4moms Rockaroo vs Mamaroo (Which Is Best For Your BABY?)

The 4moms Rockaroo vs Mamaroo has 7 differences and 7 similarities. Get to know those plus their pros, cons and more.

I admit, I was one of those desperate moms who used a baby swing for my 3 month old then, when she was having a sleep regression.

I know it wasn’t safe but I was desperate.

Newborn sleep deprivation was a new hell they didn’t talk about in classes on how to take care of babies!

I can’t do anything with my baby back then. I had to carry her in the baby carrier all the time so she can sleep. And the baby swing was the only thing that could settle her.

If you’re now in the same predicament as I was and if you’ve stumbled upon the 4moms Rockaroo vs Mamaroo to save you from the sleeping regression hell, then this article is for you.

I’ve thoroughly researched their features, similarities, differences, and also included parent’s online reviews. So you can better gauage which one is better for your needs.

Let’s start with a quick comparison table of the 4moms Rockaroo vs Mamaroo.

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In a Hurry? Here’s Our Verdict…

The Mamaroo is better than the 4moms Rockaroo. It has 5 types of swinging motions, it has more seat fabric and seating position options for your baby’s comfort.

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4moms Rockaroo vs Mamaroo: Feature Comparison Table

This is best viewed on a desktop. Here’s a quick comparison guide on the features of the 4moms Mamaroo vs Rockaroo

Features4moms RockarooMamaroo
Size and Weight29.6″L x 16.5″W x 27.5″H and weights 11.5 lbs25.5″L x 19.5″W x 33″H and weighs 19 lbs
ComfortLimited seat fabric optionsHas various seat fabric options
Seating PositionNot adjustableAdjustable
Settings1 front and back gliding motions
5 speed options
5 swinging variations
5 speed options
Bluetooth enabled
Built-in soundsNot availableAvailable
Toys1 toy3 toys
PriceExpensiveMore expensive than Rockaroo
Age and Weight Limit• Newborn to 6 months (or until your child is more mobile OR can sit up)
• Can carry a maximum weight of 25 pounds or 11.3 kg
• Newborn to 6 months (or until your child is more mobile OR can sit up)
• Can carry a maximum weight of 25 pounds or 11.3 kg
Infant InsertOptionalOptional
Safety3 point harness3 point harness
Power sourceNeeds to be plugged, no battery optionsNeeds to be plugged, no battery options
Spare partsAvailable in 4moms website
Infant insert available here
Available in 4moms website
Infant insert available here
Easy to AssembleYesYes

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Below is more detailed info on the Mamaroo vs Rockaroo.

Rockaroo vs Mamaroo: Differences

Let’s dive in a little deeper about the differences between the Rockaroo vs Mamaroo.


The Mamaroo swing is taller and wider and heavier than the 4moms Rockaroo.

It measures at 25.5″L x 19.5″W x 33″H and weighs 19 lbs compared to 4moms Rockaroo‘s 29.6″L x 16.5″W x 27.5″H and 11.5 lbs weight.

Some parents find it cumbersome to move from one room to another. But others find it light and portable enough to travel with.


Both the Rockaroo and Mamaroo has a deep, comfortable seat that’s cozy enough for newborns and even big babies.

The Mamaroo has more design and material options, such as

  • Cool mesh – smooth, nest knit fabric
  • Classic grey – smooth, nylon fabric
  • Classic black – smooth, nylon fabric
  • Multi plush – soft, velvety fabric
  • Silver plush – soft, velvety fabric

The Cool Mesh keeps the baby cool and comfy with its breathable surface. The Classic grey and black seat fabric are made of smooth, woven polyester material. While the Multi and Silver plush material feels more like a blanket.

Some parents didn’t like the Classic Mamaroo’s seat fabric as it feels rough and uncomfortable.

The 4moms Rockaroo on the other hand has only 2 design/ fabric options:

  • Classic grey – smooth, nylon fabric
  • Cool mesh – smooth, nest knit fabric

The Cool mesh has also a breathable surface to keep your baby cool while the Classic grey’s seat fabric is made of smooth, woven polyester material

It’s a mixed review with the 4moms Rockaroo’s seat fabric, with some parents saying it’s comfortable. Others are saying it needs an infant insert to feel snugger while some have complained about its rough fabric.

Seating Position 

The Mamaroo bouncer/ swing offers full adjustable seating positions, allowing your baby to lie back and relax OR sit up and look around.

It can recline at a 45-degree angle, which is upright enough to settle babies with reflux episodes. Always check though that your baby’s airway is not compromised when adjusting their seating position.

The 4moms Rockaroo on the other hand has only one seating position and doesn’t recline. 


The Mamaroo has 5 unique swinging/ bouncing motions – the car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock a bye, wave. 

These motions mimic the way you move when settling your little one to sleep or to calm the eff down. It also has 5-speed options.

It’s Bluetooth enabled, allowing you to pair the Mamaroo with the 4moms® app (available on Apple Store and Google Play) to control its motion and speed via your phone.

The 4moms Rockaroo is not Bluetooth enabled and has only the front to back gliding motion, with 5-speed options.

Some parents find the speed a bit too fast for the 4moms Rockaroo, even at the lowest option.

Both the Rockaroo vs Mamaroo doesn’t have a vibration setting though.

Some parents find both the Mamaroo and Rockaroo too loud, making this clicking noise, which annoyingly wakes up their babies.

Built-in Sounds 

The Mamaroo has 4 built-in sounds to calm down your baby, eg. white noise, static that copies what the baby hears in the womb, etc. The sounds will stop playing automatically after 4 hours.

The 4moms Rockaroo doesn’t have any built-in sounds.

For both the Mamaroo and 4moms Rockaroo, you can play some music through speakers, by using its mp3 cord to plug into your device and into the base.

Which is kinda laughable to me..who still has an mp3 these days? I mean they should consider adding Spotify or Apple Music via their app. And maybe add a Bluetooth function to the Rockaroo too.

Just a suggestion 4moms, peace!


Toys in baby swings are great to have. Not only can they help with the baby’s development, they can also help parents do some work or chores hands-free!

The Mamaroo swing includes toys such as a rattle, mirror, and crinkle ball. While the 4moms Rockaroo has only a toy mobile with reversible toy balls

The toy mobile doesn’t spin for both the Mamaroo swing vs Rockaroo, which some parents find disappointing.


The Mamaroo is pricier than the 4moms Rockaroo. In general, though, they are both very expensive swings/ bouncers.

And that’s basically the main difference between the Rockaroo vs Mamaroo swing.

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Mamaroo vs Rockaroo: Similarities

Now let’s take a look at the similarities between the Mamaroo vs Rockaroo.

Age and Weight Limit 

Both the Mamaroo vs Rockaroo can be used for infants until 6 months old or until your child attempts to climb out or can sit up on their own.

Some parents mentioned using it even for their 8-month-old kid.

It can carry a maximum weight of 25 pounds or 11.3 kg, so it’s one of those baby swings that can accommodate bigger babies.

Some parents though complained about their baby’s legs hanging over and outgrowing these two swings/ bouncers. While others are saying the motor stopped working and can’t seem to swing anymore, even when their babies are still less than 25 pounds.

Infant Insert 

Both the Mamaroo vs Rockaroo don’t need the newborn insert.

But you can purchase their infant insert separately to provide extra support for your baby, giving them a more swaddling, snug feeling.


Both the Mamaroo vs Rockaroo are not intended for overnight sleep, as indicated in their website and also as recommended by pediatricians.

Some parents though have used this for their babies for making sleep at night, especially those with colic or those with infants with reflux.

Both the Mamaroo vs Rockaroo has only a 3 point harness, which can be quite a concern. Especially if you’re baby is starting to become more mobile or can sit forward. 

Both the Mamaroo vs Rockaroo has a very stable base that’s low to the ground, making parents less nervous about the height.

It’s not a quiet swing/ bouncer though. Some parents have complained of loud, clicking noise from both the 4moms Rockaroo vs Mamaroo, making them feel that it’s not safe for their babies.

Power Source 

Both the Mamaroo vs Rockaroo need to be plugged in, they don’t have a battery option.

Some parents hate that it has a very short cord. It can be a problem since it needs to be close to a wall to be plugged in and it can hit a wall or any other furniture near the outlet. This is more of an issue to the Mamaroo.

Spare Parts 

Parts for the Mamaroo vs Rockaroo such as toy mobile, balls, etc., can be bought via their website. You can buy their infant insert here.


Both the 4moms Rockaroo vs Mamaroo’s seat fabrics are removable and are machine-washable, including the toy balls.

However, the seat straps can’t be removed entirely, which is a cleaning headache for some parents. Especially when their babies just had a diaper blowout.

Easy To Assemble 

Most parents find it easy to assemble both the 4moms Rockaroo vs Mamaroo

Parents are raving about how easy it is to assemble and Bluetooth setup is also a breeze for the Mamaroo.

Here’s how you assemble the 4moms Rockaroo

And here’s how you assemble the Mamaroo 4

As you can see, it takes a little bit longer to assemble the Mamaroo as it has more parts. But most parents like how easy it is to assemble.

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Rockaroo vs Mamaroo: Pros and Cons

Here’s a general overview of the advantages and drawbacks of the Mamaroo vs Rockaroo

Mamaroo Pros

  • Has more swinging and seating variations
  • More seat fabric options
  • Can control settings from an app
  • Comes with toy balls, rattle, and mirror

Mamaroo Cons

  • Expensive
  • Motor and Bluetooth can be faulty sometimes 
  • Low-quality speaker
  • Short power cord

4moms Rockaroo Pros

  • Less pricey than the Mamaroo
  • Easier to assemble than Mamaroo
  • Less bulky than Mamaroo
  • Simple back and forth rocking motion

4moms Rockaroo Cons

  • Makes a loud, clicking noise
  • Limited swinging and seating options
  • Motor can be faulty sometimes
  • Short power cord

Alternatives to Mamaroo vs Rockaroo

There are other swing/ bouncer alternatives that some parents find way better than the Mamaroo or the Rockaroo. Check those out below. Some are just slightly cheaper, while others are more affordable than the 4moms Rockaroo vs Mamaroo. 

Check out my review here of the Mamaroo vs Graco Sense2Soothe if you’re keen.

4moms Mamaroo vs Rockaroo: Which is Better?

Mamaroo is better than the Rockaroo, mainly because it offers more swinging variations, seating options and is Bluetooth enabled.

Its settings can be controlled via your phone so you don’t need to keep on bending down to manually control its speed and swinging motions.

Most parents with twins, triplets, or multiple kids, also prefer the Mamaroo. 

Besides, it’s only slightly pricier than the Rockaroo so think of it as like an upgrade from Mamaroo.

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