How Does The Amazon Diaper Fund Work (Guide to Set Up, Redeem, and More)

Planning for your newborn’s essentials and want to save on baby items?

A baby registry is the answer to that, particularly the Amazon Diaper Fund!

This can help you greatly in having a baby on a budget.

Plus it’s the perfect excuse to rally your family and friends to support and fund your baby shopping! 

Kidding aside, if you’re a little bit confused as to how an Amazon Diaper Fund works, this article will guide you in setting it up, show you how to use your amazon diaper funds to buy diapers, and more.

Let’s get started with the most common question there is.

What Is An Amazon Diaper Fund?

The Amazon Diaper Fund is part of the Amazon Baby Registry. which allows your friends and family to financially contribute some diapers in the form of funds provided in your electronic Amazon Gift Card.

They can contribute any diaper fund amount, but only up to $550 in total.

You can receive this amount in the form of an Amazon card balance, which you can use to buy diapers or any other eligible products and services on Amazon only.

How Does the Amazon Diaper Fund Work?

The Amazon Diaper Fund works by signing up first for an Amazon Baby Registry.

Then you need to select “Diaper Fund” under Gift Options.

After registering and creating your Amazon Baby Registry, you’ll be provided with a link, which you can share with your family and friends.

Then you can ask them to contribute to your Diaper Fund!

Or you can also ask them to do Group Gifting on other more expensive items.

If your Amazon Baby Registry link is publicly accessible (you can choose to make it private), your family and friends can also search for it in the Amazon Baby Registry. by providing your name, city, state, and arrival month and year of your baby.

How to Set up an Amazon Diaper Fund

To set up an Amazon Diaper Fund, you just need to set up an Amazon Baby Registry first.

Fill up the form.

Then under Gift Options, choose Diaper Fund by checking the box.

how to set up an amazon diaper fund

Click on “Create my Baby Registry”

After which, you’ll see your Baby Registry page, then click on “Share Registry” on the right side.

Then share the link with family and friends.

how to share amazon diaper fund link

They have to visit your Amazon Baby Registry page, look for Diaper Fund.

how to contribute to your amazon diaper fund

then click “Contribute to Gift” to add funds to your electronic Amazon card balance. They can even write you a note if they want!

How to Redeem Diapers From Amazon Diaper Fund

To redeem diapers from your Amazon Diaper Fund, just go to your Amazon Baby Registry.

Then look for and click Diaper Fund.

how to redeem and use your amazon diaper fund

You’ll see your friends and family’s contributions there.

Then just click on “Redeem” or “Redeem All” to add the said contributions to your electronic Amazon Gift card balance.

how to use your amazon diaper fund

Then you can just go over your Baby Registry items or look and “Add To Cart” eligible items on Amazon.

Then go to Checkout, and choose “Gift Card Balance” to use your Diaper fund to pay for it.

how to use your amazon gift card balance

How Much Money Is in a Diaper Fund?

Amazon Diaper Fund has a cap of $550. So your friends and family can contribute any amount to your diaper fund until it maxes at $550.

This is pretty weird because what if you have twins or more – you’ll need more diapers then!

Anyway, that’s how the Diaper Fund goes.

You can still use the Group Gifting for more expensive baby items.

Can Amazon Diaper Fund Be Used for Cloth Diapers?

Yes, you can use your Amazon Diaper Fund to buy cloth diapers.

Upon checkout, you just need to check your “Choose Your Payment Method” and then to “Your Available Balance” to use your Amazon Diaper Fund.

how to use your amazon gift card balance

Can Amazon Diaper Fund Be Used for Other Items?

Yes, you can use your Amazon Diaper Fund to buy any other items on Amazon!

As long as it’s eligible to purchase using your diaper fund, you can practically buy anything from Amazon.

Takeaway on Amazon Diaper Fund

It’s very easy to keep adding to your cart tons of baby items that you think you’ll need.

But when your little one comes, you’ll realize a little too late that you don’t really need that much. 

So remember to stick to your baby essentials checklist when using your amazon diaper fund.

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