9 Best Online Parenting Classes You Can Find On Instagram

Here are some of the best online parenting classes on Instagram that can help you become a better parent.

Instagram was (and still is) my #1 destresser back when I was a new mom. I remember scrolling through it mindlessly while carrying my napping kid. I didn’t realize how awfully useful and helpful this app was until I started seeing a lot of online parenting classes and relevant programs in my feed.

These supportive mom communities and individuals on Instagram seriously helped me during the tough times. They even helped me connect better with my kid, minimizee tantrums and yelling in the house! Some of these accounts are so inspiring and educational, that you can’t help but become a better person, just by seeing their Instagram posts.

Here’s my list of accounts that I personally follow and I think offers some of the best online parenting classes.

Best Online Parenting Classes from Instagram


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Online Parenting Course: From Yelling to Connecting Course 

If you feel extra frustrated with your kid and you know you have to do something better than just yelling or punishing them, Jacinth from @ourlittleplaynest offers a positive parenting course on connecting with your children. Just take a peek at her Instagram account and you’ll see lots of golden advice on how to connect with your kids, especially when they are not in their best behaviour. Subscribe to her enewsletter and join her coure’s waiting list (yes, there’s a waiting list!) on how to build a happy and trusting relationship with your kids.


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Online Parenting Courses: Playful Parent Academy, Authentic Learning

One of my favourite Instagram accounts, Jules’ online parenting courses includes one that guides parents on making their children play independently (so useful for work-from-parents). Another is an “Authentic Learning” course to do some genuine – no forced – learning, for their kid at home, without flashcards and what not! My kid can now play on her own for at least a maximum of 20 minutes and that’s already a huge improvement, all because of her class! I’m also a big fan of her authentic learning course as I don’t want to burden my kid with a flash-card, traditional type of learning – I prefer the play-based, child-led one. Follow her IG account to get more updates on her courses.


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Consultations: Perinatal Therapy, Early Childhood Therapy

Jenna offers a lot of teletherapy sessions that center around the parent’s mental health and their connection with their kid. I’ve been following her Instagram account for quite a while and I love her posts and advice on the challenging stages of parenthood. If you’re experiencing extreme postpartum depression, loss of identity, anxiety, depression, childhood traumas and you find your child’s behaviour very challenging to deal with, reach out to Jenna and let her help you.


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Teletherapy Sessions for Pregnant and Postpartum Women

If you’re a mom and you find yourself overwhelmed, thinking you’re not cut out for this motherhood and that you’re a big failure, Alice can help you overcome these mental challenges. She focuses on maternal mental health – before, during and after pregnancy which I believe, is still a big taboo among traditional communities. We don’t like to broadcast it nor even to admit it to ourselves but motherhood is not all it’s cracked up to be. I cannot imagine what new moms are going through now, especially with the pandemic going on and if you feel like you can’t go on through another day, turn to Alice for help.


Online Parenting Classes:

How Can I Help My Child Minimize Their Tantrums

How Can I Stimulate My Baby’s Development

I’ve seen a lot of IG accounts offering help and advice on mental health, play and child’s development but never all of it in one profile and Cindy offers that and more. Take a peek at her Instagram account and you’ll see lots of enlightening posts on child’s development, communication and parenting tips, and even some mental health advice. She recently offered a course on minimizing tantrums and how to stimulate your baby’s brain development. Check out her Instagram account if you want the overall aspect on anything related to raising babies and motherhood.


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Private Mentoring

Run by a mom of two who’s a registered Early Childhood Educator with a degree in Child Development, Jessica’s focus is to guide parents to choose love and empathy every time they feel like they’ve exhausted all their tools and resources in building a positive relationship with their kid. I love how she guides instead of teaches responsive parenting principles and how she builds up that trust and assurance that we all make mistakes as parents but we can all grow and learn from them, especially when it concerns rearing our children. She offers online and phone consultations, check out her IG account for more of her advocacies.


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Multiple Online Parenting Classes, Books and Coaching Programs

Another favourite of mine, I usually find myself internalizing, saving and sharing Dr. Jazmine’s Instagram posts. I love how she shares actionable tips and what to really say to your kids to connect with them in a more loving and positive way. She’s currently offering a positive parenting checklist bundle on tantrums, defiance, praising good behaviour, dealing with mom frustration and more. She also occasionally holds online masterclasses on related subjects. Plus, she has a book on potty training for first-time parents! Follow her on Instagram for more inspiring parenting advice.


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Online Webinar: Working Momkind’s Summer Webinar Series: From Surviving to Thriving

If you’re a working mom, you will truly benefit from following this Instagram account. Not only do they offer advice on how to manage the working mama’s life, they also offer employment/ employer tips, acknowledge how hard working mom life is, provide uplifting messages to get us through the day and share real life stories of working moms that you’ll be able to relate to. They are currently offering a Working Momkind’s Summer Webinar Series: From Surviving to Thriving. If you want more support and advice on being a working mom, join the community and check out their Instagram account.


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Online Parenting Course: 10 Week Parenting Program

Coaching Sessions

Fiona’s Instagram account makes me want to just save each and every one of her posts and share it all the time in my social media feed. Just reflecting on her Instagram posts makes me more accepting of my flaws as both a child and a parent, and makes me want to become a better mom. Her 10 week course starts with looking at your childhood story and understanding parenting patterns and how these impact you today. The weeks then progress to exploring boundaries, empathy, forgiveness, healthy regulations of emotions and playful parenting!  If you have some past childhood issues and you find that manifesting in the way you parent your child, please check Fiona’s parenting program, I highly recommend it.


Online Course: Mom’s Temper Toolkit

If you want to see the physical and mental load mothers have to carry everyday, check out Bryce’s Instagram account. I just love her creative and honest posts on the realities of parenthood, especially motherhood. I can truly relate to most of them and I wished I followed her a long time ago, when I thought I was the only one feeling this way about becoming a mother. She’s currently offering a course for moms on managing one’s emotions and temper. Go and check it out!

More awesome Instagram accounts

Here’s a few more Instagram accounts that may not be directly related to parenting but they do offer courses, programs and coaching that can help parents improve their mindset, manage stress and more:


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Individual Coaching and Group Coaching

I’m not knowledgeable about NLP but I am a firm believer in whatever you think and internalize, will manifest in your life. Ernesto offers free mini-courses and informative posts on how to reprogram your brain about limiting beliefs and habits, how to manage stress and your emotions and more, which I feel is significantly important, especially if you’re a parent during these trying times. I can only imagine how impactful and outstanding his coaching and membership programs are.


Therapy and Consultations

One of my top fave Instagram accounts, Jaime leads a group of trauma informed therapists offering sessions in Adult and Adolescent Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Group, Stress management and more. They are currently offering a workbook on Coping with Anxiety which I believe is truly helpful, especially with what’s going with our world right now. Check them out if you want to find out more.


If you’re a new parent or even if you’re a veteran one  and you feel quite at loss and overwhelmed with life right now (especially in these troubling times) open up your Instagram account. You never know what kind of support, help, guidance, counselling, or even online parenting classes, can help you.


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