9 Educational Shows on Netflix for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Entertain and educate your kids with these 9 educational shows on Netflix for toddlers and preschoolers.

I have a confession: I’m one of those moms who cannot play for too long with my toddler, especially when it’s been for more than an hour already.

So I turn to our TV for help, especially when I need work or do chores. And I’m glad that there are a lot of shows that are not only fun but highly engaging and educational for her age.

Here are 15 of the best educational shows on netflix for toddlers that I’m pretty sure preschoolers will enjoy as well.

Educational Shows on Netflix for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Little baby bum

I highly recommend this for 1 year old and above who are starting to enjoy and sing nursery rhymes. Your kids will learn colors, numbers, letters and more through simple and endearing songs in this show.


This is like Little Baby Bum but showcasing more diverse topics, like helping with chores, how to deal with emotions, being grateful, saying sorry, preparing for school and more.

My kid learned a lot from their sing-song type of show and it actually helped her transition to childcare!

Word Party

Another simple yet fun show for toddlers, Word Party teaches kids colors, numbers, opposites, new words and I’ve heard that the new season has Mandarin language in it!

I made my kid watch this when she was 2.5 years old.

She enjoyed watching it initially, but she eventually got bored with how baby-ish the characters seemed to act and speak.

I’d recommend Word Party to toddlers who are still learning how to talk and not for someone like my kid, who can already describe characters and tell stories.

Dora the Explorer

I remember this show way back in the 90’s and even though the animation looks outdated, I still like how interactive this show was for children.

I’d sometimes hear my kid answering questions by Dora and I can see her thoroughly enjoying the problems and puzzles, cause and effect activities and whatnot presented in the show.

Paw Patrol

This is probably one of the top fave shows of my kid. Netflix has only 2 seasons here in Singapore and she watched it so many times, I was forced to look for new seasons. (update: now they have season 3 and 4 here, yehey! )

I like how my kid learned a lot from this show. Her vocabulary really expanded and sometimes, out of the blue, she would shout out things like “Attention, there’s an emergency!” then would pretend to help out all her stuff toys.

Paw Patrol has that classic hero storyline, with pups being the heroes, helping out their Adventure Bay community.

I also like how all the characters are helpful and respectful but would sometimes show some silliness and harmless teasing with each other which made the show more relatable.

Tayo The Little Bus

Since my kid was enjoying different kinds of transportation vehicles from Paw Patrol, I figured she would love Tayo the Little Bus and how they show various types of land vehicles like taxis, trucks, buses and more.

And it didn’t disappoint. My kid also learned a lot of more complex scenarios like fighting and making up with friends, what to do when one gets lost, being responsible, following rules and even why its important to brush your teeth and visit a dentist!

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In hindsight, I think my kid was a little too young to watch this Korean tv series but I was quite surprised with how much she understood and absorbed some lessons from this show. I would recommend this to preschoolers and above.


Another Korean tv series which is apparently a spin-off to Tayo the Little Bus! Titipo is about a young passenger train navigating life and more, with his other train friends, and is more or less, similar to Tayo’s storyline. 

Super Wings

A new show which I just discovered that would blow your mind – they introduce a new country in each episode!

It follows Jett, an aircraft tasked to deliver packages to kids around the world. Before every delivery, a traffic controller named Jimbo would teach him how to greet the kids in their local language and would show facts about the country where Jett would be headed.

This show is a little too old for my kid but I love exposing her to new things and I like how this tv series showcases different races, cultures, and language. Of course, you still have to be there to explain what’s happening in the show.

For me, it’s never too early to learn about countries and diversity. I highly recommend this for preschoolers and older kids.

Super Why

Another new show that I recently stumbled on, this show teaches children how to read through its interactive story adventures.

The main characters dive into classic storybooks to solve problems and teach kids school readiness skills such as letter identification, spelling, reading comprehension, critical thinking and more.

It basically promotes reading for younger children and I like how interactive and entertaining the show is. Highly recommended for toddlers and preschoolers.

Educational Shows on Netflix for Toddlers and Preschoolers: Takeaway

For me, making young children watch tv shows isn’t that bad, as long it’s not for too long and you are always there to supervise and explain complicated things to them.

But of course, everyone’s different so it all depends on your comfort level. I feel less guilty focusing on my work or the chores knowing that my daughter is enjoying tv shows with an educational value.

Any favourite educational shows on Netflix for toddlers or preschoolers that you’d like to recommend? Would love to hear more suggestions, let me know by contacting me here.

Best Educational Shows on Netflix for Toddlers