About Me

Hello, I’m Julie! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

A little bit about me, my husband and I met in Okcupid (yes, we’re one of those couples!) and we live in Singapore with our spunky 3 year old and 2 cats – a super sweet, pure scottishfold and the eldest in the family, our uber chatty, smart and clingy half siamese/ half scottishfold.

my daughter's brothers, lol
My daughter’s older brothers 🙂

I currently hold a part-time job working for a kid’s enrichment program. My current fave show now is The Umbrella Academy, I like listening to podcasts while doing chores, I daydream about decluttering our house and browsing on Instagram (who doesn’t?).

I have been thinking about starting this blog when I gave birth to my daughter, as a way to dump all the advice I can remember for her to read someday, when she becomes a mother. I also have other reasons for blogging but primarily, it’s just for my kid to read my life hacks, tips and tricks someday, just in case I die early or something. Morbid thought, I know.

Me and my world ❤️

I write mostly about motherhood, parenting toddlers, newborn hacks, finding a job and home tips but I’ll eventually mix it up with more personal stories for my daughter to read someday.

I’m also aiming to write articles that will also help other new moms adjust to the different phases of motherhood with a smile on their faces instead of anxiety, dread and worry – with or without their own tribe/ community. I’ve been there and I know how it feels. Hope my daughter benefits from these articles too when she becomes a mother someday. ❤️

So stick around and happy reading! 🙂

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