant women online. It helps you throughout your pregnancy by letting you understand your symptoms, informs you about food safety, provides pregnancy articles and tips, etc.

apps for stay at home moms 7
Ovia Pregnancy app (pic from Apple store)


It also lets you compare your baby’s size with fun themes – fruits, animals, pastries, and more! That’s the most fun aspect of the app, plus it also lets you see a realistic illustration of your little one and you can check out ideas for baby names.

The Bump

The Bump is also a highly rated app baby tracker app that provides a planner for prenatal doctor visits, timely articles relevant to your week of pregnancy, a baby registry feature, an album to document your belly photos, a 3D interactive visualization of your baby’s growth and many more. 

The Bump also offers exclusive offers and giveaways for users. I wished I knew this app before, it sounds like I could have saved more from this app!

Glow Nurture

The Glow Nurture app is similar to the Ovia and The Bump plus more. 

It has a kick counter and contraction timer, postpartum tracking info such as breastfeeding and pumping, baby registry feature, daily updates on your pregnancy and your baby’s size, etc.

What to Expect

What To Expect is probably one of the most popular pregnancy and parenting brands, so it’s only fitting that they have their pregnancy and baby tracker app. 

It has everything you need right from the start – ovulation calculator, photo journal, pregnancy tracker, baby development guide, daily tips, baby feeding tracker, baby product reviews and buying guides, baby registry, even a Chinese gender predictor, and more.

Best Apps for Moms with Newborns 

Baby Tracker

Baby tracker is a popular, highly rated baby tracker app designed to track all your child’s important information for doctors and caregivers alike. It also allows you to share your baby’s milestones with family and friends. 

apps for stay at home moms 8
Baby Tracker app (pic from Apple store)

It lets you track feedings, nursing per prest, pumping, diaper changes, sleep schedule, growth records, and more.

Glow Baby

Glow Baby is another newborn tracker app that lets you log in and track your baby’s feedings, milestones, diaper changes, and even solid intake. 

It lets you take notes, upload, and share photos. It also provides some parenting advice and support and more, from its Glow Baby Community.

Baby Connect

Baby Connect has only a 7-day free trial but its subscription can be worth it as it lets you use it for up 5 children and more. 

You can record feedings, breastfeedings, naps, diapers, milestones, pumpings, and also your baby’s mood, temperature, doctor visits, and what not. You can compare data from previous days or weeks, view the last medicine or vaccine, track weight/ height/ head size, and compare percentiles, and also set up notifications and reminders. 

Wonder Weeks

I love, love, love this app! Wonder Weeks was a great help in figuring out what the eff was going on with my newborn then. It made me understand what my baby was going through and how can I support her better.

It provides insights on different periods, phases, milestones, leaps, it gives you tips on how to help your baby during a difficult phase, lets you know which skills your baby has now, keeps track of their development, and more. 

Baby Sparks

This is another app that I’ve personally used and the only one I paid for a subscription for. 

It provides some activities for your newborn, older baby, and even toddlers, complete with videos and clear instructions as well as the developmental benefits of doing so. Activities are sorted by category, milestone, plus there are tons of development and parenting articles, as well tools to monitor your child’s milestones, progress, and growth.

Best Entertainment Apps for Moms


Pinterest caters mostly to women and you can discover ideas for home renovation, birthdays, weddings, recipes, fashion styles, parenting, and practically anything and everything worth talking about by women. 

You can get lost for hours and hours just browsing, pinning, and repinning some ideas and it’s the best app to explore and get some inspiration for any creative projects you might have.


 It’s not exclusively for moms but I see a lot of parents going viral on this very entertaining app. 

You can get all sorts of content from watching Tiktok videos and it’s just one of those addictive apps that are not only highly enjoyable but also surprisingly informative. You can learn something new and inspirational every day by just watching Tiktok videos.


I have 3 apps that I use every day and one of them is Spotify. I used to listen to some music in this app if I was in the mood, but since the pandemic happened, I started listening to podcast shows and I was hooked! They have all sorts of podcast shows – from parenting, business, lifestyle, sports, humor, etc. 

The best thing about listening to podcasts shows is I can efficiently multitask and learn something at the same time – I can fold the laundry while listening to how to improve my blog traffic, I can mop the floor while learning tips on how to make my toddler listen to me – that sort of stuff!

Streaming apps

I had to put together all the popular ones under one category because there are just too many of them! You have Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Hulu + Live TV, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Discovery+, Peacock, and Apple TV+. 

We have Netflix but if I had the extra budget, I’d want to have Disney+ for my kid and HBO Max, Amazon Prime for other tv shows and movies.

Best Shopping Apps for Moms


Almost everything you can think of is available in the Amazon app and it has certainly been a lifesaver for its product reviews, convenience, and fast delivery. 

You can do diaper subscriptions, create a baby or wedding registry, reorder items using Alexa, search for a product using your camera, or by scanning barcodes.


If anyone in your family is taking a lot of meds and prescriptions and you want to save up more on it, get the GoodRx app. 

You can get discounts and the best prices on prescription drugs at 70,000+ US pharmacies, get free coupons, unlock more discounts and get free delivery with its GoodRx Gold subscription.


If you want a more convenient way of ordering your groceries, get them from the Instacart app. 

This app lets you find you find fresh produce, essentials, and even prescriptions, alcohol, and late-night snacks and have them delivered to you in as fast as 2 hours. Or you can also choose to pick up them if you want. 

apps for stay at home moms 11
Instacart app (pic from Apple store)

You can shop from nearly 40,000 retailers across North America and you can also find exclusive deals and coupons and even create a shopping list right on the app.


If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind items, you will find them on the Etsy app. 

You can buy custom, handmade and unique products, like handcrafted jewelry, vintage goods, customized furniture, DIY kits, and just about any item that you can think of. Plus you can chat directly with the shop owners and have the items customized for you!


I haven’t downloaded this yet because I feel like I’ll be so addicted to ordering clothes from this app. 

Shein offers ultra-affordable on just about anything – dresses, swimwear, shoes, accessories, for kids, for men, etc! You can score discounts up to 80% off, free shipping on orders over $49 and get a fun, secure, and easy shopping experience


Browse and find deals from Walmart, Walgreens, Dollar General, and over 2000 stores with Flipp. This app uses your location to find deals from the stores nearest you. 

Aside from weekly grocery deals, Flipp also helps you find deals on pharmacy, pet supplies, home & garden products, electronics, and more. You can also add your store loyalty cards in the Flipp app to quickly access them during checkouts!


Find the best deals online of up to 70% off on Groupon. 

You can get discounts in restaurants, hotels, gyms, spas, beauty salons and buy and redeem them directly from the app. You can also check out other customer reviews, share deals with friends and family and use Apple Pay to buy deals.

Best Meal Planner Apps for Moms


Paprika is a highly rated, highly recommend (at least online) recipe manager app that helps you organize your recipes, create grocery lists, plan meals for the week or the month, keep track of ingredients you have and when they expire, and more. 

apps for stay at home moms 9
Paprika app (pic from Apple store)

It also helps you organize your recipes, adjust them to your desired serving size, keeps the screen on while you cook and lets you import from existing apps such as MacGourmet, YummySoup!, MasterCook & Living Cookbook.


This is another popular and highly rated app that lets you plan healthier meals. 

You can build a personalized meal plan (keto, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc), automatically have a grocery shopping list for the week based on your planned meals, and even lists out nutrition information about your meals.

Plan to Eat

Another highly recommended and highly rated app, Plan to Eat allows you to collect recipes from different websites, plan and even adjust meals by portion, for leftover nights, batch cooking, etc. 

The ingredients in your meals are also automatically added to your shopping list. They do a Black Friday sale so you might want to check that out.

Best Cloud Storage and File-Sharing Apps for Moms

Google Drive

With the thousands (maybe millions?) of photos and videos that we take of our kids, family, pets, kids again, our phone is bound to run out of space. If you want to save those precious memories and easily organize, retrieve and share them, I highly recommend Google Drive. 

You get 15GB of free storage which you can share across Gmail and Google photos. I personally for the 200 GB storage for $3 every month and it’s been worth it. I have most of my photos and videos from vacations, family trips, weddings, birthdays, special gatherings plus work-related files from different companies, all in Google Drive.


Another cloud storage and file-sharing app I’d highly recommend is Dropbox. You can save and share anything on that app, just like Google Drive. 

However, you can only get 2GB free storage but you can share files directly from Windows Explorer or Mac OS Finder and sync and share files faster in Dropbox.

Best Multifunctional Apps for Moms


If you’re looking for an app that lets you create any list – grocery/ to-do’s/ inventory, etc., save photos and files, write and format documents for sharing, and just organize and digitize your life, I highly recommend Notion. 

apps for stay at home moms 10
Notion app (pic from Apple store)

The app might seem overwhelming to use initially as it’s meant as a part project management tool plus note-taking app but I find it very useful for just about anything! I can write my grocery lists, create my to-do lists, plan my recipes, save files and web clippings, track events, and just basically organize my life on it.


Trello app is another project management app but I can use it for daily activities and priorities. 

I’ve used it to organize and plan vacation trips, my wedding, my kid’s birthday and I’m still currently using it mostly to manage and keep track of my work requirements. You can use it for just about anything, just like the Notion app but Trello is less flexible but way easier and more intuitive to use and uses boards for organization.


Evernote is a notes organizer/ file cabinet app but a lot of people have used it for a multitude of things like scanning documents, clipping recipes from different websites, organize vacations, saving emails and receipts, and many more. 

Apps For Stay At Home Moms: Takeaway

Just to reiterate, if you’re curious, here are the apps that I personally use: 

Google Drive, Trello, Notion – for organizing my files, managing my everyday lists, and digitizing my life.

Meetup, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook – for socializing, joining, and learning from communities.

My Fitness Pal, Fiton – for my goals of losing weight, which I’ve had since the pandemic started.

Wonder Weeks, Baby Sparks – for tracking my baby’s development and milestones. I’ve manually jotted down her feeding and diaper changes, as advised by a nurse who helped me take care of my newborn. I wished I recorded everything on an app but oh well.

Instagram, Spotify, Pinterest – I use these 3 apps every day. Seriously, every day.

Amazon, Groupon – we use a local app for our groceries, deliveries, and selling 2nd hand stuff by we still use Amazon and Groupon.

I hope you find this article helpful and useful for your daily life.

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