3 Lessons I Learned in my First Month of Blogging

I officially launched my blog just 2 weeks ago, with 2 weeks before that writing content and in just a short time, I already learned a lot from my first month of blogging. 

I want to document my learnings here as a sort of progress report where hopefully, things will only get better from here on. 

I’ve categorized and simplified what I’ve absorbed so far, so here’s what I learned as a new blogger:

Reality Bites No. 1: Blogging is not as easy as it looks.

I don’t know why some successful bloggers say that it’s easy to start a blog when the truth is, as a new blogger myself, it’s freaking hard.

Some established bloggers will tell you how simple and quick it is to get and publish a blog but there’s a lot more involved apart from buying a domain name and a web hosting service (mine is siteground, which is awesome BTW)

Those two already involve a lot of research and questions like:

  • How to choose a web hosting service
  • Should I get a separate domain name
  • How do decide on a domain name and more

There’s a lot of technical aspects you have to learn. Choosing a theme and setting it up will already take so much of your time, especially if you’re not a techie. Choosing which plugins to install is also another thing to research and tinker with.

That’s only the technical part of blogging. It doesn’t even involve the actual brainstorming and writing of content, promoting, monetizing your blog, and email marketing. 

I already know it’s going to be hard but I think it’s a common misconception that blogging is easy. I find it quite distasteful to say something misleading like that, just to sell a blogging course.

Lesson learned: Be patient

The first lesson I learned with regards to blogging being difficult, is to be patient. 

I think the reason why I was feeling so stressed on my first month of blogging is that I was being too hard on myself. Deciding to finally launch a blog and committing to it is already a big step. A lot of people are still thinking of doing it and here I am, finally blogging about it!

I also realized that I was probably putting too much pressure on myself. I was thinking that this is a do-or-die situation. That if I don’t have a successful blog (like the other successful mom bloggers) and I’m not earning a full-time salary by this deadline or so, I am screwed, I will become a big failure, I will be forever unhappy with my current job and so on.

Then I remembered Nick Loper’s tip about having a side hustle business. I can’t remember what he said exactly but the context is, nothing extremely and truly bad will happen if your business doesn’t succeed. As long as no one gets sick or dies from my side hustle, I will be fine. 

I also like his advice on focusing on learning rather than putting pressure on oneself to succeed. Especially when it concerns blogging which can take a few months or even years for some to see some significant growth and decent income.

Of course, I have goals for my blog to succeed and to earn a steady, full-time income from. And as a new blogger, I am also fully aware that it will take some time for me to have a successful blog. It may be shorter or longer than I expect it will be.

But I am going to be patient and I intend to learn as much as possible while having fun on this blogging journey.

3 lessons I learned from my first month of blogging

Reality Bites No. 2: Blogging is overwhelming.

I first started with more or less, with a content marketing plan in mind. I used google drive and google sheet to store and quickly access all my blog articles so I initially thought writing content for me won’t be that hard.

Then things got real when I finally published my blog and started looking for ways on how to promote, monetize, and make my blog better. I will google a topic, read an article, which will lead to another article, and well, my head will just start spinning. There’s so much information online, I didn’t know where to start! 

I didn’t know if I should focus immediately on getting email subscribers or learning about affiliate marketing and try to apply to affiliate programs immediately. I didn’t know which traffic strategy I should start with or if I should dabble in all of them. I didn’t know what topics I should write first and if I should be writing more frequently every week. I didn’t know if I should focus on promoting or prioritize improving my content first.

Plus, there’s also some branding and technical issues that I had to sort out with my blog. Questions like how should my blog look like, should I get a paid WordPress theme, or stick with a free theme first, were the ones I was deliberating on.

I already installed the basic plugins but I still had to consider what email marketing service and newsletter sign up forms should I use. There were also seemingly little technical things in my blog that took so much of my time like looking and testing for the best social media plugin, backup plugins, and more.

My first month of blogging was so incredibly confusing and exhausting, googling and shifting through articles only to glaze over most of it because it was just too technical for me.

Lesson learned: Do one thing at a time.

To help me feel less overwhelmed, I started googling on what to focus on as a new blogger. I saw this compilation of tips from successful bloggers and business owners that was helpful for new bloggers.

I saw a couple more articles but what did it for me and gave me clarity was this one.

I love that she just stuck on one tip, as compared to other articles saying to focus on this then listing down 5 or more things to do as a new blogger.

Of course, I won’t just drop the ball on the other areas of blogging like traffic, email marketing, and monetization. I won’t get anywhere and won’t earn anything if I just focus on one thing. But focusing on content creation and improving it seems to be the most sensible, if not the best advice for an overwhelmed and confused new blogger like me.

So that’s what I’ll do – focus first on what else – blogging! Then the second priority will be traffic, then email marketing, and finally, monetization.

Reality Bites No. 3: Blogging can turn into a comparison game.

So I read and absorbed a lot of blogging tips, subscribed to a lot of newsletters, and even bought some not-so-expensive online blogging courses and started applying the learnings myself. Then I’ll read about new bloggers making this amount of money in only a month or so. I’ll go over to their blog and feel a tinge of disappointment at my own blog. I’d be thinking how did they manage to do that, her blog looks so great, they’re so good at writing, she must be really talented and so on.

Suddenly I’m trapped in a comparison game. I’d be obsessing about other bloggers income reports, how they manage to set aside time to have a successful blog when they have 3 kids at home and I only have 1, how smart and hardworking they are to come up with these amazing traffic strategies that seem so easy for them to do, how lucky are they to able to spend on premium blogging books and e-courses and not feel guilty about it and so on.

Lesson learned: Stop comparing myself to other bloggers.

I realized, becoming a successful blogger is like how you navigate life – you stick on your lane, learn from your mistakes, and as much as possible to stop comparing yourself to other people. In this case, stop comparing myself to other bloggers.

Like how it is in the real world, you don’t know what goes in other people’s backyard. For all I know, that blogger who’s earning a lot in just one month of blogging has already a lot of experience before having that blog. Maybe this other blogger who rans a successful blog while rearing 3 kids has a helper or has other people helping her with her kids or maybe her kids are already older and don’t need constant supervision. For all I know, another experienced blogger, sacrificed a lot, to finally run a successful blog.

Maybe I’m just telling these stories to make myself better or maybe, it’s just practical, sensible advice. I know I shouldn’t be comparing the learning progress of my kid with her classmates so I should also know better and not compare myself with other bloggers.

I still struggle with this learning now and then but at least, I’m aware of this behavior and can quickly rectify it when I’m slowly steering away from my lane and comparing myself to others again.

To sum up, here are my learnings on how to cope with the hardships of blogging:

Reality Bites No. 1: Blogging is not as easy as it looks.

Lesson learned: Be patient. 

Reality Bites No. 2: Blogging is overwhelming.

Lesson learned: Do one thing at a time.

Reality Bites No. 3: Blogging can turn into a comparison game.

Lesson learned: Stop comparing myself to other bloggers.

I know this blogging journey won’t be easy, will be overwhelming and at times, I will feel insecure and unsure about my skills and goals, falling into a comparison trap with other bloggers. 

But I know by learning how to be patient, by learning to prioritize and focus on thing at a time, and by learning to stop comparing myself to others, I know I’ll be able to achieve my goal of becoming a full-time blogger and earning a full-time income from this blog.

Lofty goals, I know. And the journey to finally reaching my goal won’t be easy. But I know I’ll have fun on the way. I know I’ll learn something new every day. And I know no matter what happens, I won’t regret it and it will be worth it.

What have you learned as a new blogger? Share it by commenting below.

6 thoughts on “3 Lessons I Learned in my First Month of Blogging

  1. These are so true. Blogging isn’t easy & anyone who says it is isn’t telling the truth. I think it may get easier with time, but at first it’s freaken hard. There seems to be something that goes wrong around every corner.

    & comparing yourself to others is real. How can I do it better? Can I do it better? Is it worth my time? It’s a constant battle with yourself.

    But – the truth is, it can be fun. I love the actual blogging aspect. I love to write & I love to connect with other bloggers. Like everything in life, you have to take the bad with the good.

    I love this list of lessons learned! You are already on the right path.

    1. Thank you so much! I love to write as well, it’s the creative aspect plus the opportunity to earn from something that I love to write about is just such an enticing offer. I just hope I’m on my way to a profitable path hahaha but again, will be patient and will keep learning. 🙂

  2. gosh, comparison is an exhausting thing for the mind and for the body.
    it is very easy to fall into the trap.
    all lessons you’ve learned will stick with you for the rest of your blogging journey.
    thanks for being honest and thanks for sharing this truthful post!

    1. I know, I think everyone has been on that comparison trap, one way or another. I’ll just try to stay on my lane and watch my progress. Everything is a work in progress. I’m glad you enjoyed my post! 🙂

  3. I try my best to stop comparing mine with others and it works so well for my blog 🙂 Everyone has a different path so we will eventually hit that ‘success’! Thanks for this informative post! xxx

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